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Read a thread regarding another pitbull with a rash issue losing hair and I've been in an uphill battle with vets for years over this issue so I thought I'd seek your advice in my case too as I am at a loss!
I know she has allergies to fleas but I've checked her and have her on Trifexis and still no fleas. YES, I sure do think the NuVET Wafer supplement and the TEA Tree NuVET Shampoo will be great for Roah! AnswerHi - I would hold off on this boy's ACL surgery and try some Natural options to heal the area.
The following home-made cancer diet can be given to any dog with cancer, and follows the "low carbs, high fat, moderate protein" principle. Try this recipe -  There are many more but this one is easy and you can mix and match your meats. If she can't do veggies , don't worry because she will be taking the NuVET PLUS to off balance to her diet.
Bailey is my 7 year old puggle that had two Mast cell tumors removed in February or March of this year.
Our vet is now recommending either I substitute 25% of her kibble with rice or I do a complete chicken and rice diet for at least a month. The diets she has tried in the past include: Solid Gold Wolfking, Wellness Core, Taste of the Wild (all varieties and she got VERY ill frequently on those), Merrick, Eagle Pack Holistic, Natural Balance, Natures Variety, Natures Instinct Grain Free, Purina One and Blue Buffalo. Guys - Let me know if you need more help - besides the supplements for ACL repair we can talk foods too. With limited activity - YOU can see quick results - but remember, don't let him run and jump for some time. My Shih Tzu's are three years old, their eyes get runny and infected and they scratch but have no fleas and sometimes lick their feet. Questionsomeone told me that they put something in their dogs water that was prescribed by a homeopathic doctor and it helped their dog's dry eye. YOU will be able to reduce or even Stop the antibiotics that are messing with her immune system. YOU can get the Wafer or Powder form of NuVET - Call and ask the gals for a 30 day supply and give it a try!
Also, I would start your little one onto 1 teaspoon of Olive oil - mix into the food each day.

Also, there are many levels of Hip dysplasia - many can be controlled with medications and supplements. The breeding of dogs that already have hip dysplasia is one of the primary reasons canine hip dysplasia (CHD) continues. Early diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia (CHD) affords veterinarians the best opportunity to address the problem as soon as possible, thereby minimizing the secondary arthritic changes that can occur in the hips.
A painful reaction to extension of the rear legs resulting in a characteristic short stride. A puppy with canine hip dysplasia (CHD) usually starts to show signs between five and 13 months of age. Symptoms of canine hip dysplasia (CHD) range from mild discomfort to extreme pain when the affected dog uses the hind limbs and will occasionally be seen following prolonged activity or when the dog gets up or lies down.
A diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is based on a history of weakness or lameness to the rear legs, physical examination and x-ray confirmation.
Orthopedic evaluation After watching the dog walk and performing a general physical examination, an orthopedic evaluation should be carried out in order to determine the best course of treatment for the dog. Conditions that may resemble canine hip dysplasia (CHD) Several conditions may mimic canine hip dysplasia (CHD), making radiography essential for diagnosis. I took her to a vet a few months ago about a bump she had on her back which she had scratched until it bled. I am on a pretty tight budget so spending 100+ on her a month isn't an option for me right now, but I want to get her feeling good again. She has had a sensitive stomach her whole life, with episodes of either vomiting or very mucousy diarrhea or both maybe once or twice a month. She assures me that we don't need to worry about her getting an unbalanced diet for at least a few months. A dog that has canine hip dysplasia (CHD) in one socket is prone to having a problem with the ligaments of the knee in the other leg (anterior cruciate ligament tear). Later in life the signs become more consistent and occur daily regardless of activity levels. Dogs with canine hip dysplasia (CHD) usually tolerate hip flexion but resent hip extension.
I've tried her on various foods - many all natural varieties including Natura and Blue Buffalo with no luck, still  varying degrees of bad skin allergies.

He gave her antibiotics for the bump because it was infected but didn't tell me what it was beyond a skin irritation caused by scratching and a dose of steroids to help her through the itchy season.
Would you also recommend EVO (red meat or any type in particular) and the NuVet supplement for her? HOPE she doesn't have Hip troubles but only a good exam will give you the answers you need. Tried adding flax and fish oils to her food even with Blue Buffalo and while her coat seemed to have a little more shine, she still had rash issues. The bump did go down slightly and the skin healed by the time she was off the antibiotic, and her itching had gone down with the steroid but as i was weening her off of the latter, she began to get itchy again.
She has lost 4 pounds since the surgery and the vet had us go to a limited ingredient diet. Normally I wouldn't even consider prescription diets but I am really lost as to what I should do. They are unwilling to run or climb stairs and, with decreased use, the muscles of their rear legs weaken. Some dogs learn to alter their gait and posture, often showing little or no signs of discomfort even when bone changes are severe. We have kept a very close eye on her but we are seeing alot of problems with her back legs. When she sits her back legs just fall open,  when she trys to turn from a sitting position her legs don't turn with her, she usually falls over.
She can't jump up on the couch with her front legs because her back legs won't suport her body, they are very week. She does this when having an allergic reaction (she did this when having a reaction to vaccines in the past and we almost lost her). She woke up and vomited partially digested kibble and had three large bowel movements that were wet.

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