Ellie is the editor of the Family Room at Bonbon Break and blogs at Musing Momma, where she shares honest and personal stories ranging from reflections on motherhood to tips for raising healthy and (relatively) well-behaved kids, and from research on child development to fun family activities. The following list includes examples of how you can add fuel to your flame of consciousness to become a raging inferno of consciousness. Yes, there may be consequences when you switch from lies and half-truths to the full truth, but highly conscious people know that crossing that bridge is well worth the effect. As long as you remain on the unconscious side, life will keep throwing problems at you until you step up and take charge.
A great way to become more conscious is to search for signs of unconscious cruelty and disconnection in your life. Compassion is the root of unconditional love, a feeling of magnetism with everything that exists.
When you get clear about what you want, such as by setting a goal, you raise your consciousness.
Strive to become more clear about what you truly desire most, and your consciousness will expand. But spend time with people at a lower level of consciousness, and you’ll gradually sink to their level. Learn from those who are a little more conscious, and help those who are a little less conscious than you.
Take care of your physical body, for it is your primary means of interacting with the world. Before putting anything in your body, consider its effect on your energy, not just in the short term but in the long term as well.
Consciousness has the capacity to self-expand or self-contract, just as you have the capacity to grow or to commit suicide. By genuinely voicing the intention, “I intend to become more conscious and aware,” you will initiate the expansion of your consciousness. While it’s unlikely you would choose to do so directly, you can achieve the same effect indirectly by lowering your performance in any of the previous nine areas. By choosing to lie, to succumb to fear, to commit acts of cruelty, to remain ignorant, and so on, you put out the intention to lower your consciousness. You may have a winning business idea, but unless you can arrange for the right amount of funds it most likely will not transform into a successfully scalable venture in the 5 plus years to come. Self-funding is often the only option for a new entrepreneur, as financial institutions make it difficult for them to get a loan. It can be anything – downsizing to a smaller home, selling off your luxury car, selling off jewels, and so on. While banks will ask for business plans, financial projections, and collateral before they give any loan, you may not have to face any such hurdles when you decide to borrow from your close ones. If you can convince your suppliers to work with you in such a manner that you have a fixed period of time before you need to pay for the supplies, things can work out. You can also check out the loan programs available from the government to identify possible opportunities to get adequate financing. Share thisCody FaldynCody is a blogger, social media specialist, graphic designer, and the Marketing Evangelist behind The Entrepreneurs Library. Our Top 5 ResourcesBelow is a list of some online resources that make The Entrepreneurs Library possible.
Just type in your name and email address below and I'll get you signed up for this 5-day course—for FREE! When most parents find out they are expecting, they are so excited; but after that, comes the panic. You wonder how you will be able to afford a baby, with all that he or she needs, and not go bankrupt doing so. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful children with a mission to prove that you don’t have to have a lot of money to live a quality life. Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! I had to exclusively pump for my middle child, who had severe birth trauma and took several months to recover from injuries incurred at birth.
Also, I did some brand work for a store brand formula manufacturer last year and I learned a LOT about store brand formula by doing so.
I do feel the need to say, in reference to point #2, that you absolutely should not borrow or buy a used breast pump.
Although I appreciate the sentiment of breastfeeding to save money it is important to note that your mental sanity has some price so don’t push yourself to save a bit of money a month if breastfeeding is mentally costly for you. Teach your child that it is good manners to hold the door for others, or to take your shoes off when entering someone else’s house.
Something that is very hard for children is wanting more and more of things–especially toys! Children aren’t born knowing how to act when they open another gift of clothes from grandma when they really wanted new Legos.
Get in the habit of writing thank you letters or giving people a thank you phone call when your child receives a gift or card.
Every night at bedtime or dinner, talk about something you were grateful for that day and ask your child what they were grateful for as well.
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When it comes to helping your pet live as nature intended, one area of significance is with the food you feed your canine or kitty companion. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of adult dogs and 55% of cats are classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarians.

