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MIT has a competition known as the international Genetically engineered machine competition (iGEM). The idea is to take bacteria known as Escherichia coli and use it to convert glucose to energy. The first test results came back and now they are at a stage of the project that is considered the most important part. One of the team members by the name of Thorben Meyer went into detail on how the idea cam about. The world has jumped the gun on conserving fossil fuels and closing down nuclear power plants and so a race is on to speed up the renewable energy advances in science.
Conventional batteries do not help with cleaning up the environment either and so they decided it would be best to focus on something besides large scale electricity production that pollutes the environment but on household batteries which also pollute and have very harmful things in them. Many people dispose of their household batteries in their trash cans which make there way to land fills.
The Bielefel iGEM team has the main goal of creating an environmentally friendly bio-battery that is made up of Microbial fuel cells also known as MFC. The bio-battery works very similar to a conventional battery but has the difference of containing bacteria in the anode area of the battery instead of the conventional electrolytes. The bacteria breaks down glucose in a metabolic process which produces electrons which get started from the anode and delivered in an external loop to the cathode. The external circuit becomes one with the battery-powered application such as a light bulb or small motor. There are a great deal of advantages with this type of bio-battery such as simple construction for use in less developed areas of the world.
As you nourish the battery you get more energy from the battery and it really i as simple as that. Right now the research in the laboratory is focused on picking the most effcicient type of bacterial organisms and their genetic components for the job.
By considering the combination of differing genes it is possible to optimize the organism Escherichia coli with the end game to generate electricity in the most efficient manner. The students have been able to report on some beginning successes such as the isolation of various genes that will be used to carry electrons and the creation of the application that will be used to produce the electricity. They plan to have an optimized bio-battery ready to go for small-scale use created by the time the preliminary round of the iGEM has been decided. The team has to garner support via corporate sponsors to the tune of 20,000 Euros to take part in the competition so they can afford such things as travel and accommodation expenses. Beond measuring up the students will have a better idea of what it means to be involved in researching the processes and innovations that are available in the area of synthetic biology which most students will not have the chance to do until out of college. The iGEM competition is a fiercely fought after competition as it means a lot for those who win it both professionally and in what is accomplished in the process of becoming a winning team of scientists. The contest is held annually at MIT since 2004 and what started as a course at MIT now is a contest with over 210 teams for year 2013. Our service allows you to shop and compare commercial and residential electric rates and providers. We are an energy consulting company and we make our money from loyal support from people like you. The art of  Fernan Federici  Jim Haseloffand on WellcomeImages on flickr utilizes stains and a powerful microscope to highlight the patterns in bacteria.  None of these are photoshopped.

Kind of hard to look at the identified bacteria that cause illnesses like HIV, etc., but I can’t deny how beautiful they are, especially the ones in color, not photo-shopped! Most of the bacteria do not cause disease, but a small number is responsible for infections in common clinical practice. There are bacteria in extreme locations of the land, however the vast majority live in wetlands and moderate temperature. There are also bacteria acquired through poorly maintained food, causing food poisoning, as in cases of Salmonella and Shigella.
To learn how each bacterium causes a disease, follow the links to the matters that are provided throughout this text. In this part a few technical terms will be used so that the text can serve as a source for school biology. This division into formats that are not very useful because there are several bacteria with different formats such as comma (vibrio), rod-shaped bacteria that are not considered bacilli, the presence or absence of flagella, and even bacteria with hybrid forms, such as coccobacilli.
Importantly, the method of Gram does not identify which bacteria are present, it only tells us that there is a gram-positive or gram-negative one causing an infection. For those who want to know what the most common bacteria of medical practice are, below we have an illustration of the main diseases and their germs. They started the project in May and have worked on the project in their free time in a laboratory in order to see their idea come to life. The team members knew that the demand for alternative energy in the world is at a record high. These batteries have heavy metals and dangerous inorganic and organic electrolytes that can be released into the environment when they hit the landfills.
A bio-battery is not dependent on the weather so unlike solar and wind you can have electricity anytime you need it. The more impressive advantage to the bio-battery is that there is an inexhaustible amount of bacteria  to create an unending supply of energy so long as they are supplied with substrates. There is not a single better competition in the area of synthetic biology in all the world and it offers a proving ground for the next scientific geniuses of this era.
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Only five editions of each microbe are produced for sale—unfortunately, their potentially lethal counterparts aren’t nearly so rare.
There are bacteria all over the planet, whether in water, soil or highly hostile habitats, such as radioactive waste in deep areas of the earth's crust or in the highly acidic pH of our stomach.
Some bacteria can survive harsh environments because of its ability to transform into Endospore, an inactive hard and tough coated cell, but that the genetic material remains protected for many years, in some cases for centuries. Diseases such as meningitis, tuberculosis and whooping cough are transmitted through respiratory secretions, such as cough or spit. These infections occur when bacteria that normally inhabit a given location in the body can migrate to another. As will be explained later in this text, there are several types of bacteria, some completely different from other. When pods are grouped in pairs they are called diplococci; cocci are bacteria of the genus Staphylococcus that are grouped in clusters, streptococci (Streptococcus) is a genus of cocci that are usually grouped in a row. Therefore, there are several ways to characterize and classify bacteria, an example is the Gram method.

