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The urinary tract includes the bladder, the kidneys, and the urethra and a bacterial infection in any of these can cause a UTI or a urinary tract infection.
Though the symptoms of a UTI can range from mild to severe, there are many uti home remedies that can help to resolve the problem. UTI home remedies can depend in part upon the underlying cause and also the severity of the infection.
The general risk factors for UTIs are gender, since women are more prone to them than men, sexual activity and frequency (which is the reason that UTIs are often referred to at Honeymoon cystitis), the use of urinary catheters and a genetic predisposition to UTIs (in some families, there may be a frequency of bladder infections noted).
Wipe from front to back and not the other way around, so that there is no danger of fecal bacteria getting into the urethra. Cut out artificial sweeteners and lower intake of alcohol and caffeine since these can irritate the bladder and make it more susceptible to infection. Use cotton underwear or at least the sort that have a cotton crotch – this helps keep the area clean and dry and less prone to infection. Those who have frequent infections of the urinary tract may find that Vitamin C supplements may help to curb recurrence.
Baking soda is thought to help reduce the acidity in the urine, so as soon as any symptoms of UTI start to manifest themselves, a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water may help arrest the problem from escalating. Cranberry juice is among the most commonly recommended UTI home remedies since it is known to have certain antibacterial properties.

Fruits such as blueberries and pineapple seem to have similar natural antibiotic properties.
Yoghurt is known to increase the population of friendly bacteria in the gut and hence could be of help in treating UTIs. It is important to remember however that UTI home remedies may not be a wholly effective substitute when antibiotics are required to treat the infection. Before we tell you about the symptoms and treatment methods of Urinary tract infection or UTI, you should make yourself aware about the meaning of UTI. In order to spot a disease in its initial stages, it is important to know about its symptoms. This flushes toxins and helps keep the urinary tract functioning well, preventing urine from becoming too concentrated or acidic. Drinking water is an effective UTI home remedy, because any increase of fluid intake is good, and also, using a hot water bottle help to ease the symptoms. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Any type of infection which occurs in urinary system of an individual due to bacteria is known as Urinary Tract Infection.
Following are some of the symptoms which are generally experienced by the patients of urinary tract infection.

It is important to complete the antibiotic course prescribed by the doctor for getting rid of infection completely and preventing the recurrence of infection. People who suffer from this kind of infection may also experience pain in back and lower part of abdomen. Men rarely suffer from this infection but it does not mean that they can never get this infection.
Feeling like going to bathroom again and again to urinate even when you do not need to, is also one of the symptoms of UTI. In many cases, the urine which is passed by people who have UTI may have unusual bad smell or blood. Various patients are advised to take 500 IU Vitamin C for reducing the severity of urinary tract infection.

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