As well, lack of adequate exercise is a huge risk factor in raising a cat or dog that is “pleasantly plump” (although the risks aren’t pleasant at all). Help keep a healthy pet and help them enjoy their lives for as long as possible by doing everything in your power to be the conscientious, caring and effective pet parent you can be! Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs. I am grateful that they are starting to appreciate what they have and what others do for them and to recognize that expressing their gratitude to others is kind and important. I’m not an expert on gratitude, but I am sure that appreciation is not taught with a single, mind-changing lesson.
Give her the things she needs, and provide her with opportunities to earn the things she wants.
Take note of those areas where you feel incapable of genuine honesty, and dig deep enough to find out why.
Once you develop the courage to face any fear life throws at you, you stop attracting so many fear-based experiences into your life. The mastery of courage gives you the power to decide how you’ll grow instead of being a victim of the whims of fate. Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and focus your mind as you do your best to tune out distracting thoughts.
Their thoughts will infect you as well, causing you to become more dishonest, more fearful, more apathetic, etc. Holding the intention to improve in any of the previous nine areas will yield a similar effect. And in so doing, you initiate a process that will attract more falsehood, fear, cruelty, ignorance, etc.
Our goal is to give people latest information, make them think from a whole different perspective, and add new questions to their life, with ONE unique goal - to make themselves better at what they truly want to do in life!
You can also take out a loan against your home, your savings account or even your whole life insurance policy.
You have to provide suppliers with a good business plan, financial projections, collateral, and any other documents they ask for to make it work. If you are eligible, it can take out one of the biggest hurdles in creating a successful business – startup costs. With a long time passion for personal growth, Cody helped create a website and podcast with the intent to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on the latest and greatest books on business growth and personal development. Also, most pumps (definitely Medela) work with standard size bottles (and Dr Browns makes lids that fit those bottles) so you can skip buying special bottles for them. It was actually cheaper for me the second time around (when I didn’t have a job) than it was the first time around when I did. I liked the freebie bags If you contact similac or gerber ahead of time (even if you think you will nurse) they sometimes send you full sized samples of formula in the mail. Our pediatrician told us that most regular formulas are the same and I found that my child could tolerate any of them, so I just bought whatever I had coupons for. Based upon what I learned, the FDA regulates all formula in the US, so store brands and name brands are nutritionally equivalent and both are required to meet stringent quality standards. Showing appreciating consistently at home will lead to your child showing appreciation out of the house.
When you count your blessings, you make your family–and child–aware of just how much you do already have. Before a holiday or birthday, take time to role play together how to act and things your child can say when they open a gift they might not have wanted (but they probably needed anyway!). It helps to let your child know ahead of time whether or not they will be getting a toy or treat on the trip that day. This will help your child think outside the box of gifts when thinking of things to be thankful for. Erin is currently attending school for her MEd while devoting time to being a single mom of two.
But what is possible is taking action to raise a healthy pet, you help ensure that your furry companion has the best chance of a living a long and healthy life, right by your side. Pet obesity has become such a widespread problem that many pet parents don’t even realize their four-legged friend is overweight, putting them at risk for a long list of obesity-related disease.
Again, since dogs and cats are carnivores, the foundation of their diet should be animal muscle meats, organs and bones. That’s why it’s important for their pet parents to perform routine at-home wellness exams for their canine and kitty companions. Then check out this advice from Athletes’ Performance specialists for developing the strength, stability and power needed for golf. No matter your family’s situation, you can likely find examples in your community of people in greater need. Not everyone will appreciate the real you, especially if they’ve grown accustomed to a false version, but that won’t matter once you accept and appreciate yourself.
