The commute to and from your yoga studio alone may discourage you from finding time to fit the de-stressing practice into your already-hectic schedule.
One of the benefits of the at-home class is the freedom to choose a lesson that caters to your individual needs. Electronic Arts' Yogify is a well-designed, thorough yoga guide -- and one of the best free health apps out there.
Online yoga classes are no longer a thing of the future but a thing of the present: You can now say "om" on demand.

Some sites offer monthly subscriptions for as low as $15 a month -- a price comparable to many single, in-person studio classes.
The Wall Street Journal's Laura Moser sampled a handful of online yoga classes and measured how they matched to the real deal. As Moser points out, you're less likely to fully unplug and immerse yourself in the practice.
Users can customize music while they practice and then connect with a Yogify community on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Even so, with a little self-control and a switch to "airplane mode" you can recreate the tranquil atmosphere of the studio in your own home.

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