Do you want philosophy to use mathematics and physics better than science can, and to make philosophy once more reign supreme in intellectualism and to assert its supremacy over science? Unless there is an observation there is no point to have a formula about it, as there is nothing to formulate, right?
So, empiricism is the first step, correct interpretation of the observation the second and most crucial step and only then can maths come into the equation.
Philosophy is written in this grand book – I mean the universe — which stands continually open to our gaze.
The idealists say: Nothing in the mind that wasn’t first in the senses, except the intellect itself. But he succeeds now with the knowledge of empiricist science and the type of mathematics that it has developed.  That is, if you’re not smart enough to work out all of the universal maths on your own, then let nature be your guide as Galileo said. The solution is for empiricism to be at the service of idealism, because only idealism can save pure-empiricism from the paradoxes it runs itself into. You could say that mind and observations are also implicitly connected in any case.  Mind implicitly, immediately, recognizes its own existence through the observation of its own existence.
Hence we, and every other point of existence itself, as individual nodes of mind, are all becoming God.
IT was an auspicious day for the student at Crotona when Pythagoras received him into his own dwelling and welcomed him as a disciple. Pythagoras began his instructions by establishing certain universal principles, proceeding from them into particulars. Pythagoras taught that this science — the chief of all in occultism — was revealed to men by “celestial deities,” those godlike men who were the Divine Instructors of the Third Race. In the seventh book of the Republic Plato indicates the possibilities lying behind the knowledge of numbers. The Pythagorean student approached the science of mathematics from the universal point of view. Plato, summarizing the Pythagorean formula, says that “Deity geometrizes.” The universe evolves from within outward. On the plane below, the Monad or first number appears, and from this number the geometry of the universe emerges. The Pythagoreans called the number Four the “Key-bearer of Nature.” As a cosmic symbol it represents the universe as chaotic matter before being informed by Spirit. The five-pointed star, the pentacle, is the symbol of man, not only of the physical man with his four limbs and head, but also of conscious, thinking man, whose fifth principle is Manas.
The Pythagoreans called the number eight “Justice.” In that symbol we find an expression of the eternal spiral motion of cycles, the regular inbreathing and outbreathing of the Great Breath. Pythagoras applied the Science of Numbers to music, giving the Western world the mathematical basis of its present musical system.
The music of this planet, according to Pythagoras, is but a small copy of the “Music of the Spheres.” The seven tones of the musical scale correspond to the seven sacred planets, each of which is characterized by a certain tone. The esoteric students of Pythagoras were given the Mystery teachings in regard to the nature of the soul, its relation to the body and its ultimate destiny. Applying the Science of Numbers to the problem of good government, Pythagoras first made himself a “point” in which great spiritual forces were focused, and from that “point” the radii of their influence extended.
When Pythagoras was almost a hundred years old he went to Delos to attend the funeral ceremonies of an old friend. After the death of the Teacher the School at Crotona was closed and the students departed from Italy.
The direct successor to Pythagoras — if such a man could be said to have a successor — was his pupil Arist?us.
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May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville is an exciting puzzle adventure with hidden object scenes.
Safe Shopping Guarantee: We guarantee that every transaction you make through WildTangent will be safe. But it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and interpret the characters in which it is written.
The candidate could now look back upon his eight years of probationary discipline with gratitude, for he knew that they had prepared him for the study of Nature’s hidden secrets and placed him on the Path leading to Adeptship. The key to the whole Pythagorean system, irrespective of the particular science to which it is applied, is the general formula of unity in multiplicity, the idea of the One evolving and pervading the many. It was first taught to the Greeks by Orpheus, and for centuries made known only to the “chosen few” in the Mysteries. By applying mathematics to both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm he was able to grasp the secrets of evolution in their minutest details.
From the “point” a radiation equal in all directions begins, establishing a circumference, or sphere, within which all activities of the “point” are confined. As a cosmic symbol representing the Higher Trinity of the universe it became the root of the word Deity. The cross made by the intersection of the vertical line of Spirit and the horizontal line of matter represents spiritual man crucified in the flesh, while the four-pointed star is a symbol of the animal kingdom.
Seven not only governs the periodicity of the phenomena of life on the physical plane, but also dominates the series of chemical elements, as well as the world of sound and color, as shown by the spectroscope. They called the number nine the “Ocean” and the “Horizon,” as all numbers are comprehended by and revolve within it. In both the Microcosm and the Macrocosm the three higher numbers of the Decade stand for the invisible and metaphysical world, while the lower seven refer to the realm of physical phenomena.
As Shakespeare makes Lorenzo say in The Merchant of Venice, “There’s not the slightest orb which thou beholdest but in its motion like an angel sings.” The study of music was obligatory in the Pythagorean School, not only as a science but also as a healing agent. Pythagoras taught the heliocentric system and the sphericity of the earth; he declared that the moon is a dead planet which receives its light from the sun and described the composition of the Milky Way. Pythagoras taught that the soul of man is derived from the World-Soul; hence is immortal and cannot be destroyed by death. The Pythagorean School eventually became a small model city, its form of government being adopted by Crotona. One evening, when the Teacher and forty of his pupils were talking together, some of his former pupils who had been expelled from his School set fire to the building where they were assembled, and Pythagoras, with thirty-eight of his pupils, were consumed in the flames.
