This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes! In this talk, Puddicombe — who is as equally as turned off by incense as me — shares the fascinating story of how he become a monk, and gives a convincing argument for why it is worth it to take 10 minutes a day to refresh the mind.
Researchers at UCLA wanted to study the brains of people who had been meditating for years, versus those who had never meditated or who had only done it for a short period of time.
Martin Hunt:Jun 26, 2014 at 11:51 amOops shoulda read ahead anyway 78% of statistics are made up on the spot! I believe that one of the biggest obstacles to people meditating are all of the misconceptions about what is supposed to happen when you meditate.
So today I thought I might offer some insight into all of the things that meditation is not. On top of all these misconceptions, I think many folks think that their day will be better because they gave time to the cushion. So with all of this said, and apparently showing you how many things that meditation is not, one might wonder why even bother to meditate. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
My body has become numb like a dried up, crinkly leaf left in a gutter after a brutal winter.
The thoughts came up randomly and each one pierced a different part of my stomach, pinched the nerve endings in my spine, and tightened the tissue around my heart. I moved on to “shining skull” breathing - forcefully exhaling out of my nose by way of pumping my stomach. I’ve been on the road and in hotels almost 100 days already this year and the constant change of environment robs me of any chance of establishing momentum. After the three rounds of shining skull breathing I tried to rest all the tissue in my body. I became joyful because it implied the potential of unexplored power and the dimensionality of other worlds.
I started falling asleep while sitting and would startle myself awake when my torso swayed off to the side. Along with those 15 - 17 minute seated sessions I was practicing strong yoga poses on my travel Manduka mat. The next morning I got out of bed and walked a lap outside to give my head some space to interact with open skies and high bandwidth.
The next morning my hands worked their way inside my rib cage and began massaging my heart. I was carrying those new feelings with me for most of the day and when they went away I felt like I was going away. I had been closing my eyes, doing breathing techniques, and then holding on for as long as I could while thoughts and fears turned my organs inside out and scrubbed my fascia with steel grit brillo pads. I wanted to see the world behind the world I was living in; the movie I was watching wasn't reaching the levels I needed it to. I’m in a hostel and there are people in the rooms all around me but I see no one and hear nothing but the faint sounds of sheltered bodies peeking their heads into the hallway. I started saying my thoughts out loud because I’ve concluded that I shape my words and they are not as meaningful as they could be.
I am starting to see the first lines of a path and I’m guessing that it’s always “just the beginning” with a real meditation practice.
Kirk Hensler was raised in metro Detroit on a steady diet of meat, potatoes and team sports.
YOGANONYMOUS is an open platform that allows teachers, studios, event promoters, and bloggers a place to interact with the community at large - we'd love to have you in the crew. In this article I’ll show you ways to naturally stop a cold or flu before it gets worse. I used to think of the common cold or flu as just a part of life, something bound to happen at least twice a year.
Health is like a circus balancing act that never ends, you are constantly trying to keep the balance.
But once you find your core balance, it’s easy to make it through the days without worrying about your health. The methods and habits we were taught as children from our parents, friends, commercials, ads, and grocery stores that are triggered by feelings of oncoming sickness. These first symptoms are your body’s way of telling you, we have intruders and we are doing everything we can to protect you with the resources we have. Disclaimer: There are times when a doctor is absolutely necessary, and not all doctors are the same. I would take the prescribed medicine and still feel like I was in hell, curled up in my bed trying to sleep the days away until I felt better. But something amazing happened through all the suffering, I learned different ways to heal myself.
It has taken me about 6 years of practice to figure out what works best for me in certain hearth situations, and feel extremely comfortable doing it.
It has taken so long because I can only practice when I feel warning signs, which isn’t often.
I can barely remember the last time I was at a drug store glazing over all the brand name drugs, with snot dripping down my face, looking and feeling like death. The antibiotic is like dropping a bomb on everyone, the good bacteria and bad bacteria are killed off.
Taking probiotics is like sending out special forces for backup to make sure those bad guys can’t outnumber them.
