Jane Fonda opens up about therapy, the wounded patriarchy, yoga for mindfulness and her advice to all women.
JF: Through therapy and a lot of thinking and writing my memoirs, I’ve been able to use my life as a lesson.
Eight years ago, I co-founded (with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan) Women’s Media Center, which is an effort to try to make women’s voices heard in the world. In the state of Georgia, where I lived for 20 years, I have two nonprofits that work with adolescents. MP: I think when women start taking their own voice back and start demanding more -- I think that males always respond to that, and we need to really understand how powerful we are. JF: I think what’s happening in the world -- there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast, and the patriarchy is wounded. But then I thought, how to get people active when they’ve never worked out or they’re older or they can’t do what they used to do? All the DVDs that are out there are for younger people that can turn themselves into pretzels like I used to be able to.
I think that what I can do and what I did is something that most people can do without fearing getting hurt.
MP: When you practice, do you notice not just the physical effects, but is your mind clear? ORIGIN is the conscious culture national print magazine bringing together art, yoga, music, humanitarianism, and sustainability to shift the planet for good. A Compassionate Approach Offering Yoga’s Therapeutic Benefits to People With Special Needs or Disabilities.
The first in a series of unique 60-minute DVD’s, it includes patient tested exercises for Cerebral Palsy, heart and stroke recovery, hip and knee replacement and Macular degeneration. The program consists of guided and supported poses using breathing, meditation and visualization to increase motor skills and relaxation. A former multi-media journalist, Bea has taught yoga internationally since 1986 and is fuent in Spanish and French. About UsYogAbility™ is a therapeutic approach to Yoga for people with special needs or disabilities. When you click on "Request Password", you'll be sent an e-mail with instructions how to set up a new password. If you don't get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us.
If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. After struggling with eating disorders for most of her life, Jane Fonda says she has at last ‘made peace’ with her body.
The actress, who won Oscars for her roles in the 1971 movie Klute and Coming Home in 1978, took on the role of fitness guru in 1982 with the release of an aerobics tutorial which became the most successful fitness video of all time. Miss Fonda recently released a yoga DVD for the elderly – her 27th fitness tutorial – with her partner Richard Perry, 70. She said: ‘Yoga makes me feel great, alive, awake, and as we get older it’s important to stay flexible and strong, which yoga helps with.
But this woman is so superficial and still thinks about the appaerance instead of the essence. I have never said that she has to let her body go or that she does not have to be healthy,but everything has a limit and I think that this woman is obsessed with her body and it seem like she’s struggling a lot to stay forever young. Sarah, I understand what you mean esp bc she does admit to having ED’s when she was younger, yet your comment appears to be making a statement about an older person not enjoying life if they spend time being active. This comment disappoints me… I always hold out hope that at a certain age I will stop being concerned with my appearance, but I guess that is almost impossible being a woman in our society. My 81 year old grandma is still worrying about her weight and always asks me for diet tips. However for people who have blood pressure problems or for those who are sensitive to caffine & get heart pulpertations from it like my mum coffee is not good for them.
She looks great but when I’m 70 I just hope to be spunky and fit like my grandmother who could skip rope and do cartwheels and somersaults at that age.

