Yes knowing your weakness when you don’t have a lot of confidence is probably the easiest thing to do in the world. Sadly no one can predict the future, but in this case of building your confidence be a little cocky. My daughter’s first birthday is just around the corner and already her personality, stubbornness and will power is showing very clearly and I absolutely love it!
Give them time to play on their own, without entertaining them, so they can explore, imagine and figure it out by themselves.
For example, our keyboard has been moved from up on a stand to now sitting directly on the floor. That way instead of them being around your feet, getting in the way and running down your patience they are involved with what you are doing.
Instead of getting the toy box out for them, show them how to open the cabinet and grab the box out themselves. This point, along with many of the others, is one that you should continue to train them in for the rest of their childhood.
Don’t get overwhelmed with baby sign, you don’t even have to get a book, a super simple thing like waving good-bye is a great lesson, too! Little ones will respond more positively if you reroute and show them what they can do instead. There are times when no is necessary but more often than not redirecting them towards a positive choice works much better while keeping their confidence intact.
It’s important that they know they are safe and know that you are always there for them.
I guess I did a lot of things right with my daughter she’s 8 years old and is very confident.
Listen to songs that make you happy, not ones that make you want too, shut yourself off from the world and cry all day in your room.
As many of my readers know and clearly from my blogs title being brave and having overall confidence in myself has always been a major struggle for me. It has been slow, but I definitely have more in confident in myself and in my life with reminding myself of these 8 ways to feel confident. At times in my life I could name hundreds of my weaknesses before naming a single strength. Embracing the unknown is what I’ve been working on this year – and pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and going to blogging events and conferences has been a huge help to make me feel more confident overall! Babies are born with confidence, that’s why even though they fall a million times a day they still get up again and again and learn how to walk.
I have spent hours and hours with her next to the book shelf, helping teach her how to be gentle with the books.

But be warned, there are some tasks I wish I wouldn’t have taught her how to do and I did so on accident. For babies teaching them to communicated is obviously going to look very different than with your older kids, baby sign is a great place to start. Just because they are little doesn’t mean they have to have strangers touch forced on them. By listening to their reasoning I am teaching them to advocate for themselves out in the world. The beauty in all of your suggestions is that they serve double purposes – both that they are deserving of respect and modeling for them how to treat others. I have only two kitchen drawers baby-proofed too and my daughter has been helping me unload the dishwasher since she was able to stand. I wish I could find one on Craigslist near me, I’ve been looking for something similar and am almost to the point of having my husband just build me one!
Focus on your positive qualities, rather than comparing yourself to others, it’s a great way to boost self-confidence. Here are 8 ways to feel confident today and realize your potential you can reach every single day. I worried about everything and put myself down over the littlest things that just didn’t matter. Being someone who has social anxiety and struggles with very simple things in life like just going up to someone and having a conversation.
Enjoyed this post and want to read more uplifting posts that force me and you to be a little braver let me know by commenting below.
I am always so awkward accepting compliments, but I’ve been trying to get better at it! It’s our jobs as moms to make sure it stays and help grow it and not in any way squish it. She has a separate shelf in a different room with her baby books and these she’s rougher with. I clear away all the knives and sharp utensils before she makes her way in and then while I unload the rest of the dishes she unloads the silverware tray. After watching me once, she’s an expert on turning the DVD player and opening the disc drive. Self love is hard, but taking a moment looking at things from a different perspective can make a world of a difference with your confidence.
Something like worrying about what someone might ask me about something made me worry sick.

The baby and toddler stage is so much fun, let’s help use this time to raise confident littles. Sometimes she gets tupperware and plastic measuring cups, other days she gets a scoop of coconut oil for her to play with, squish and eat.
Yes, she is simply unloading it and dropping it on the floor but I smile and tell her thanks for helping.
Of course, there are situations that call for blind submission to parents, but 9 times out of 10 I let them offer up an opinion even if I know I am right.The dialogue this reasoning opens up is a gift.
But you know what when someone compliments you on that one strength it means the world to you.
So even when I prepared for something and gave it my all and others cheered me on I couldn’t trust myself to do well on what I was trying to achieve. It’s so important that we are already starting to lay a strong foundation for her life.
Her hands are busy, which keeps me happy, and she has confidence in herself learning a new task!
Watch their little brains work and when they solve something or learn a new skill, notice and get excited with them! Remember babies are people too and how you train them now is what they will come to expect as they grow as well. And since I didn’t do this, I failed at many things which hurt my confidence even more. I have accepted it and helps me remind myself yes I am still over weight, but hey I don’t have to deal with acne on top of that.
I am not telling you to go become an adrenaline junkie because this scaredy cat is afraid to go over the speed limit let alone jump out of a plane. I know one of mine isn’t making omelets, but one of my greatest strengths today is being able to put myself in other peoples shoes and helping them with their struggles. Now though if I study real hard everything I should do or if someone cheers me on for getting a hard task done. I remind myself I have done everything to prepare and trust myself that doing that is going to lead me to success and building my confidence.

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