This is our first full hour free online practice that you can return to time and time again for more investestigation. I’ve found that through your videos I have discovered new capabilities, sensations and movements in my body- I respect and know it more. Yes, for some practices it is nice to talk through the check list and stay out of the mind and with the practice! I really enjoyed this – for me it was a perfect blend of feel-good stretching, and a challenge to my strength! PS- My sweet man usually only shoots when we are on the road – and he is patient and a gem.
Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? Took me too much time to write to you (I always forget), I have been practicing this video since the 2nd week of january and since the end of january I have noticed so many changes in my body. My favourite part is when you describe every sensation through every movement, but most of all when you say SMILE, I think, several times I?m struggling through poses and you could noticed it on my face, but when you say SMILE, I get back to a normal and human face again, lol. Everyday is different, same pose could be easy 1 day and harder the next day, but as you say, I try to listen to my body. There are somethings I still cannot do and some others I don?t understand (I?m from Mexico, so my native language is spanish),but I am improving thanks to you.
I am 30 and 13 years old (don?t tell anyone please), I used to have knee pain,lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, basically almost all kind of pains along my body, lol, almost everything has gone now, and my body keeps changing everyday, this is amazing to me so many changes in so little time. Adriene, I LOVED this sequence – there was something about the lifts which though (like you say) give you a real muscle fire also made me feel so light, like levitating. Hi Adriene, I found your videos about two months ago and they have become part of my weekly yoga that I do at home (due to lack of funds to finance classes). 2) This video and some others are tough on my neck and shoulders, so I don’t end up finishing or I move to an easier video.
Two weeks ago I was finally on my last leg of recovery from surgery and I found your videos online. I’ve alway wanted to become a yogi and your videos are definitely putting me on the right track. I can not believe it took me that long to finally get in touch to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting yourself out there and sharing your practice with us with such generosity and care ! In the big jungle of youtube videos, you definitely stand out as the most authentic, positive and empowering Yoga guide I have seen AND you never fail to make me smile ! I am moving to LA in late August and would aboslutely LOVE to attend to one of your class somewhere in the world. I am very new to yoga but have been enjoying and learning a lot from your two beginner videos. I have a question about the foundation of yoga pose, is “Dancer Pose” one of the foundation poses? I teach classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Salvage Vanguard Theater and monthly classes at the Blanton Museum. Here we tackle: Yoga pants, Yoga Anatomy and even a little Natural Remedy for the summer skeeters. I really like the flow videos but I have a bad right knee that howls at me when I try to do the runners lunges. Yoga For Beginners – A Little Goes a Long WayA sequence of things you can do each day - a little goes a long way. Yoga ToneThis 20 minute vinyasa practice is designed to help you build strength and endurance - mindfully. The Find What Feels Good Roadshow strikes again and this time we are throwing a party in a space big enough to host us all! Lucky Day 13 invites you to fly like and eagle aiming for full breaths and eventual exquisite ease. 30 Days of Yoga – Downloadable Version We received a lot of requests for a downloadable version of the 30 Day videos. I’m new to yoga, being only 43 and my body aches all day everyday, I decided to give yoga a try.
This is becoming one of my favorite things to do during my day, especially when I laugh at myself falling a dozen times. As a broke college student, I really appreciate the fact that I can find instructive yoga classes on your page for free. They have taught me to be in tune and listen to my body, follow my instinct to find the sensation. The only slight problem is my mobile internet usage quickly gets used up watching things online – ever thought about releasing a DVD?!
However, I just found out I am pregnant (yay!) and I was wondering what modifications I should make to this sequence so that I can still do it safely.
Chris is my business partner and producer of the show- and friend, of course, and YES he rocks.
To me, this is your master piece, also I love your fundations of yoga, for the last 5 or 6 years, I have done yoga from time to time, now, thanks to you, I know, I was making everything in a wrong way.
Could it be simply me or do a few of these responses come across like they are written by brain dead visitors? Thank you so much for the gift of your videos, I really enjoy practicing with them Also, the little mistakes you make and then laugh about help to make it seem okay that my practice is not perfect. Just had a rough month of exams (I’m in medschool so basically always exams), and your yoga session before going to bed and also the morning workouts really kept me going through that time.