Most of our bodily experience is through temporary feeling, it would be very difficult to communicate every little feeling. Mindfulness, meaning you are concentrated on your bodily sensations; using all of your senses.
The right lymphatic duct collects lymph from the upper right quarters of the body into the right internal jugular vein.
The liver also attempts to burn excess bodily “trash”, producing fevers, and the spleen creates cysts to store the toxic waste. Give your respiratory system plenty of fresh air, breath deep, go outside in nature, if it’s not too cold. Go easy on the digestive system by eating simple whole ingredients, or if you are familiar with fasts now is  good time to do a liquid fast. Our digestive system uses a lot of energy to process foods, especially foods that take longer to digest such as meat, dairy, and processed foods. Even though I consumed a lot of healthful food and did a balanced workout, I still got warning signs.
Just because we did or did not do something does not mean we should judge it as good or bad, it just means we should seek balance. Pure water, teas and infusions will thin out the fast producing mucous, liquid will make sure things run smoothly and keep your body’s mode of defense up and running. You can’t clog up your nose, your nose filters the air, and at this vulnerable time you need your nose more than ever!
Mix a few drops of essential oil with a tbsp of carrier oil and rub it on your chest as a natural vapor rub. One of the most important factors I take into account when choosing foods, are they alkaline or are they acidic?
Furthermore, sprouted nuts, seeds, legumes and grains are more alkaline, whereas non sprouted have phytic acid inhibiting certain nutrients from being available.

When in defense mode, I pay special attention and make sure I give myself at least 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. Your skin is your largest organ, if you feed it a bunch of hard to pronounce chemicals, you’re likely to have dry irritated skin.
Netti Pot or alternate ways of pouring sea salt-water, aka saline solution, up and through your nose. Oil pull – Swish virgin unrefined coconut oil or olive oil in you mouth for 5-20 minutes to pull out toxins, then spit it out and rinse your mouth.
Working out brings more oxygen to the body, just make sure to do a light workout as to not over stress your body at a vulnerable time.
I hope I’ve inspired you to try out some alternative healing methods for your cold and flu symptoms. Meditation is the act of gently centering your attention to create a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. The following points are some helpful suggestions for you to get the best benefits from your meditation sessions. In order to enjoy continuing benefits from meditation, make it a part of your daily routine. Because meditation slows down your metabolism, avoid the consumption of food 2 hours before your session. In order to gain the most from your meditation, take steps to minimise any potential disturbances.
Ideally, the lighting in the room should be low to make your meditation experience pleasant. If you are interrupted during your meditation due to emergencies or otherwise, do not jump up to respond immediately.
While meditation is a beneficial activity for most if practiced correctly, there are exceptions. While there are many forms of meditation out there, I prefer breathing meditation for its simplicity. An integral approach to supporting your meditation practice can set you up for sustainable success, turning your good intentions into a positive habit for life! Many people are inspired to start meditating by the recent FAST Company article.  And yes, it can be challenging. For thousands of years and across countless cultures, humans around the world have been meditating.
As opposed to actively trying to quiet your mind, when you meditate, your mind will quiet itself -- all on its own.
While meditation can seem mysterious and obscure to someone who has never tried it before, it actually couldn't be more simple. When you picture someone meditating, you usually imagine them in the lotus position, sitting cross-legged on the floor. While I'm not suggesting that you try to meditate in the middle of a rock concert or while your 2-year-old is throwing a tantrum, you can be present anywhere, anytime. As Eckhart Tolle writes extensively about, being present is natural and actually easy when you bring your attention to what it feels like inside of your body. Meditation is not supposed to be the fabrication or the reinforcement of some particular state, but simply the cultivation of the awareness of whatever is arising in the mind. And after the jump, four recent scientific studies that bear out that there might actually be something to this meditation thing. But a new study, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes in November 2012, actually tested this. If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below.