So challenge all of your beliefs, and never have too much certainty about those that rest on clouds. Allow their ideas and awareness to infect you, and you’ll find yourself expanding in all directions. Remember though, you may have to mix and match all or a few of them to make it work to your advantage. And also make sure it is a loan, and you don’t give away a legal stake in your business to everyone. Once you have the agreement in place, you will have a fixed time before you need to pay them.

And it’s essential that you scrutinize every detail, especially the fine print, of the loan agreement before you sign on the dotted line.
Formula is extremely expensive, and while there are programs out there to help you pay for it and coupons galore, breastfeeding is the cheapest option for most people. Diapers, formula, wipes, and even baby furniture can be bought with coupons, Just sign up on the manufacturer’s websites and they will usually flood you with them.
Places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning offer an entire section that is devoted to department store baby products. If the item is something you only need for a couple of months, such as a baby bath, neck rest for the car seat or Moses basket, see if you know anyone you can borrow it from. I was a milk donor while nursing my first child and had to certify that I had my own pump or my own pumping kit for a hospital grade pump.
I think there are great benefits to breastfeeding, but am very thankful that formula is an option that is available! And everyone was happy they could give something he would really use not something that would just sit and collect dust.
No matter how much or how little your family has, every family has things to be thankful for.
Making sure they know ahead of time will help diminish disappointments and meltdowns at the store. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.
Since both dogs and cats are natural carnivores, good quality protein and moisture are crucial, along with a low starch (carbohydrates and grains) content. Not only can your pet’s lack of exercise result in packed-on pounds, but it can also cause extreme boredom and lack of mental stimulation which can result in a whole host of behavioral issues.
Place your pet on your lap and work your fingers along his body from the tops of his ears to the tip of his tail, looking and feeling for anything odd, such as discharge, debris, lumps, cuts, etc. Thank your child for clearing the table, for playing nicely with his little sister, for waiting patiently while you finish a phone call.
It lets them know they can appreciate the work that goes into making dinner, whether or not they like what’s on their plates!
Volunteer to help your local food bank with gleaning. Make care packages for the local homeless shelter. They can also help children to realize that the fact a person gave them a gift or came to their party or did something especially nice for them is worth being recognized and acknowledged. Just do a quick hunt online and don’t forget to also ask your child’s pediatrician for some, too. They may seem costly at first, but they save you money down the road when it comes time to replace things. However, you don’t need to spend all your money on special baby products when you can use simple, natural things like coconut oil, Aloe Vera, unscented lotions, and so on. You can take some lovely ones right at home with just a little practice and some good lighting.
Just think of things you have around the house and see if they will double for what you need them for.
The second time around we were able to qualify for our state program that paid for baby food and such because I decided to stay at home with the kids.
Talk about and practice waiting for turns to talk and not interrupting to get mom or dad’s attention. Erin is enthusiastic about child development and education, holding various teaching certifications from Pre-K through Middle School.
With the overabundance of pet food choices, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your pet, so consult with your veterinarian and check out our blog for some tips. Appreciating experiences and other people are important too. Here are 11 ways to raise a grateful child.
Let your kids hear you express appreciation for these things that are so easy to take for granted. Encourage your child to put a small part of her allowance in the Salvation Army kettles in December.
If you do go pro, sign up for newsletters to places like Sears and JcPenney’s as they have a lot of promotions that cost as little as $10 in and out the door.
In combination with annual or bi-annual veterinary wellness exams, the chances of a potential health hazard being detected early enough for effective care increase greatly. Show him how it feels to be appreciated and have his effort recognized, what gratitude sounds like, and how easily it can be a part of daily life. As you tuck your child in at night, talk about how some children are not so lucky to have warm beds and a fridge full of food.
Sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry and have your child exchange letters with her, and talk about why your sponsorship is important. She resides in central Pennsylvania with her husband and their two adorably mischievous boys, ages 4 and 7. When she’s not spending 24 hours a day surrounded by children, she can be found flying her TARDIS.
If those things are a struggle for your family, help your child appreciate being healthy and loved.

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