This is my favorite type of meditation because it is simple enough for me to do without the need for guidance.
Zazen Meditation is also known as "sitting meditation" because all you have to do is sit and stay present. Many believe that practicing Zazen will also bring you clarity and enlightenment and help you to find answers to questions that you seek in your own life.
To begin, sit cross-legged or with your legs folded under using a meditation pillow or cushion.
The information presented on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Zazen allows the practitioner to calm the body and mind and gain insight into the true nature of existence.
Zazen meditation can be performed in any quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for your session.
Once you have selected your sitting position you should place your hands in what is known as the cosmic mudra. After you are in a comfortable position begin by closing your eyes or leaving them half closed.
As you progress with Zazen meditation you will be able to stop counting and instead simply focus on your breathing.

Unser Dojo richtet sich an alle Personen, unabhangig von Alter und Kondition, die Meditation lernen mochten. Vor dem ersten Zazen erhalten sie eine Einfuhrung, dies ist nach telefonischer Anmeldung kurzfristig moglich. Zu lernen bedeutet, nach dem Weg zu suchen, und das bedeutet schlie?lich nach sich selbst zu suchen. However, don't get me wrong, while it is known for its "simplicity", it can be quite difficult, especially for beginners. Be sure to choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed if you're new to meditation or if you have trouble keeping your concentration. So start with just three to five minutes and work your way up to ten to fifteen minute sessions. Zazen can also be conducted more formally in a meditation hall, temple or monastery with a group.
This position is typically the most comfortable for westerners as it closely resembles the normal sitting position. To perform seiza in this position sit in the chair with your back erect and your feet both flat on the ground. Unlike the half lotus position it is completely symmetrical and so posture is naturally kept correct.

You can also gradually increase the zazen meditation until you are able to meditate for up to an hour at a time.
Den Weg zu beschreiten bedeutet nichts anderes als der Frage auf den Grund zu gehen um was es dir eigentlich in diesem einen Leben wirklich geht.
By doing this, you can also experience lower levels of blood pressure, less muscle tension, lower heart rate and respiration rate, and better sleep among many other benefits. While this is a very solid position it should not be thought of as having deeper meaning beyond this. Some people also like to place a pillow on the back of the chair to help them maintain a more erect body position. The zafu is placed under the buttocks of the practitioner and allows their knees to touch the ground. The position is asymmetrical so you may find that you need to reposition yourself to obtain the correct posture. You can also push your stomach out slightly which will create a position which is easy to keep upright.

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