There are hundreds of methods of meditation, but perhaps Vipassana has a unique status; just the same way as there have been thousands of mystics, but Gautam Buddha has a uniqueness of his own.
When you have become perfectly watchful of your body, mind and heart, then you cannot do anything more, then you have to wait. In the first, you have to be aware of the body, you have to be aware of the mind, you have to be aware of your emotions, moods. And the third is to be aware of the breath at the entrance, when the breath goes in through your nostrils. While sitting, the primary object is to be watching the rise and fall of the belly, slightly above the navel, caused by breathing in and out. It is the process of watching that is significant, not so much what you are watching, so remember not to become identified with whatever comes up; questions or problems may just be seen as mysteries to be enjoyed! You can walk in a circle or a line of 10 to 15 steps going back and forth, inside or out of doors. Before the breath is turning in or turning out, there is a moment when you are not breathing. If you go on practicing breath consciousness, breath awareness, suddenly, on day without knowing, you will come to the interval. When you are moving with breath minutely, when there is no breath, how can you remain unaware? Watching the gap in the marketplace – Whatsoever you are doing, keep your attention in the gap between the two breaths. We have two layers of existence: the world of doing and the world of being, the circumference and the center. Wat Doi Suthep, highest temple in Chiang Mai, ThailandStarting this afternoon, I’ll be at a 10 day Vipassana meditation course. The only items I’ll have with me at the meditation centre in the small town of Gambang, Malaysia (5 hours east of Kuala Lumpur) will be basic clothing and unscented toiletries. I first heard about this Vipassana course in Toronto from a Thai friend before I started my trip four months ago. After all, if I couldn’t handle being alone with my thoughts for 10 days, how could I live with myself for the rest of my life? Interestingly, this meditation course was the only thing I planned ahead for during this trip.
It would be easy to blame my strange state on the daily rain, or leaving beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand which I was in love with.
It could be the quiet anxiety that’s been growing inside me as the one-year anniversary since I left my corporate day job is creeping up on April 1 and the strangeness of not having something certain planned for after that one year I initially gave myself. I was travelling after my meditation course ended, so I didn’t practice as much or as regularly as I would have liked. Hi Anita, it’s incredible how quickly the year flew by while I was traveling but this meditation course were one of the most memorable experiences I had.

Thanks for your beautiful wishes, it was nice to see these nice thoughts from friends after I came back from the course. It took a few days for me to digest and find the words to articulate the meditation experience. Thanks for the good luck, it went well – I completed it and it was an incredible, complex experience. The meditation was really insightful and very different from other meditation I’ve done. I think after ten days of not talking that will help clear your mind and ease your anxiety.
All other meditations are different forms of witnessing, but witnessing is present in every kind of meditation as an essential part; it cannot be avoided.
When perfection is complete on these three steps, the fourth step happens on its own accord as a reward. As the breath goes in, your belly starts rising up, and as the breath goes out, your belly starts settling down again. It is not a concentration technique, so while watching the breath, many other things will take your attention away.
For a single moment or a thousandth part of a moment, there is no breathing ? before it turns up, before it turns outward. In that moment the happening is possible, because when you are not breathing you are not in the world.
As your awareness will become keen and deep and intense, as your awareness will become bracketed ? the whole world is bracketed out; only your breath coming in or going out is your world, the whole arena for your consciousness ? suddenly you are bound to feel the gap in which there is no breath. You will suddenly become aware that there is no breath, and the moment will come when you will feel that the breath is neither going out nor coming in.
Now there is only this difference, that this has to be practiced while in worldly activity. Both these reasons could superficially sound sensible, but deep down inside I know these are not true reasons for my ill-at-ease. One year on, do you still have a regular daily meditation practice and has it developed since then?
For the first few weeks I meditated daily either in the morning or being going to sleep, but it was hard to maintain a regular schedule because I was often in a different place or my routine was different day to day. I am curious to know all about it since I have been looking at a 30 day meditation course in Tibet. Taking a shower, be alert to the coolness that is coming to you, the water falling on you and the tremendous joy of it ? just be alert. Nothing is a distraction in vipassana, so when something else comes up, stop watching the breath, pay attention to whatever is happening until it’s possible to go back to your breath.
While walking, the attention should go to the contact of each foot as it touches the ground.

The only person I’l can speak to will be the Vipassana course teacher during two half-hour periods of the day. The anxiety, worry, anticipation of pain feel similar to what I experienced over a year ago when I knew I had to summon the courage to make a big change.
I am interested in doing another course and since I’m in one city right now it would be easier for me to establish the practice as a habit.
Started off pretty torturous but then some really amazing things happened, like sharper concentration and feeling new sensations on my body, among other things. In many ways his search for truth was more sincere, more authentic than anybody else’s. Moving your hand, you should move with awareness, knowing perfectly that you are moving the hand.
This may include thoughts, feelings, judgments, body sensations, impressions from the outside world, etc.
If other things arise, stop paying attention to the feet, notice what else too your attention and then return to the feet. The gap between the two is of a very short duration, but keen, sincere observation and attention will make you feel the gap. In instances where I normally would laughed, smiled or just accepted the situation, I’ve felt annoyed. As you become more aware of the belly, the mind becomes silent, the heart becomes silent, the moods disappear. When the breath goes out, then again for a single moment, or a part of a moment, breathing stops.
I thought I was brave for doing 10 days, but 30 days is really, really courageous, good for you for considering it!
So, when the belly rises up, it is really the life energy, the spring of life that is rising up and falling down with each breath.
To know the truth means to know that which is neither born nor dies, to know that eternal element which always is.
You can know the breath going out, you can know the breath coming in, but you never know the gap between the two. It is just a role ? a part which has been given to you by society, by circumstances, by culture, by tradition, by the country, the situation.

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