I just wanted to say thank you for making me more aware of my postures, I find your guidance VERY useful not just in improving postures but also in helping me to enjoy yoga even more. I keep hearing that cardio is the way to go, but I have bad knees and don’t enjoy running, so I have been trying to stick to yoga with the occasional hike. I’m trying to follow your tips to press up and out, loop the shoulders, maintain space between ears and shoulders, etc, but is there something else I should do to make sure I’m doing this right? I’ve just recently discovered your videos in search for calming routines that I can do. First of all, let me just say thank you for returning me to all that I lost mentally, emotionally, in self confidence, and most importantly spiritually. My body feels incredible, I can feel my abdomen rapidly healing, I’ve been more productive in the last two weeks than I have in years. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how life changing and engaging your videos have been for me. I am new at yoga and exercising in general, but I find that your sessions are really easy to follow, always with good instructions.
I find that since I can watch the videos and practice at home I’m becoming more connected with the movements. Found you when I started wanting to do yoga at home and your videos were the most detailed and in depth. Do you have a suggestion for an order to learn and focus on the different postures that you break down in your foundations of yoga series?
And i would love to see how to build up this pose, do you have any video that teach his pose?
I just finish your 30 days with Yoga program and I am excited to start studying Yoga with you! Sometimes you just want to ask someone where they got their yoga pants and how much did they cost, right? I’m 17 this year and im somehow new with your channel but i feel very comfortable after practising the yoga series with you!!
I have tried to adjust my stance, bending the knee less, bending the knee more, no avail. I am coming back to the mat after many years and I am quite frustrated that I have to stop and wait for the next asana so I don’t end up in constant pain after coming off the mat. I originally thought that your practice moved too slow for me (I started yoga-ing a couple times a day beginning in 2012 after I got a nasty stress fracture in my tibia and so I was trying to do a fast-paced hard-core super duper power exercise to replace my 60 miles a week–ha!), but I came back to your channel one day when I began adjunct teaching and was so tired and time constrained that I felt starved of exercise. Thank you so much for providing free yoga videos to all of us, I really appreciate it and I love this 30 Days of Yoga. Whether it’s the pace of this class, the fact that on day 13 the body is stretching just this little bit further, or the poses you chose were exactly just what my body needed, but I found what felt great today.
I have a local yoga instructor that I love, but my schedule is not permitting me to make it to the studio this season.
Thank you for this yoga challenge experience, I feel so much better after 13 days, in love with my body, in harmony with myself and having the energy to really live my life, and not just observe.
I really feel like the whole program was designed so thoughtfully where each day you give our bodies exactly what they seem to need. The children have been mad today and I felt all scrunched up and grouchy and was going to head to bed but so glad I got on my mat. I’ve been struggling this year with anxiety as a newly registered RN and your guidance has really helped me find my breath as well as release pockets of tension and fear.
Whether you are looking to connect to yourself, connect to your breath or setting some serious intentions to TRANSFORM your body – this practice is available for you! Do what you can!
It inspires me and keeps us all in the transformation game and helps us spend less time on Facebook.
During the practice I had some tough moments, but as a beginning yogi I wasn’t surprised at that. I live in the UK so your classes are juuust slightly out of my way, which is shame as I find your work inspiring and motivating. In January we will roll out some new stuff and you will be able to download some goodies soon! I feel that I am getting comfortable doing the poses and flows, but today I tried doing this video for the first time, the first 1 hour video I have done, and I was STRUGGLING.
I love yoga, but don’t know enough about it to practice without guidance, and can’t afford to pay for a class anymore (160 bucks a month? It is really helping me be more regular to yoga and I love picking my own adventure on your youtube channel. I clicked, I watched, I fell in love with your spirit, with yoga, with what you teach, with your incredible sense of humor, and your authenticity. I have that fire in my belly (and not just from your videos) to really move forward again and get myself to a place I want to be physically in this world and spiritually with myself.
