Hatha- Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in BaliThe training, while following the unique and holistic curriculum offered by PONO, will also focus on the practical and day to day application of other ancient yogic practices like- Kriyas, Pranayama, Relaxation, Karma Yoga, & Meditation.
Along with the practical aspects of conducting Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes, this Yoga Teacher Training will put a stronger emphasis on the in-depth understanding of Yoga Philosophy, to support students in diving deeper into their practice and spiritual journey.  Philosophy will be translated into practical tips to impact daily life.
Carlotta with her years of dedicated practice and personal development through Yoga, has to offer unique Flow classes that will tip the limits of your practice.
Combining their life and yogic experience, Myron and Mallika will bring to the shores of Bali the authenticity of original Indian Yoga Traditions. Carlotta (E-RYT 200)(500hr) can be described as a mix of cultures conveyed in a single person, with her diverse educational background and experience she embraces people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. In 1999 she moved to Miami Beach, Florida where she studied with the best choreographers in the world. The essence of Carlotta can be seen in her beautiful personality and her smile which is always present even in the most difficult situations. Myron (RYT 200 + 900hrs)dove into the teachings and practice of Yoga as part of his personal soul searching. He is trained at The Yoga Institute (Mumbai), and teaches Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas & Yoga Philosophy. According to him, the summary of what he learned – and wishes to share and teach to his students – is  ‘Practice & Let go’. To him yoga is an on going journey that doesn’t have an end and is nourished by curiosity and perseverance.

Mallika is a Classical Yoga Teacher (RYT200 + 900hr) from India, certified by the oldest institution of Yoga in the world-The Yoga Institute,Mumbai. Her classes are focused on supporting the development of a tailored personal practice through body and breath awareness, and mindfulness. There are not enough words to thank the three of you, not only for your wisdom and knowledge but your passion, understanding, patience and persistence. Remember the influence you have had on us and how we will carry ourselves with a little of you in each of our day.” – Bonnie, Hatha- Vinyasa YTT July 2015. Why Hot YogaHot Yoga has been around for a long time, and with its popularity now, it is here to stay! New StudentsMaui Hot Yoga has been open since 2009 and has taught thousands of students, teachers, and people just like you.
They will welcome you to a Yoga Teacher Training that goes beyond the physical practice of modern yoga, reconnecting with the spiritual self-development at the roots of the practice.
Which gave her a vast knowledge and understanding of what the body is really capable of with sacrifice, dedication to your discipline and the importance of posture. His teachings and his way of life embrace change and flexibility as life partners and advisors and he always welcomes his students and friends in the life journey that yoga is to him.
She then became an integral part of the institute where she conducted and coordinated a 2year Teacher Training Program.
She has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, that she cherishes as a core part of her personal spiritual path and teaching experience.

Through sharing her own experience she brings to her students a holistic perspective on Yoga.
Thank You for the time you’ve given us- all the hours & hours of teaching, trying to get us to understand philosophy & getting a response in general on Monday mornings! We invite you to paradise where we offer daily yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga vacations and life transforming yoga teacher trainings. Click here to learn more about Maui Hot Yoga, its staff, and the assortment of classes we offer.
However her real passion for Yoga was born in India, where she studied Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga.
This was a surreal experience for me and something I’ll always thank the universe for, as I was so close to not even being here , such a last minute decision to dedicate my time to something so worthy- MYSELF.
It was here, in the birthplace of yoga, where she came to know of her deep spirituality and her gift of giving strong energetic classes to her students. She then went on the study Shiatsu therapy at the Shiatsu Palombini in Rome for 5 years, to gain a deeper understanding of the subtle body and the meridians or energy channels.

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