I have no problem with feeling sexy and attractive, but I have a problem feeling sexy when I feel like I’m falling out of my bra, my underwires are digging into my breasts, and I feel uncomfortable all the time. If you flip through a VS catalog it becomes very apparent that their models don’t even wear their bras right.
You can tell from all of these bras that the middle part “gore” is lying flat against the middle, the cups are covering the breasts, and these bras actually fit the models! So here are some of the reasons why I would avoid buying my bras from Victoria’s Secret. When I worked at Nordstrom it took me nine months to get certified where I could fit mastectomy, nursing, and specialty bras. Talking to Business Insider, the former Victoria’s Secret employee said that workers at her Chicago-area store were trained to treat male customers differently from female ones. While workers tell women about promotions like 5 for $25 panties, they are more likely to sell men full-priced merchandise, the worker said. The competitive landscape in stores meant that associates would often fight over male customers.
She goes on to share how Victoria’s Secret managers use headsets to communicate with workers and encourage them to make sales goals. Interestingly, the feeling of discomfort that male patrons feel in a lingerie store, which the sales at Victoria’s Secret is now capitalizing on, was originally the problem Victoria Secret  founders aimed to solve. Most Read News TodayRs 1.38 Crore Highest Salary: PGPX Beats PGP Hollow At IIM A 2015 Placements16 lakh salary good for a 21 year old?
It’s one hell of a production – I’m a visual person, I love design and production value. Those outfits though – Continuing with my last point of being a visual person, I’m also a fashion lover. Before I go into my last point, I just want to say that if you need more reasons to love the #VSFashionShow then head over to The Fairy Princess Diaries to read 5 Ways the VS Fashion Show is Empowering as Jordyn’s post helped inspire this one. Angels are inspirations – I’ve been watching the VS Fashion Show since I was in high school then carried on the tradition with my friends in college. If you want to catch my opinions on events like this and more live then you should definitely follow me on Snapchat (angelmerisa23), I’m still trying to determine if the actor that played Logan on Gilmore Girls was sat next to Caitlyn Jenner at the show.
I don’t stay up late so I missed it live this year, woke up early to watch it before work! I never really thought of it as empowering but yes, the women work really hard to get where they are. But Victoria's Secret has dominated the marketplace, posting record sales every quarter for three years.A Meanwhile, Frederick's has struggled for more than a decade. Analyst Brian Sozzi at NBG Productions offered us his insight on why the brand is struggling.
Victoria's Secret is designed so mothers and daughters can visit together and find something they like. Frederick's is avoiding promotions, while Victoria's Secret smartly uses them to draw customers in.
While the glitz and glam quickly clouded her mind (and wardrobe), she soon became plagued by a guilty conscience.
In her new book, "I’m No Angel," Bisutti explains just why she gave up her angel wings to honor her religious beliefs.

