If you or a friend are still hurting after an abortion, or you helped someone to get an abortion, then please consider joining us in this bible study. Author Pat Layton, founder and president of A Woman’s Place Ministries, helps women find the path to healing through honest interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, and caring community.
Comment using your Facebook Account OR scroll to bottom of page and comment using your emailAbout Christine AbrahamFounder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. Welcome Nancy, I’m glad the Lord placed in into your heart to heal and reveal His grace to others.
Womens Bible Cafe™ is a 100% volunteer ministry supported solely through sponsors and donations.
Because she has already discovered the wonders of God, Suzy understands the true meaning of her friend's death. You’ll want some quiet time and a quiet space to complete your journal lessons without interruption.

If you don’t want to reveal your true identity, please use the anon email address when you post a comment. They carry a great burden of shame and failure, afraid to reveal their hidden pain, and by doing so are forced to endure the long-lasting effects in isolation.
With more than 20 years of experience in guiding women to healing, Pat outlines a process that has proven effective over and over again. If you'd like to help support our ministry and website costs, please use this donation button.
There is a learner version and a leader version, make sure you have the learner version of the book to complete the lessons. While men are welcome to participate, the online study here at the Womens Bible Cafe is mostly feminine in nature. If you struggle with the subject and study, we prayerfully request you to seek professional counseling.

My desire is to learn more about what drives the decision leading to abortion, the long term effects, and what might have changed the minds of women who’ve had one. Many post-abortion women have experienced symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression and a counselor will assist you in these medical conditions. You can also send private emails to Christine or a Surrendering the Secret certified leader, if you prefer to discuss the book in private. While they are searching for a missing friend, they learn that the land itself is in peril! The mouselets are ready to help.On their journey, they encounter fairies, pixies, and other magical creatures -- some helpful, but some out to trick them!

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