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The best method of handling residential sewage is through a properly designed and operated community or municipal treatment system. This publication describes features and functions of the individual plant or package treatment system.
Each system has some mechanical parts that require periodic checks, maintenance and repair.
Individual package treatment systems cost more to install and operate than other types of approved individual systems. Figure 2Section of an aerobic chamber that uses an aerobic chamber to provide initial breakdown of solids. All package treatment plants use the aerobic (with oxygen) digestion process to treat sewage. Septic tank systems rely on the anaerobic (without oxygen) breakdown process that is less efficient.
Some systems make use of a separate anaerobic bacteria treatment chamber where anaerobic bacteria help break down the larger particles.
Units are sized based on expected loading, their ability to mix oxygen with sewage, and a designed retention time. For information on the design and installation of a settling terrace, contact your local MU Extension center or the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
If terrace installation is not possible, effluent may be collected in a sump area and distributed through a sprinkler system. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has a series of standards for construction and performance of individual aerobic treatment plants.
Make sure the system has a one-year warranty and an initial two-year service contract that specifies regular inspection calls and quality checks. Stock extra parts for temporary installation in the event that components of your system have to be removed to the dealer's shop or factory for repair.
Anaerobic wastewater treatment is a process whereby bacteria digest organic matter and biosolids in the absence of oxygen. Special Geometry of the reactor and unique design of mixing system to ensure optimum rate of reaction. ECOMET-SB is most suitable for low strength Wastewater and operates on Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) principle. Special design of Gas liquid separator ensures very high biomass concentration in reactor and advance distribution network for uniform distribution of effluent.
Advance Gas Liquid Solid Separators ensures Very high Concentration of biomass in the reactor. Similarly to aerobic systems, the bacteria within anaerobic systems need a source of oxygen to survive. It takes a significant period of time for populations of anaerobic bacteria to become fully effective. The residence time in a digester varies with the amount and type of feed material, the configuration of the digestion system, and whether it be one-stage or two-stage.
In the case of single-stage thermophilic digestion, residence times may be in the region of 14 days, which, compared to mesophilic digestion, is relatively fast.

In the case of mesophilic UASB digestion, hydraulic residence times can be 1 hour to 1 day, and solid retention times can be up to 90 days. Continuous digesters have mechanical or hydraulic devices, depending on the level of solids in the material, to mix the contents, enabling the bacteria and the food to be in contact.
But many areas of Missouri have population densities so low that installation costs prohibit using community systems. They are the stabilization lagoon, the septic tank and the individual aerobic treatment plant.
There is no such thing as a completely trouble-free, maintenance-free sewage treatment system. In this process, oxygen-using bacteria attack and break down the organic portions of the sewage into simpler inorganic compounds.
In the first stage, raw sewage enters the system and larger particles are settled out or broken up mechanically to increase their surface area and make them more accessible to the aerobic bacteria. Treated sewage from the aeration process is emptied into this chamber where the heavier solids in the sewage settle. Care should be exercised in locating the plant so there is little danger of contaminating any public or private water supply.
Most manufacturers specify capacity in terms of the number of people or number of bedrooms served.
It contains nearly all of the nutrient materials in the original raw sewage, bacteria, and some amount of untreated or partially treated sewage.
The plant growth can use the nutrients and soil bacteria to complete the purification process. Use your inspection and manufacturer's recommendations to determine pumpout intervals and the amount to be pumped. Partially empty tanks may float out of the ground unless precautions are taken to hold them down. One major feature of anaerobic digestion is the production of biogas, which can be used in generators for electricity production or in boilers for heating purposes. The technology is based on Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor and designed for high BOD reduction.
These include acetic acid-forming bacteria (acetogens) and methane-forming archaea (methanogens).
Those living at temperatures between 35-40°C are called mesophiles (or mesophilic bacteria).
However, in anaerobic systems there is a lack of gaseous oxygen (as high levels of methane are very combustable in contact with oxygen).. It is therefore common practice to introduce anaerobic microorganisms from materials with existing populations, a process known as 'seeding' the digesters, typically achieved by adding cattle slurry or sewage sludge. For the bacteria in anaerobic digesters to access the energy stored in the material, these chains must first be broken down into their smaller constituent parts. Here, simple molecules created through the acidogenesis phase are further digested by acetogens to produce largely acetic acid, as well as carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Here, methanogens use the intermediate products of the preceding stages and convert them into methane, carbon dioxide, and water.

The plug-flow nature of some of these systems will mean the full degradation of the material may not have been realised in this timescale.
In this manner, the UASB system is able to separate solids and hydraulic retention times with the use of a sludge blanket.
They also allow excess material to be continuously extracted to maintain a reasonably constant volume within the digestion tanks.
In spite of claims, the following general statements can be made about all individual package systems. Plants should not be located within 10 feet of any building foundation, property line or pressurized water line. If it is indiscriminately discharged into the waters of the state, as defined by Missouri statutes, you may be held in violation of the law. They feed on the initial feestock that is inserted into the digesters which undergoes a number of different processes. Others that survive at more hostile hotter conditions with temperatures between 55-60°C are called thermophiles (or thermophilic bacteria). In this event, digestate exiting the system will be darker in colour and will typically have more odour.
Others draw air into the sewage by using either a pump or a stirring device that functions much the same as a high-speed food mixer or blender. The clarified liquid from this chamber either flows or is pumped out of the treatment plant (Figure 2 and Figure 3). The Health Department recommends a minimum of 150 gallons per bedroom or 500 gallons per house.
The process of breaking these chains and dissolving the smaller molecules into solution is called hydrolisis. If possible, the treatment system should be located so that sewage can flow into it by gravity.
This family includes species that grow in hostile conditions such as those found in hydrothermal vents and are therefore more resistant to heat. These can be the organic material itself or from inorganic oxides from within the input feedstock.
Through hydrolisis the complex organic molecules are broken down into simple sugars, amino acids and fatty acids. If oxygen is derived from the organic material itself, the 'intermediate' end products are alcohols, aldehydes, organic acids and carbon dioxide. In an anaerobic system the majority of the chemical energy contained within the starting material is released by methanogenic bacteria as methane.

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