A: The short answer is that Red Tantrism is focused on sensuality and sexuality, while White Tantrism is more oriented towards a spiritual approach. Often one was forbidden to practice the sexual techniques with one’s own spouse, or even with another of the same caste.
Both the lower and upper 3 Chakras naturally seek to balance their closed and open (yin and yang, dark and light) aspects and also desire full balance or alignment with each other. The Heart is the center where it can be most easy to combine and integrate upper and lower energies. We can read about archetypes of Unconditional Love in traditional scriptures (the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Tara, born of the tears shed by the Buddha in compassion, etc), and we can see some contemporary examples e.g., Mother Teresa, yet how can be manifest this principle within ourselves? If you have a question on Tantra or the Spiritual Path in general that you would like to have answered, please email us your question.
Learn more about our audio programs for meditation, stress management, and personal growth. Like many other yogas, White Tantra endeavors to transcend the ego through disciplined mental and physical practices under the guidance of a teacher. In other words, evolution requires each energy center to be in balance within itself and with the others. All questions submitted and answers given become the property of Jade Garden Tantra and Inner Tranquility, and are copyrighted by Rev.
While containing aspects of many standard Yogic asanas, Pranayama, and doctrine, White Tantric traditions are often characterized by an accelerated approach.

Having something in common with the Dionysian traditions of Greece, Red Tantra was the antidote to strict Hindu caste structure. This could result in a state of Transcendence and Presence and an innate realization that we are more than our collection of socially conditioned responses, perceptions, prejudices, rules, and preferences.
Of course, this is because each practitioner has only a partial experience, perceptions, or concept of Tantrism.
We can easily become fixated at these higher Chakras as an escape from the world and our unresolved issues of the lower Chakras.
In my experience, this Chakra has its own unique balance within itself and in its relationship to the other high and low centers. This yearning is a hunger so deep that we often throw ourselves into a search for its satiation or to be distracted from its persistent (though at times subconscious) desire. In essence, the practice of White Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, etc., is rather pushy and fast.
Like White Tantra, this approach has a certain built in aggressiveness and does require surrender to the teacher’s guidance to be safe and effective.
Teachers will teach from their experience, which is shaped by their perceptions and comfort level.
Since we have so little experience with Unconditional Love, we often mistake this yearning for other things and may cast about searching for them. This is attractive to Westerners, particularly Americans, as our world seems to be continually speeding up.

Of course, this is just a summary and there can be an almost rococo complexity as the Chakras interact with each other and their imbalances and agendas. The heart is a sweet space in that it holds no judgements, gratefully accepts and forgives ourselves and others, and creates connection and loving support. We can also simply react with pain, fear, anger, depression, violence, self loathing, judgment and prejudice and a host of other distractions.
On the other hand, this approach can also create a lot of arrogance, students and teachers being sure they are on the express train to enlightenment, and some pain and confusion as our egos are quickly challenged. I will list here each Chakra’s issues (which can be a sort of wounding) and the compensatory desires associated with each. On some reflection one can see that our social world really has many more of these other energies moving through it than true Unconditional Love. When our heart’s desire is frustrated or denied in some way, it seems we can easily perceive a lack of unconditional support for our precious hearts, and we quickly retreat to the agendas of the lower Chakras or the higher, or both!

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