About 5 months ago I decided to let go of toxic relationships and begin a journey toward acceptance of others and myself. I do a lot of computer work (meaning sitting and typing) all day so I find your practice refreshing and energizing.
What a perfect thing to do on a sunday morning with the breeze flowing through the open terrace doors. I’m able to be more playful and find myself in the practice and really get in touch with my body and what it needs. I know it will be challenging at times and often we will butt heads or get fussy, but in the end, the journey is the reward and I could not be more excited about the journey than I am right now.

I’m a professional actress in film, commercial and theatre and I teach performance, movement and yoga for all ages. It will get you on your mat and into your body while also preparing you for public classes and local yoga opportunities.
Also, perhaps you are not in public classes and you are practicing yoga from home (with Yoga With Adriene -duh) and you need further explanation on what she means by tuck your pelvis or brighten your feet.
That sort of defeats the flow, if you know what I mean…Your help would be appreciated. Whether you are tending to issues with the feet or you are working for preventative care - take half an hour to tend to it.
Unfurrow that brow, lighten your heart and unwind your mind with this savory Humble Warrior sequence. I never thought I could be flexible and strong again and I can feel the difference everyday! We both are full time college students and finding time for yoga or any kind of physical activity is really hard.
Today was an especially powerful release which actually brought me to tears, welcomed tears that is, of relief and joy and gratitude. Modify as needed and return to this practice again and again to build strength, flexibility, evolve and grow! I am gad you are finding yoga a tool to lessen the stress while keeping the body connected, happy and in good shape.
My downward dog has been transformed as have my forward bends; although I can, I would never now dream of diving forward without bending my knees.
Ain’t nobody got money for that shit!) so your videos have been great for helping me to stick with it. I love the sequence for better digestion (totally gonna do it this Easter ?? ) but I LOVE your weight loss workouts. The next day I went to Target and spent the my last bit of cash in my budget for a mat, and it was probably the most important thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time.
I just wanted to let you know that, what you’re doing really has a very strong impact on some people.
At the moment I’ve been doing at least one 40 minute video of yours per day, and then I always do the morning and bedtime routines also.
Thank you for sharing your classes, vlogs, thoughts and now videos with us and keep them coming as they inspire so many people.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone the body or create more flexibility this series (most importantly) will help you to FIND WHAT FEELS good. I quickly came to love all your videos and I even continue with my own thing when your videos end… I just keep going, making up whatever I want.
Thanks for the encouragement to modify when necessary, but also to try new challenging poses. But we committed to your 30 day yoga challenge and as a result we both have already seen changes in not only our bodies but in our school work! I run and exercise (fitness forms) very often but nothings calms me down like your workouts. All that is left on the business end of things is to finally get a job now that I’m all patched up. What you teach about balance, unity, coming back to the body, all things I used to find so, so important (I’m Wiccan so I used to practice these concepts very heavily to bind myself with the universe), but just gave up after hitting rock bottom, you have rekindled that. Whenever my financial aid gets here in a few weeks I am signing up for REBOOT, absolutely, no questions asked. Meditation and yoga was recommended to me to start this process, and as someone completely new to the process of course I checked youtube. I did like the spiritual aspect of it before, but I could never keep up a practice or a XX-day challenge – until now. And you always seem to know when I’m struggling and just the right moment to tell me to stick with it. Not just you, but the wonderful method of yoga you teach, but not even teach, it’s more of just raw inspiration, which is such a wonderful gift to have. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility or deepen your current yoga practice- this is the place for you.
Huckleberry, my dog, always comes and lies by my yoga mat (or on it) while I am listening to you so I think that’s a good sign too. That extra bit of encouragement goes a LONG way toward progressing my practice and I so appreciate it. So the question really I guess is can I do it everyday and also, do I need to swap different sets of poses? I started with the beginner videos, morning and evening ones, and as my strength, focus and body began to change,(in addition to yoga I decided I needed to cleanse my entire body by exercising and eating clean) I followed the weight loss sequence! There’s nothing more empowering then supporting my own body weight while following my breath and focussing on a mantra or intention I want to give my entire self to at the moment.

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