I enjoy finding new and exciting video slots that feature a unique theme and this is exactly what I was treated to when accessing Curry in a Hurry slot machine.
Though I was at first disappointed that the game does not offer a progressive jackpot, I soon found out that the payouts in the game are very rewarding and the added features create an exciting experience. The one thing that I immediately enjoyed about this game was the exceptional betting options.
This game features some spectacular graphics, including waiters, delivery van, beer and many other themed icons. The Curry symbol is the scatter in the game and this will offer a payout when two or more appear on the reels at the same time.
While the available bonus round is rewarding and does add to the excitement of the game, I am disappointed that the game does not have a free spin round or a second bonus.
This online slot game is a great addition to the list of Microgaming slots and with the amazing betting options supported and the rewarding winning combinations, Curry in a Hurry can really help to add money t the player account and though it may not be the most popular game online, it is on the list of my personal favourites.

The game is primarily played as a penny machine, but you will find that you can be up to $0.50 per payline with a maximum bet of $250 per spin.
To achieve the top payout in the game, you will need to get five waiters on an active payline. However, it can generate some impressive wins, so the regular game payouts are decent and will make up for the lack of additional bonus rounds.
With so many lines available, I found this game to offer numerous payouts, sometimes offering muklto99kie winning combinations on a single spin.
Scatter payouts, multipliers and an incredible top payout that can be worth as much as 90,000. With these limits available, this game creates a perfect option for players of all skill levels, from beginner to high roller.
This game reminds me of Dino Might, which is another interesting themed slot game that has multiple paylines and bonus rounds.

You will see five curry plated displayed and will have to choose three to reveal bonus winnings. Curry in a Hurry features an Indian Cuisine theme, so if you are hungry for great winnings, this is the game for you.
In addition, when the wild appears in a winning combo, it will double the amount of the payout.

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