And any effort to stop your mind from thinking, or discontinuing thoughts, is only an exercise in futility. Increasing our skillfulness and acceptance of our minds and this life that we are experiencing. But we are not being kind or loving to them or ourselves if we do not take some time to exercise our patience and develop our skills in mindfulness and understanding. I closed my eyes and did a few breathing techniques I knew from yoga and Thich Nhat Hahn books. I did 50 counts of this breath and repeated for three rounds with five normal breaths in between each round. Meaning, I wasn’t having some godly experience or feeling immediate peace, but I was building a practice and that practice became like a friend to me.
In Kung Fu they taught me to lift my skeleton tall while letting all the soft parts of my body fall towards the floor.
In my hotel I adjusted my schedule and made decisions around my ability to make it back in time to sit on a pillow, close my eyes, and breathe.
I came back to the room and worked through a little Tai Chi before settling into some stretches. I had a conversation with myself in the bathroom knowing I wasn’t going to have time to sit and breathe; it wouldn’t be congruent with the evening. More small sensations appeared in my body like footsteps traveling through an empty house with wooden floors. When people talk to me I experience it the same way I experience watching a movie with two people talking to each other. I don’t know these people so I won’t say hi but I’m in my room alone and I’m breathing and nothing is stopping me from living more except for myself.
Whether or not I’m confident enough to follow the push is another story that will be revealed in time. These are all simple, effective and natural ways to make sure you stay healthy all year round. Once you think you found the end-all routine, you have to switch it up because life is always changing and our bodies are always adapting. The more you fill your life with these options, the more the other negative experiences from standard options fade away. It helps you with breathing which is extremely important for cellular regeneration and repair. Rather use the mind as a cistern to capture naturally occurring thoughts and feelings with the power of breath. 90% of water in the body is lymph while the rest is blood, intracellular fluid and cerebral-spinal fluid.
Mucus is a slippery substance secreted from the lymphatic system and synthesized from the sugars, fats and proteins floating in the lymph.
The mucus eventually moves back into the bloodstream, over stressing the immune system until every part of the body is affected. If our digestive system is utilizing that much energy it can take over energy needed for our immune system.
Reflect on your past month and take notice, I would take notes in a journal so you remember. It’s a pretty simple concept, fresh fruits and veggies are the most alkalizing and processed meat and sugar are the most acidic. Almost every herb and spice has many different health benefits, choose what you like the most.
A few drops go a long way, try this wintermint body butter recipe that uses both coconut and shea butter. The lymphatic system is pushing fluids to all places needed, massage, especially a Swedish massage, can help break up any clogged areas.

Hopefully they don’t progress any further than warning signs and you feel spectacular all year round! There’s also a lot of hype or misconceptions to overcome – like the idea that the inner chatter in your mind will quickly go quiet. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
But usually, as I close my eyes and focus on my breathing, while I know that I’m supposed to be letting all thoughts go, more and more fly through my mind. For the study, 201 people with coronary heart disease were asked to either (a) take a health education class promoting better diet and exercise or (b) take a class on transcendental meditation. Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands looked at the way two types of meditation — focused-attention (for example, focusing on your breath) and open-monitoring (where participants focus on the both the internal and external) — affected two types of creative thinking — the ability to generate new ideas and solutions to problems.
They were fascinated to find that long-time meditators showed higher levels of gyrification (a folding of the cerebral cortex that may be associated with faster information processing). A computer scientist at the University of Washington teamed up with a neuroscientist at the University of Arizona to test this. He should have admitted that, instead of having people think what i just thought (would have made the presentation much better).
And these, my friends, are simply delusional mental formations happening in the quiet space we occupy. This is the benefit of meditation, and one that cultivates a heart of compassion toward yourself and your own BUddha nature. I lasted 13 minutes and 20 seconds before the internal itch of anxiety forced my eyes open. Sometimes those five breaths turned into 10 or 20, or I forgot how many because I drifted so far and had to start over. My diet has suffered, my posture has suffered, and my intimate relationships have taken new shapes in new bodies.
