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Men may also get infected through sexual activity, when he has sex with women who carry infected bacteria.
We have an collection of At Home Treatment For A Bladder Infection Livestrongcom in various styles. Urine is discharged from the kidneys and passes into the bladder through a tube called ureter. Some people believe that boys who are not circumcised in young age are prone to bladder infection. Very often, bacteria by name Chlamydia and mycoplasma are responsible for causing infection.
Kidney infection is serious to treat and may take longer time than you expect.Normal types of bladder infection are treated with antibiotics for a week.

Here is some inspiring pictures about At Home Treatment For A Bladder Infection Livestrongcom. Twenty or thirty percent of the women around the world suffer from this disease every year. Whenever they have sex, chances are there for the bacteria to collect under the skin of the penile area causing infection on the bladder.
Sometimes, the size of the urethra may get narrowed due to some reason, which can trigger infection.
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Symptoms of this infection are irritation in the urinary tract accompanied with pain and high fever.

There are medicines for bladder infection which should be taken under the guidance of doctor. But there are some effective natural cures that may be practiced at the primary stage of the bladder infection.
Orange juice, lemon juice which are rich in vitamin C, help to cure bladder infection effectively.

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