Deepak Chopra, an award-winning author and physician, is one of the world’s leading researchers in meditation and spirituality. He’s also known for being a good friend and personal meditation coach of the late pop icon Michael Jackson.
Last year, Chopra shared a slide deck based on his book, “Super Brain,” that shows 11 ways to better-inspire your brain. Deepak Chopra is a best-selling author with over 65 books written in the field of spirituality and meditation. Walk with Jo as she guides you through the kaleidoscope of change, basking at paths end in the comforting rays of your colourful awareness.
Josephine McKenzie became disillusioned with corporate life and returned to the country lifestyle she knew as a child, creating a healing haven.
Hi Lizzie (part of IST from England in the Dream Team)Hope you are feeling beettr and enjoying Dream and the rest of the Jamboree.Can't wait to hear all about it when you are home.

When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The paths end is really only the beginning; the beginning of an awareness that embraces the welcome clarity only seen through the openness of mind and vulnerability of soul. A Written Journey into Meditation is a result of McKenzie’s life transformation and journey of self-discovery, where she shares her melodic meditations and knowledge of change. A vulnerability sheltered by the safety of Jo’s melodic words born from knowledge of paths already tread and transformations experienced.
You have become so caught up in everyday life that you have lost sight of who you truly are.
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be writing a book on meditation I never would have believed you.
If you forgive you will be truly happy, and your life will reflect the change back to you in every way.

The bottom line is that we forgive not because the other person necessarily deserves it, but because we do not want to carry that load around until we die. If it isn’t handled appropriately, it may have destructive results for both you and your loved ones.
Lack or poor sleep can affect the individual's ability to fight and endure sickness, cause irritability, poor concentration and impaired memory and decreases hand-eye co-ordination.

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