The method of Gram bacteria divided into two major groups: those, which cell wall becomes purple when exposed to the dye, are referred to as gram-positive bacteria and those that remain with pink wall, are called gram-negative bacteria. While the identification of culture takes 48 to 72 hours for identifying a bacteria, gram is completed in several minutes.
This information, however, is often sufficient to direct the initiation of an antibiotic regimen while the culture is not ready.
The first group consists of bacteria that need oxygen to live, the second are those that cannot survive in environments with oxygen. Governments, citizens, and non-profits are all grasping for ways to make their renewable energy dream come true.
The main motivational factor for these 10 Molecular Biotechnology and Genome-Based Systems Biology students is simply to see a project through to completion and measure up nicely next to present modern day young scientists.
In our body there are 10 times more bacteria than our own cells, most of them located in the skin and gastrointestinal tract. The coating resists Endospore extremes of pH, temperature, pressure, lack of water, radiation, and some chemical disinfectants. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis are, as the name implies, transmitted by sexual intercourse.
For example: urinary infection usually occurs when natural bacteria of the intestinal tract accidentally hit women genitals. Therefore, different types of antibiotics are indicated for different types of bacteria and infections.
There are also autotrophic bacteria, which can produce their own food, usually through photosynthesis. Examples of pathogenic bacilli are Bacillus anthracis, which causes anthrax, Corynebacteriumdiphtheriae causes diphtheria and Salmonella typhi, which causes typhoid fever. For example, if a patient with fever, reaps a urine test which indicates presence of gram-negative bacteria, we can choose an antibiotic for urinary tract infection before the identification of bacteria by culture, as doctors know beforehand which gram negatives cause most urinary tract infections. There are also facultative anaerobic bacteria that can live both in non- and oxygenated environments. From there the European teams will be decided and go on to Boston to take part in the final competition.
Our body has a bacterial flora that does not cause disease itself, however, helps our digestion and protects us against invading bacteria. When the environment becomes habitable again, the Endospore becomes a metabolically active bacteria and able to reproduce. Most strains of E.coli bacteria in the intestines cause no problems, but the bladder can cause irritation causing cystitis.
Urinary tract infection is most often caused by the bacterium E.coli and antibiotics commonly used in these cases are Bactrim or ciprofloxacin, drugs that are not intended, for example, to treat pneumonia and meningitis caused by various bacteria.
It will not be out of line if Bielefeld University wins the competition considering they have been in the top 16 teams in the world the last two years in a row.
The same occurs in the skin colonized by billions of bacteria, mainly of the genus staphylococcus and streptococcus. When there is a wound, it exposes the inner region of the body for these bacteria, which can penetrate it to cause serious infections.

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