Agreed, the only reason a cleanse will do something is that your not consuming obvious junk food anymore.
She has found yoga to be a perfect fit because it can build up muscle strength and tone without being too physically demanding. As a result, she has now come up a yoga routine, aimed at those aged 50 and over, which provides a gentle but effective introduction to the popular form of exercise.
Receive information about new products and educational opportunities, as well as, exclusive offers only available to subscribers! One of them is Eve Ensler, who wrote The Vagina Monologues and has a new play on Broadway called Emotional Creature.
Oftentimes you can find them by watching the TED conference for women, which is called TEDx.
I am able to talk about my life in a way that helps other women -- and men, but mostly women -- understand their own life. What are some of the causes or things happening on the planet that you are most passionate about or most concerned about?
One is stopping violence against women, and I do that through the organization V Day, which I sit on the board of along with a host of totally amazing women. I left the workout business for 15 years, but when I was researching and writing my last book called Primetime, about aging, I was really mindblown by all of the experts [who] said the most important thing is stay physically active.
This was the most extraordinary way to do it, because I really learned everything that I needed to know.
YogAbility Therapeutics quiets the nervous system and improves muscular strength and reflexes, while building self-esteem and returning harmony to the mind.
The sessions focus on breathing exercises, gentle poses, and movement to music, safe stretching, and deep relaxation. The 75-year-old has twice-daily yoga sessions and recently went through a week-long cleansing regime, avoiding all dairy products, red meat, wheat and coffee. But she later revealed she had suffered eating disorders from the age of 12, veering between a series of food binges and purges. When I saw her at the Academy Awards I actually said she looks better in the face an body than a majority of women and her aging looks more natural. Putting an anorexic on a plan that makes them rapidly gain a lot of fat is bound to relapse. Obviously it can be cured to the point where you don’t have it but your always more susceptible to relapse if your not careful.
I get that you should always be concerned with your health, but still severely restricting your diet in your seventies seems sad..
I just find it ridiculous that you could really care that much when you really don’t have much time left. Just saying, you may get SOME positives that others don’t have but you won’t be immune to having a perfect life and can still attract losers! In fact I know it has health benefits when prepared properly for example the way I make it. 75 years until she finally got it (and honestly after listing her restricted diet, it doesn’t actually sound like she has). Finnaly we talked some sense into her and she’s eating more variety but sill refuses to touch dairy, eggs, meat, nuts connived their poison. The Oscar-winning actress has been doing yoga since the mid-1990s but found as age took its toll, she wasn’t as capable of certain moves.
Even if you see women on camera, they have to answer to the person upstairs, which is mostly men.
And I think that’s all the violence and war -- it could be the last gasp of the patriarchy, actually.
As is my way, when I start something that I’ve put off doing, I always start with the hardest form. You can find ORIGIN in Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Pharmacas, Central Markets and 15+ other National retailers. People who live with physical or mental constraints can experience a new energy and vitality through YogAbility Therapeutics.

When a devastating accident injured her severely, she used the healing powers of Yoga to mend her body and mind.
However she claimed she has given up her quest for a perfect figure, saying: ‘For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress. Although she was spotted tucking into a greasy cheeseburger at an Oscars after-party, she insisted she is still devoted to healthy eating. And although she may have done something, it still looks natural, she looks way better than Heidi Montag, Katie Price, Nikki Cox and so on, combined. I havent googled but if I recall correctly she had a facelift a BUNCH of years back and I think she had a set of ribs removed in the 80s (for a smaller waist).
As a very active person myself and behaviour specialist, I can honestly say that exercise provides a source of both physical fitness AND mental health AND should be a part of everyone’s regular routine pretty much from birth to death though intensity can and should vary. But a plain cup of coffee in the morning is no more harmful than tea, which also has caffeine (though it’s better than coffee because it has antioxidants too). When I am with her or Pat Mitchell or some of the others, it’s like I have a little rocket put under me and I kind of orbit.
Then I walk around to the front door, then me and the two dogs come in the house and I give them treats. Bea has developed a safe and empowering program that applies the practice of Yoga and meditation as tools for rehabilitation from injury, surgery and chronic pain.
As creatures of habit, these behaviours can be tough to break unless the new habits to replace them are rewarding enough to the individual. Im not sure of anyone can really make 100 percent peace with their body, there is always that one thing that could be a little better, and that could also be fixed and etc. Hell I would do the same (I have vanity issues so Im not putting her down) BUT aside from her staying in shape with yoga, she is getting top of line face and body work.
I was married to Ted Turner at the time and we traveled around all the time, so somebody told me about this teacher, and she was fantastic.
YET her beautiful aging relates to her skin…to me THE WRINKLES look WAY BETTER than a FACE FULL OF BOTOX AND FILLERS.
The best thing you can do for an anorexic is put them on a healthy eating plan that puts them at a normal weight. Still the mind or body remembers the rigid behaviours and thus one can slip into such habits, easily at first and then less so but it is always possible. Some days I feel attractive, not perfect ever, and some days I feel like an ugly little troll.
It grew out of The Vagina Monologues and became a global organization that’s raised over $90 million to stop violence against women globally.
Magazines, books, novels, TV, internet, movies -- all of those things is what creates our consciousness. A complete 360 is never going to work as you can see they almost always relapse when put on this kind of plan. Knowing this will be valuable to your recovery (I hope), as I’m sure you and your therapist have outlined “triggers” to tdestructive behaviours so you can recognize the trigger and engage in healthier, more constructive behaviour.
And if women don’t have an equal voice -- the news is not gender-neutral, but it’s usually reported as though it’s gender-neutral.
I’ve had a knee replacement and a hip replacement, and pretty intensive back surgery in March -- in fact, two days after I finished my DVD. If not this would be a constructive and proactive thing to do to lead to you a deeper level of recovery. I used to be very, very flexible, and I still am given my age, but I can’t do the lotus position and things like that anymore.

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