Walk all the way back round to the red button and push the box to your right out, then walk back round and push it up and past the pink button, then walk around it and push it back onto the pink button. Push the box below you to the other side of the red button, then walk around and push it up onto the red button.
Use Stinky to push the boulder (red X) along the light blue path and leave it at the dark blue X. Wonderland Secret Worlds: Try your hand at this unique mix of puzzle solving and arcade action.
Wonderland Secret Worlds follows a very simple setup that everyone should be familiar with. I have Wonderland Adventures, it is awesome, with an entire world to explore, magical powers to learn and master and quests to do. I played several of the Wonderland games, including Adventures, but I chose to feature this one because I liked it best.
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A good salami is hard to find, and this finicky feline has been traveling the globe in search of the best. You've got the biggest tower in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, so naturally everyone wants a piece of it. You're in a bind when you fall and find yourself trapped in some sort of ancient underground dwelling. From mining basic raw resources to producing sci-fi hardware, this elaborate indie strategy sim with sandbox crafting and action elements has you single-handedly advancing an entire planet just to get home! All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner(s).
Features tons of great puzzles, many challenging obstacles to overcome, and many villages to explore. Control up to four heroes - Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue - in over one hundred levels, filled with cleverly designed puzzles, new discoveries, hidden secrets, and much, much more.

The wind carried all the little Stinkers away, leaving only Stinky and a few of his friends behind.
Games used to look like this more than a decade ago, with stiff 3D models and blurry, repetitive textures on every tile. Wonderland Secret Worlds is a surprisingly great game with enough levels and content to keep you busy for weeks.
I think it would be better to feature one of the NEWER Wonderland games, like Wonderland Adventures. The puzzles and levels are everywhere, and there's even a shop where you can find all sorts of items. The puzzles are definitely of a good standard from the offing and it's quite nice to regress back to the 90s feel of the whole thing.
In this latest familiar but fun physics puzzle, your goal is once again to deliver the food in each stage to our hungry kitty by clicking the environment to change it. In this defensive shooter from Entertainment Forge, you'll need to keep building it and your defenses higher as you unlock upgrades to blast away increasingly tenacious foes.
In it you take control of several characters who push boxes, flip switches, roll boulders and build bridges to make it to the exit in each stage. Stinky immediately sets out on a quest to rescue the little ones, his friends joining him along the way to help solve puzzles. The game doesn't look bad by any standard, but it's an acquired taste every gamer might not find as appealing. If Wonderland Secret Worlds really did it for you, be sure to try the original Wonderland, a game that's very similar to its sequel but with totally new levels to experience.
Control four heroes through more than a hundred new levels in the diverse worlds of Wonderland. The setup is nothing new in the casual gaming world, but somehow the combined package is an extraordinarily fun play. To get them you'll need to shove boxes into the water to make bridges, step on switches to open barriers, push heavy objects onto round buttons to hold them while you pass, outsmart enemies and much, much more.

In my opinion, you should have reviewed Wonderland Adventures, which I suppose (haven't played Secret Worlds yet) is a better game. Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. With exciting features and compelling gameplay, this world of adventure and mystery will keep you enthralled. If you don't mind the dated visuals and rather cutesy presentation, Wonderland Secret Worlds will be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying games of its genre you'll ever dive into.
The game introduces plenty of new twists and turns as the levels progress, keeping the experience fresh and interesting for hours on end. The game manages to preserve a sense of joyful puzzle solving even though it employs well-used gaming conventions at every turn.
To see and use spoilers YOU MUST HAVE JAVASCRIPT ENABLED IN YOUR BROWSER.No link dropping, no domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! Yes, I had to slide a box across a narrow bridge while avoiding fire cannons just to hold down the red gate button so I could collect the blue key that allowed me access to the green button that held a token, but man, I had fun doing it. Use Loof to push the rightmost of these to the right and the boulder on the yellow circle down.
Move Stinky down pushing the boulder and position him 2 squares above the teleporter without disturbing any other boulders. The remaining two boulders can now be pushed through the teleporter, along the light blue path and up from the dark blue X.

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