A 10-year-old orphan comes to live in a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors and discovers an invalid cousin and the mysteries of a locked garden. June 18, 2013 by Dave 5 Comments Secret War is something of an anomaly in the Marvel Universe. Technically speaking the publication dates of Secret War (Early 2004-Dec 2005) coincide with both Avengers Disassembled and House of M. The remainder of my Secret War reading guide will dive into each issue and answer continuity questions, or obscure references that might occur.
All of the following will remain as spoiler-free as possible, but if you got what you came here for: Read Secret War!
Writer Brian Michael Bendis (along with the fantastically compelling, if not quite Alex Ross-ian painted art of Gabrielle Dell’Otto) takes this question and transforms it into a political spy thriller of epic proportions.
I won’t give away too much, but that nation in the Marvel Universe is none other than Dr.
Complicating this further is the fact that Punisher does go to Ryker’s at a certain point during Ed Brubakers run on Daredevil (which, coincidentally, follows a 60+ issue run by Bendis). Unless you’re a huge Arrested Development buff, the better question might actually be who the heck is Lucia Von Bardas? Most importantly, the second issue of Secret War makes it clear that the events take place before Bendis’s run on New Avengers. Why then am I suggesting you read this issue after reading the events of Avengers: Disassembled? The conclusion of Secret War doesn’t require any more previous knowledge, but it does set the stage for some future Marvel events.
About DaveDave is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Comic Book Herald, and also the Boss of assigning himself fancy titles. I just read Secret War, and while it wasn’t what I though it was going to be, but was still very interesting and the art incredible.

It is given in New Avengers #14 (page 18 on Marvel Unlimited) that New Avengers #1 occurs after Secret War. Starz Network finalized another deal at Toronto International Film Festival with the pick-up of the psychological thriller Every Secret Thing. When a three-year-old girl goes missing, a small suburban New York town must revisit a tragic crime from seven years earlier. Every Secret Thing was produced by Anthony Bregman (Begin Again, Enough Said) and Frances McDormand.
For example, the Scorcher (the Scorcher!) is walking around with millions of dollars worth of flaming… gloves. According to Bendis’ story, she has been elected prime minister of the country, and is currently (outwardly) on good terms with the United States as a political leader. You can find out exactly where in Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s excellent run on Fantastic Four.
Doom’s status as ruler of Latveria has changed within the pages of Fantastic Four (#500-#513). We'll read through the Marvel Universe year-by-year, and vote on the best hero & villain of each year. It's my way of sharing my borderline obsessive addiction to the comic book medium, and I hope you like some of what's going on here. You can probably also get a sense if CBH is for you by taking a look at some of my columns.
Or, leave a comment on the blog here, I'm always looking for new awesome people in the comic book community.
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Amy Berg and based on the 2004 novel of the same name, Every Secret Thing stars Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning, Danielle MacDonald, Common and Nate Parker.
The underage perpetrators of the original crime, Alice Manning and Ronnie Fuller (Danielle Macdonald and Dakota Fanning), have been released from prison after coming of age and, justly or unjustly, come under suspicion once again.

Every Secret Thing is a psychological thriller that also questions our judgment of the socio-economic fabric of suburban America. Executive producers are Palmstar’s Kevin Frakes, Merced Media’s Raj Singh and Stuart Brown, Hyde Park’s Ashok Amritraj, Likely Story’s Stefanie Azpiazu, and Michael Bederman. Nonetheless, much of Secret War is told as a flashback, positioning the story a little deeper in Marvel’s past than it might appear. Doom is conspicously absent from these events despite the strong involvement of Castle Doom. The parallel is clear: Is Latveria funding super villains reason enough for an American invasion? He’ll be back, but for the period of Secret War, Latveria is in the capable hands of the newly created Lucia Von Bardas. Any questions you still have, points you want to make, or thoughts about the series in general? In my opinion it is thus clear that Secret War should be read before New Avengers, and also that Secret War should be read after Captain America #1-14 (Out of Time and Winter Soldier arcs). Pick up includes all distribution rights for the U.S and will include a theatrical release and a pay TV premiere on STARZ.
Detective Porter (Elizabeth Banks), who cracked the original case and is now the investigating officer of the missing girl, must examine her conscience and her deeply conflicted memories of the former crime. Alice’s mother, Helen Manning (Diane Lane), is given a chance to save her daughter from her complicated past.

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