I teach yoga because I know from many years experience that it can make everyone's life better, regardless of age or condition. Study, refine and deepen your own yoga practice along with other highly motivated yoga teacher training participants.
Learn the tools and skills needed for effectively and clearly teaching yoga to all levels of students and various student intentions and conditions. Learn how to plan classes based on clear principles of sequencing within and between each family of asanas. Learn the art and science of giving hands–on adjustments and other forms of assistance, one of the essential tools in guiding students in their yoga practices. Develop an appreciation for different styles of yoga and different yoga teaching methodologies. Learn to work with injuries, pregnancy and other specific or unique student needs in your yoga classes.
Explore the received wisdom from ancient yoga traditions and develop a well-rounded knowledge of yoga philosophy, ethics, history and lifestyle practices.
Learn about teaching in a variety of settings - yoga studios, gyms, businesses, schools, community centers, retreat centers and more - as well as the basics of opening a yoga studio. Gain extensive teaching experience through practice teaching, apprenticeships and mentoring. While yoga practice is the key to developing as a teacher, the Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program methodically prepares you to teach with creativity, confidence, and competence.
Over 1,300 yoga teachers have participated in my yoga teacher training workshops over the past 18 years. Fulfilled by completing the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification plus 300 hours of advanced yoga studies. I teach weekly yoga classes in New York City and The Hamptons, which focus on moving mindfully and gracefully with the breath. I believe that learning yoga is similar to learning a language: the more you are around it the more fluent you become. Led by Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee and includes weekend immersions with Richard Rosen, Richard Freeman, Heidi Fokine, Kari Harendorf, Susan Orem, Sinead Fitzgibbon and Manorama.
This brilliantly structured program includes studies in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditaion, Philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology, Teaching Methodology, Sanskrit and Yoga Therapeutics.
The course emphasized the importance of studying the history of yoga in order to be safe and effective innovators within the tradition.

I assisted the 12 weekend format in the fall of 2009 and the August month-long intensive in August of 2010.
I moved to Chicago, IL, and studied Ashtanga Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga primarily at Yogaview. I began my daily practice, when I was a freshman in college and earning my degree in Psychology and Linguistics from Miami University. With nealrly a quarter century of steady practice and a strong background in education, I choose to write books on teaching yoga and to train yoga teachers because I believe in intelligently and passionately sharing the practice.
It helps us to expand our awareness and transform our lives in ways that make us happier, healthier and feeling more whole within ourselves and in our relationships with others in the world.
The primary source of this transformative learning is one's personal practice, and it is in the practice of yoga that we gain the most insight into how best to share the practice with others. Rather than focusing narrowly on a single style or lineage, it is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to continuously evolve as a teacher based on your own evolution, interests, and intentions.
You are welcome to apply based on prior completion of another Yoga Alliance 200-Hour program. As a mentor I work one-on-one with a small group of students to answer their questions, provide support for their process, and share every secret I know about teaching effectively. I am learning Reiki, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Contemplative Care to relieve the symptoms of Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nausea, Constipation, and Exhaustion in a hospital setting.
This training answered many questions for me and nourished me as both a student and teacher.
This is a wonderful, comprehensive training for the brand new teacher to learn the basics of teaching and practicing safely. Here I am learning the power of patience, the importance of intention, the cumulative effects of repetition, the value of rhythm, and the karma of devotion. I completed teacher trainings with John Friend, Mitchel Bleier, Sianna Sherman, and Geri Bleier at this time. My dear teachers, Elizabeth Silas and April White-Plank, had studied Ashtanga Vinyasa and Jivamukti Yoga. Because yoga is a process for self-transformation, there is nothing to master, no end to what we can learn and no limit to how much we can grow and share. I also have the opportunity to continue to be a student in this profound teacher training program, which offers wisdom and support in many layers of studentship.
I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice or take their teaching into a new dimension.

It has led me to my beloved Husband, Ariel Levy, to becoming a mother, to travelling the world, to collaborating on incredible projects like Breathe Repeat and Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, and to touching thousands of other people with peace and respect. I also had the honor to teach at Yogaview, Moksha Yoga Center, Priya Yoga, Healing Power Yoga, and North Shore Yoga among other places. I am very tight in the hips naturally, so it's a very challenging pose to stay and breathe into. I find myself wanting to get out of it and have to remind myself to stay in and let feelings come up. I often cry in this pose, I think it has something to do with my dad, since that's what comes up in this pose over the past few years. I feel like a lot of it has been let go through breathing into the emotions, but sometimes I still have a strong emotional response when in this pose.
This quality allows the teacher to meet each student where she is, without forcing something that wouldn't resonate or benefit her. I also think empathy makes a teacher approachable and allows each student to make yoga her own. I often read and study scriptures and ancient texts from the East, and it's important to bring them to life. Living out the meanings and truths of the teachings supports me as a yogi since the teachings align with one another and allow me to live in the holistic message. Since yoga means to unite, and Savasana is the death or corpse pose, in this pose we kill the self or ego. This also makes it the most difficult pose because you have to be willing to let go of the ego, of everything that holds us back from the true self, but also of everything that we are used to and comfortable with. It's worth it, though, because in Savasana we access the true self; when living from the true self, there's access to infinite knowledge and bliss. Frank Lipman On Why Paleo Works Please enable Javascript to watch this video SHARE SHARES KEEP READING:   #breathing #intuition #savasana #yoga #yoga teacher training An email a day to brighten your way Sign up to receive wellness inspiration and news!
She was trained and certified by the Yandara Institute (Yoga Alliance Certified) in 2012 and has been teaching Vinyasa classes ever since. Jessica is a devoted yogi, a natural health enthusiast, and loves connecting people to the practice of yoga.

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