KB: I was not raised in a Christian home, so I didn't grow up going to church or reading the Bible.
As I grew in my relationship with the Lord and began reading the Bible more, God started opening my eyes to the fact that I was not honoring Him with my life.
What was the turning point in your career that made you realize your Christian faith was more important than the fame? God used a lot of things to bring me to this point, but one of my biggest turning points was after a photo shoot that I did where I really felt a lot of pressure to push the envelope.
I hope that readers eyes will be opened to the sad but true effects that the media has on people.
If you have that much cleavage, there’s something really wrong with the fit of your bra.
The founder of Victoria’s Secret created the company as a place where men could buy lingerie for their wives without feeling awkward. Read on to find out exactly why I love the VS show and remain an avid fan well into my twenties.
I practically breathed in the pages of Vogue as a child and once won a prize for rattling off the names of 89 designers in under a minute at a handbag party (like a Tupperware party but for purses) when I was 15. We would take a break from finals or celebrate the end of term by piling into the common room in our PINK sweats with fuzzy blankets in tow.
This was the first year in a long time that I couldn’t watch though- darn finals week at school!
Just 3 years after earning her spot, Bisutti forfeited her multimillion-dollar modeling career, giving up her fame and fortune for her Christian faith. God really used this particular shoot to reveal to me that I was not putting Him first in a lot of things in my life, and that I had been making my career and fame an idol in my life, and I was falling into a path of destruction and bringing other people along with me. There have been lingerie models who have felt judged by my decision, though but I am not trying to convey judgment towards anyone. The pressures that people feel to have to look a certain way and the body image issues that are obtained in ads, magazines and billboards are becoming very destructive. When this happens it make the bra really uncomfortable and you end up having to adjust it all of the time and this causes the bra to chafed against the skin. I am fully bra certified and am completely capable of identifying and diagnosing fit issues, as well as getting women into the right size bra. I also really enjoy the bits in between sections when you can hear the director order, “Kendall to quick change” or “Candice in 5, 4, 3…” Stuff like that is exciting to me and you don’t see it everyday. Not once have I ever walked away from watching the show feeling down on myself and I am far from the typical size 2 Angel physique. The production is phenomenal, the outfits are gorgeous, and their bodies can be so motivating to get off my butt!
I do understand the point of view of haters because they are making tons of money perpetuating unrealistic body standards.
I firmly believe a little sparkle can enhance any situation and there's no better cure for the blues than a good puppy cuddle. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and now, the company is launching a luxury lingerie line to try and stay relevant. She came to find that modeling lingerie went against her devout beliefs, and in turn, made her feel ashamed, exploited and out of touch with God.

Yes we only go up to triple D’s but I will try my hardest to find a bra for them but if its just not working I will tell them in the kindest way possible we do not have their correct size and I do not want them to spend their money on something that is not functional for them.
Sorry, but the majority of people would rather buy a bra from a high end brand or Walmart, Target, than from you or your lousy company that looks like blue film ads with blue film actors.
I mean they had models walking the runway with full sized surfboards, spinning rockets, and neon angel wings strapped to their backs.
More importantly, over the years, the fashion show has models that not only are gorgeous and beautiful, but also do so much for girls in the world, like Karlie Kloss. I used to be very insecure and felt very pressured to be extremely thin because I wanted to feel beautiful in the world's eyes, and it led me down some destructive paths. Read this really great article from Beauty Redefined about it, it’s really interesting. Even with all the technology and #BTS on social media, glimpses behind the scenes of runway shows are few and far between. I wanna throw on some heels and strut down the hallway with my best friends, blasting some club banger from Bluetooth speakers. Im sorry an associate told you that you are a 34A, as that is a unicorn size and rarely exists. At some points the show resembles a Moschino catwalk then PINK emerges reminiscent of Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2015 football field turned runway and back to full fledge lingerie, making it a full circle performance you won’t find anywhere else. I mean if La Perla can get away with NYFW presentations then why can’t Victoria’s Secret do a runway in December?
I want to hold my head high when walking into a lecture hall of mostly whispering boys and after watching the angels redefine #Fierce that’s exactly what I do.
We make women feel confident and sexy about their bras, not like they are wearing body armor. While I really wish the girls had the chance to stomp it out to Gomez’s Same Old Love, I can’t get the line, “you’re metaphorical gin & juice” from Hands to Myself out of my head. Specialist from VS measured me and said my size is 32A which is true, for demi bra, A cup fit me perfectly. It’s VS’s unique, multi-million dollar, end-of-the-year advertising blow out, not a sociological stand against your self-esteem.
Please do not let this woman discourage you from visiting a VS, we know our stuff and take pride in our passion. I say that with all the love and kindness in the world because that’s exactly what I’ve had to tell myself over the years. I’ve done the whole self-conscious teenage girl bit and from time to time that girl still manages to sneak her way into my full length mirror but most days. The point I’m trying to get at is that these models have worked hard to get where they are.
If you don’t agree then check out Carly Cardellino tackle a week in the shoes of Lily Aldridge for Cosmopolitan. Sometimes it’s nice to see hard work pay off, especially when it has the added benefit of a bejeweled body suit and fake fireworks.

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