This post will guide you through the steps that are needed to setup your computer as a webserver in order to run PHP.
You can start downloading all of the above mentioned tools and then spend a couple of hours (if this is your first time) installing and configuring them untill it drives you nuts and it still doesn’t work. I tried to make as much screenshots as possible that show all the different steps, so this installation should be peanuts for you. OK, so do I have to shutdown WAMPServer if I want to work on an ASP application and start it again to work on a PHP application? After making the changes (and I tried to change the labels as well BTW) something rewrite the .ini file with the regular localhost path. Mysqllite and Mylocalhost were not umong the scripts available to me in the wampmanager.tpl file. This tutorial will walk you every single step of the way through installing and setting up WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL & PHP).
Review the License Agreement, select I accept the agreement and then click the Next button.
At this point, if you have a software Firewall installed, it will probably pop up and warn you that Apache wants to accept incoming connections.
Leave the SMTP: server set as localhost (more on this later) but do change the email address to yours. Minimize your browser window, and open up Windows Explorer (or whatever file manager you use in Windows). Click the WAMP icon in your System Tray, choose PHP from the menu, then PHP extensions, scroll down to php_mcrypt and select it.
Refresh phpMyAdmin in your browser, and this time you’ll be prompted to login, but without the mcrypt error.
Because a number of services you may use require a working mail server, we’ll set up Fake Sendmail and use your ISPs outgoing mail server. If your SMTP server requires authentication, add your username to the end of the auth_username= field, and your password to the auth_password= field.
Hi, I followed your instructions to the letter, been having a heck of a time getting PHP5, Apache2 and MySQL to work together. El archivo de configuracion ahora necesita salvoconducto (una frase secreta) (blowfish_secret). Salve io ho un poblema, quando vado nella pagina localhost la vedo completamente bianca, a cosa puo essere dovuto?
Its really a very good tutorial, but when I tried to configure to send mail, i am unable to send mail. Good afternoon, perfect manual works perfectly in windows me, now my question is, someone can help me do this in ubuntu 10.04?? Like the 2 previous posts from Fiona and Precious, I too was unable to locate the line $cfg['blowfish_secret']. Perfect manual works perfectly in windows me, but my problem is that i have before in my computer MySQL 5 and now I can’t open it after installed WAMP.
Just FYI, I guess its a bit too late but I used the blowfish_secret line as the first like of my config file, just after the $i++ line and things worked.
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. What is the smallest number of people in a group, so that it is guaranteed that three of them will have their birthday in the same month? Would a sentient species be able to thrive when mating means the death of the male partner? Web Developers use Local Web-Servers to test sites on local PC and make changes accordingly.
In my Next post i will cover how to Put Online this Server to the Internet for Public and access it from anywhere .
UPDATE: With the latest update, you don't have to go through the login process if you are running on localhost.

NOTE: With the recent update, server2go will keep running until you close it from the Tray icon. On line 14 and 17, change the values to 1 so that server2go keeps running even when you close the browser. Now that we know, why do we need to install WordPress in our personal computer, let’s see how to do it in easy steps.
In this article we will learn to install WordPress in Windows using Wamp Server or WAMP in short.
After downloading WampServer, just run the installation program and follow the setup instructions seen on screen and choose your preferences while installing. At one point it will ask for default browser and you can choose whichever browser you like. After visiting the URL, in the first screen, select language of your choice and click on Continue. That’s it, in few seconds your WordPress installation would be complete and all the required tables would be created by WordPress. Please write in the comments section if you are facing any problem while installing WordPress locally in your Windows PC. This content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on other websites,print media,internet and social networking websites without permission.Legal action would be taken if copyright infringement takes place.
After all, without running PHP, you won’t be able to use AMFPHP since it is the language it is written in. In case you didn’t see the WAMP startscreen, copy the files in the default webroot location to the folder you chose as a webroot. Click the PHPMyAdmin link under Tools on the WAMP startscreen to check if MySql is running. Thanks for the article but after installing Wamp on Vista home edition all I see in when i try to view localhost is blank page. I can see that by editing it in notepad++ and after I restart WAMP I get a notice to reload the page with changes made outside the program. Als ik het icoon aanklik, zie ik alle onderdelen behalve Config files en dus geen httpd.conf. When I click on the link to load the service browser … nothing happens, I mean nothing, blank screen. Since there is a new version of WAMP2, the wampserver.ini file is not there and has changed.
He's working on high-end Flex and AIR solutions at Stack & Heap and is an active open source contributor. With WAMP installed, you can run a web server (and things like WordPress, MediaWiki, and Jinzora) on your Windows PC. If you have Firefox set as your default browser, WAMP will ask you if that’s the browser you want to use. Click it, and select Put Online (Note: if it says Put Offline ignore this step and skip to the next one). In the User overview section, place a check in the box next to Root – Localhost (see image below) and then click the Edit Privileges button.
An example of a service that requires working mail is WordPress – if you forget your password and want to reset it, WordPress will email it to you.
However, during testing I noticed a considerable delay in receiving mail – up to 7 hours. Comment out each of the For Win 32 lines by adding a semicolon ( ; ) in front of each one (see screenshot below). I am having problems still, only now I just get a barrage of error messages saying various DLL files are missing. However I wasn’t prompted for the password that I set as the blowfish_secret when logging into phpmyadmin. This is the Directory where your Wamp Server files will exists, you can change it or leave it default.

A pop-up will appear asking you to choose your Browser, You can Change it to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox etc. Browse to the www files Directory you will see Sample Wamp Server Homepage file ( index.php) .
Since MockupTiger is a web based application you need some kind of webserver to make it run. WAMP is a Windows web development environment and is combination of Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Remember not to change the default values you see on the screen if you do not know about it. The database name has to be the one which you have created in the previous step using phpMyAdmin.
You will be seeing a success message on screen and you could click on Login button to proceed to your dashboard. Note that a LAMP setup (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) is probably more used, but WAMP just better suits my needs. This is the default but I prefer not to have any workfiles on the same drive as my Operating System in case I needed to format. Luckily, I can just create a bookmark for it and it still works fine, but it’s annoying. He's the founder and lead developer of Spring ActionScript - an Inversion of Control container for ActionScript 3. Without Fake Sendmail (or a local SMTP server) every time a service tries to send an email, it will fail.
Tried many suggestions from many sites and though most offered some basic information, none has been so detailed and easy as on this site.
If phpinfo() says allow_call_time_pass_reference is off, it's off and you are editing the wrong settings file. Install WAMP server on windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit is not different from normal windows XP system. You can keep the server2go running so you don't have to start the server everytime you close the browser. It is the most powerful hosting platform and is the easiest way to create a free website or blog in no time.
Now navigate to the following location (C:\wamp\www) and paste the copied wordpress folder there. I will be giving the Database name as mysite as I have created the database with that name in the previous step. I checked it because I needed to work with it for the coming 2 weeks and just to make sure everything was running. Before setting up and configuring your custom domain using WordPress, you can always install WordPress locally for testing or learning or to develop plugins for the same. To keep it simple, WAMP needs to be installed in your computer to setup a local server environment so that WordPress could be installed. Before installing WampServer, make sure that Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio is also installed in your PC. All the plugin developers and theme designers install WordPress in their personal computers on a local server environment to build, test and double check whether everything is fine.
People who use WordPress for maintaining their personal sites, professional bloggers and all other users could install WordPress in their machines to test the themes, plugins and ensure that setup is perfect to deploy the changes to server copy.
It is always a good habit to test the changes locally before deploying the same to server so that we are sure that nothing is going to break on server.

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