I was passing up on entertainment and socializing to work on something that felt a little more important. I found ways to get outside and work through connected postures to create fluid movement under my skin. I just want to be honest about why and I want them to tell me what they are thinking so I don’t have to think about it. Years later, when he took up martial arts, he was tossed around a sweaty dojo for months by various women and children. Lymph is a colorless fluid that travels throughout the body in vessels alongside the arteries and veins of the blood. Excess mucus encourages parasites, candida yeasts, bacteria and viruses to thrive in our colon, and lymphatic ocean and feed on toxic wastes. For dinner eat simple; grains such as rice,mixed with vegetables, and limited healthy fats like flax seed, avocado or coconut oil.
Candida is just the more widely known enemy but there are many other harmful bacteria and yeast strains that feed off of sugar and thrive in acidic environments. The more you accept what you are experiencing in meditation as just an experience and greet it openly – the faster the oogly bits will fall away! You can pay attention to your breath, your muscle tone (or aches) while you work out, at yoga, while running – any sport or game will be potentiated when you add a “mental game” component to it. You don’t brush your teeth for a few days only – you do it forever, so you have teeth forever. Researchers followed up with participants for the next five years and found that those who took the meditation class had a 48% reduction in their overall risk of heart attack, stroke and death. In a study published in April 2012 in Frontiers in Cognition, they revealed that the participants who practiced focused-attention meditation did not show improved results in the two creativity tasks. The pair recruited 45 human resources managers, and gave a third of them eight weeks of mindfulness-based meditation training, a third of them eight weeks of body relaxation training and a third of them no training at all. Challenges, difficulties, sickness, sadness, disagreements, financial woes, will all come and go just the same as they would without meditation. And it is with this development, that the whole World benefits from your loving-kindness and acceptance. There was lightness and I saw my fingertips grazing thick milky smoke inside a glass mason jar. My mind was gently rubbing the red flesh inside my chest and again a sensation was released into my blood stream. I have to sneak up on myself so my brain doesn’t catalog and tell me how I’m supposed to react.
It is a series of beaded capillaries that flow through ducts and nodes (glands) that collect and circulate the lymphatic waters. Often excessive mucus is produced as a protective response to irritating toxic wastes and infection.
An accumulation of toxins and a congested lymph can result in gout, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and other degenerative disease. However, those who practiced open-monitoring meditation did perform better at task related to coming up with new ideas. A time for the swirling and muddy waters of your mind to settle and allow a tiny bit of clarity. I had maybe 30 seconds of peace, and I might have slept a little better but I can’t remember.
I’m questioning everything around “existence.” It all seems like fabric with small tears that could be pulled apart. Eventually I was talking so fast that I didn’t realize the difference between a thought and a word, there was no time to manicure. As wastes pile up in the lymphatic system, especially the colon, the respiratory system becomes an extra landfill sites for the colon. If you’d like to start, or re-invigorate a meditation practice, here are some coaching guidelines. Try also: your body sensations, sounds around you, sights around you, relaxing sensations in the body when you are sitting, the blank mental screen that you see behind your eyelids when you close your eyes. There will be ups and downs which you will weather much more easily in the company of others.
Join a class – in person or online – to benefit both from solid instruction, Q&A and the support of others.
In a study published in the Proceedings of Graphics Interface in May of 2012, they showed that the mindful-mediation group reported less stress as they performed the multitasking test than both of the other groups. Mostly tracing stressful things that inhibited my ability to feel freedom – my businesses, money, relationships. You may want to try other forms of meditation out there which may be better suited to you and your needs. And if you are sitting and feeling discomfort, then just adjust your posture or position to be comfortable. Working through it is like treading through a muddy swamp where those more fearful than you are grabbing your ankles trying to pull you under and drown you for good. Colds, post nasal drip, sore throats and plugged ears are warnings that mucus congestion is acute in the lymphatics. For those who wish to learn another practical form of meditation, I recommend The calm technique: meditation without magic or mysticism by Paul Wilson.

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