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Many herbal remedies on sale in the UK lack important safety information, researchers have warned. A new EU law which came into force in April this year requires herbal medicinal products to be licensed, or to get Traditional Herbal Registration (THR), which means the information with the product has been approved. The information provided with the herbal product should clearly explain the risk of side effects and possible interactions with prescribed medicines.
The products were chosen because they can cause potentially harmful effects in some people. St John’s wort can reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill and can also affect warfarin, a drug used to prevent blood clotting. Asian ginseng is not suitable for people with diabetes and Ginkgo and Echinacea can cause allergic reactions.
Even garlic can cause problems for some people as it can thin the blood and interfere with drugs used to treat HIV, the researchers said. The study found that 93 per cent of the products looked at were unlicensed, which meant they did not have to meet any safety or quality standards, and over half were marketed as food supplements.
Only 13 per cent contained an information sheet and just three contained an acceptable amount of safety information.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said there were concerns about some products, including Instant Slim and Sport Burner, being sold on websites and shipped around the world. Some contain the prescription-only drug sibutramine, which has been withdrawn across Europe due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Safety warnings about herbal slimming aids have been issued by several international agencies. The Swedish Medical Products Agency has issued warnings over Slimline Soft Gel, Acai Berry ABC, Hygia Fit, Sport Burner, Health Slimming Coffee, Instant Slim, 3X Slimming Powder, Li D Daidaihua and Botanical Slimming. In the US, experts have issued a warning over Celerite Slimming Tea, while in Australia, Pink Lady for Women capsules and St Nirvana Herbal Slimming capsules are under scrutiny. The Hong Kong Department of Health has issued warnings over more than a dozen products, including a range called Super Fat Burning Bomb. Initially, herbs were used individually, with each plant or each part of the plant used to cure a certain ailment. Although there are some herbal formulations that will work as medicines for almost everyone, there is still a need for customized formulas.

While first and second-degree burns can be extremely painful, third and fourth-degree burns are often painless initially.
Burns on the human body are classified into three different degrees: first, second, and third degree.
All burns generally come from exposure to extreme heat, which may include hot liquids like boiling water or cooking oil, from a sunburn, or from a fire. The most minor burns only extend to the top layer of skin, the epidermis, which means that they will generally not leave a permanent scar.
Somewhat more serious is the second degree burn, which causes immediate redness and, within a day or two, will result in a blister that fills with pus. By some accounts, there are three other degrees of burns, though they are not commonly discussed.
Here's a tip for any large burn like that: Grab a towel and soak it in lukewarm water instead of cold, then apply to your burn.
It sounds like there is a big difference between first degree burns, which are minor burns, and third degree burns, where you actually burn through your nerve endings! I myself have never had a 3rd degree burn, but I have been burned by an uncovered pipe right across my back, which proved to be a very painful second degree burn. This was painful enough and caused enough damage that it was difficult for me to wear a shirt without the burn covered by some type of bandage to prevent friction on the raw part of the wound. I strongly suggest that anyone who gets burned any worse than maybe a carpet burn find some burn cream and possibly consult a doctor if the burn starts to blister.
In China, traditional herbal remedies are still the backbone of medicine, and although we rely heavily on modern research for new cures for some diseases, herbal medicines are also fundamental to Western society’s treatment of illnesses. As people came to understand the differences between one person and the next, the need for more personalized treatments developed, and herbal blends became necessary. In fact, modern researchers are finding that herbal medicines are often safer, less expensive, and at least as effective as prescription drugs.
Gardens Acupuncture and Wellness Center formulates our own proven recipes, fine-tuning them to meet individual needs.
It is also possible to be burned by severe cold; these burns look much the same and are treated in similar methods to burns from severe heat. These burns can occur when a person momentarily touches a hot object like a stove or a radiator, but does not hold his or her body to the object long enough to sustain serious damage.

Unlike the other degrees of burns, second degree burns may be more or less painful depending on whether the burn affects the nerves. In the most serious cases, the skin is charred and will separate from the body in a type of scab called an eschar. Burns where the skin is irreparably damaged can be called fourth degree burns, burns where the muscle beneath the skin is also lost are called fifth degree burns, and burns where the bone itself is charred are called sixth degree burns. It brings the skin down to a normal level slower, and that saves the skin from essentially being shocked by the cold water.
I thought the most dangerous thing that could happen in the cold was hypothermia, I guess I was wrong! And actually, there are a few other things that can burn you besides just extreme heat. Most first degree burns can be treated at home, but I'm sure most people who have third degree burns are hospitalized. Actually, come to think of it, I bet most second degree burns can be treated at home as well. It is now commonly taught that herbs are more effective when used in a formula, because the proper combination of herbs increases the potency in the desired direction. The variation in degrees of burns from one case to another can depend on the degree of heat or coldness, the physical proximity to the heat or cold source, and the amount of time exposed to the source. The result of a first degree burn will be a temporary redness and soreness in the area affected. A major burn is one that covers a large area of skin, is on a part that's in contact with other surfaces (like on your butt) and is larger than a half dollar and needs a doctor or ER trip.
When I was in college I burned myself pretty badly by spilling chili on my hand in the dining hall. In cases where a person has received third degree burns and survived, cosmetic reconstructive surgery is often necessary, where a graft of skin will be taken from a healthy part of the person's body and stitched into a burned area. I ended up with a pus filled blister a few days later, but never bothered to go to the doctor.

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