They show no humility for anyone and always fight to the death, wearing explosives belts to callously blow themselves up among their opponents if they face defeat. These brutal militants are ISIS's “elite shock troops”, who rampage through the battlefield in their lust for killing as many people as they can, Mail Online reports.
Last month, a group of 70 ISIS shock troops, disguised in "Free Syrian Army" and "YPG" uniforms, entered the long suffering Syrian town of Kobane.In their two day bloodthirsty rampage, the merciless terrorists killed more than 230 civilians, including roughly 100 children, and more than 30 Kurdish fighters.

ISIS calls them 'Inghemasiyoun,' Arabic for 'those who immerse themselves.' Fanatical and disciplined, they have been known to use sandstorms as cover in an offensive as well as wear disguises to infiltrate enemy cities and unleash mayhem.
Fatlum Shalaku, 20, from Ladbroke grove, blew himself up in ISIS's assault on Ramadi, Iraq.
The British Kosovan had travelled to Syria with his brother and initially joined al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra before switching to ISIS.

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