Fearing that the very word philosophy — a word which Pythagoras had coined — would disappear from the Greek language, some of these loyal disciples collected the writings of the older Pythagoreans and wrote down many things which Pythagoras himself had said. Man must know himself before he can hope to know the ultimate genesis of beings and powers less developed in their inner nature than himself. This book deals with the Divine Proportion, a secret code that rules art, nature, and science. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at WildTangent. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth. Just before the Mysteries began to degenerate, Pythagoras instituted this teaching in his School, thus preserving under the name of “philosophy” the ancient science which, as Plato truly says, is “the greatest good that was ever imparted to men.” In his Life of Pythagoras, Iamblichus repeats the statement of Plato that the study of the science of Numbers tends to awaken that organ in the brain which the ancients described as the “eye of wisdom” — the organ now known to physiology as the pineal gland. Quoting from the Neo-Pythagorean Moderatus, Porphyry says that the numerals of Pythagoras were “hieroglyphic symbols, by means whereof he explained ideas concerning the nature of things,” or the origin of the universe.
The point, extending horizontally, becomes a diameter dividing the sphere into positive and negative hemispheres — the basis for action and reaction.
It is through the misinterpretation of the Pythagorean Monad that the various “personal Gods” of the different religions arose, most of whom are represented as a Trinity. The ancient Greeks called the letter D (the triangular delta) “the vehicle of the Unknown Deity.” The Boeotians wrote the word Zeus with a delta, from which came the Latin Deus.

They called Five the “beam of the balance,” which suggests the power of choice and perhaps the final “moment of choice” for our humanity in the middle of the Fifth Round. If we consult the Table of the Yugas on page 125 of The Ocean of Theosophy, we shall observe that all the figures may be resolved into the number nine.
According to Iamblichus, the PythagoreanTetraktys had eleven forms, each one applying to some one particular phase of cosmic or terrestrial life.
The mathematical point within that circle, from which the music of our earth emerges, is the “Tone of Nature,” called Kung by the ancient Chinese. Iamblichus informs us that “Pythagoras believed that music greatly contributed to health, if it was used in the proper manner.” Pythagoras taught that the purest type of sound comes from stringed instruments and that wind instruments tend to excite the lower nature rather than to quiet it, an observation later corroborated by Plato. More than a thousand years later both Bruno and Galileo derived their theories of astronomy from Pythagorean fragments. The soul of man, he said, accomplishes its evolution by means of numberless incarnations on earth. From Crotona the sphere of Pythagorean influence expanded to include the neighboring towns, where legislative systems based upon Pythagorean principles lasted for generations. These writings were passed down from teacher to pupil, or from father to son, for many generations. The Pythagorean fragments were preserved by two hundred and thirty-five of his loyal disciples, two hundred and eighteen of whom were men, the other seventeen women.
So with religion and science; united two in one they were infallible, for the spiritual intuition was there to supply the limitations of physical senses. Advance through the adventure by solving over 270 puzzles, including logic puzzles, tricky rhythmic games and beautifully hand drawn hidden object scenes.
The vertical extension of the point into a line crossing the horizontal makes the cross within the circle, and so on ad infinitum. He frequently spoke to his pupils about their own former lives, and when asked about himself said that he had come into the region of mortality to benefit mankind. Separated, exact science rejects the help of the inner voice, while religion becomes merely dogmatic theology — each is but a corpse without a soul. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville today!
The eleventh Chapter of The Bhagavad-Gita is a dissertation on the Pythagorean Science of Numbers, couched in Eastern terminology. When the molecules of salt deposit themselves as a solid, the first shape they assume is that of a triangle. He also taught the doctrine of Karma, saying that all the seeming injustices on earth are explained by the fact that every life on earth is but a reward or punishment for deeds performed in previous lives. As its many forms unfold we uncover the Golden Rectangle in the Parthenon, Golden Spirals in the human inner ear, a Golden Angle in the petal patterns of a rose, and the Fibonacci numbers in lilies, daisies, pineapples, and in our own DNA.With its natural balance and elegant beauty, the Divine Proportion is a perpetual reminder that our hope for regeneration and continuity lies in realizing the meaningful and harmonious relationship of all the parts to the whole.
There Krishna shows Arjuna the “vital geometry” of his Divine Form, with all the living lines of force therein and the countless lesser forms produced by them, representing the powers and elements that go to make up the universe. Considering the number Two as a representation of the law of polarity, they stressed its positive aspect by entering a temple on the right side and by putting on the right shoe first. The right line of the triangle represents the “Son,” described in every ancient cosmogony as one with the apex or “Father.” The line at the base of the triangle stands for the universal plane of productive nature, in which “Father-Mother-Son” are unified on the phenomenal plane as they were united in the supersensuous world by the apex. The triangle is also the form assumed by the pine, the most primitive tree after the fern period.

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