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Disclaimer: Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Atopic eczema is a skin disorder where your skin becomes dry, itchy with cracks and reddish discolouration. You can also undergo panchakarma therapies to cure the disease from the root and not just suppressing it for temporary relief.
Use gentle, mild soap or body wash or use natural cleanser like besan or Ayurvedic bathing powder. Avoid hot spicy, deep fried food items, curds, urad dal, non vegetarian food and day sleep.
Cellulitis - Natural Skin Care Treatments - Cellulitis infection – staph skin infection, A cellulitis infection of the skin is a deep skin infection caused primarily by the staph or strep bacteria. Cellulitis: medlineplus - national library medicine, Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and deep underlying tissues. Health care avenue - cellulitis infection, Eye contact is important part of modern communication and relationships between people. Cellulitis - wikipedia, free encyclopedia , Cellulitis is a bacterial infection involving the inner layers of the skin. Natural cellulitis treatment - healthy living & natural, Cellulitis is a dangerous infection and it should not be taken lightly. Natural cellulitis treatment - 7 tips direct from nature - Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that triggers swelling and inflammation on the skin making it red and tender. Cellulitis - natural skin care treatments - Terrasil™ is an all natural treatment cream that treats cellulitis symptoms and relieves pain and rash. Facts on natural cure for cellulitis - ayurvedic - Is there any natural cellulitis treatment? Antioxidant, with botanical extracts, and natural plant ingredients that have skin revival properties. Anti-ageing, because the skina€™s production of natural oils decreases with age, weakening the moisture barrier and eventually drying it out. Kiehla€™s Daily Reviving ConcentrateThis blend of ginger root essential oils, tamanu and sunflower seed botanical oils is your shield when youa€™re out and about in the morning, amidst pollution, dirt and other hazards.
Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment OilIf your skina€™s facing extreme dehydration, this oil is your saviour. La€™Occitane en Provence Divine Youth OilA combination of seven plant oils, the anti-ageing properties of immortelle essential oil will help in an even skin tone and texture.
Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Ayurvedic Night SerumAn anti-ageing blend of pure saffron, vetiver, lotus cool and other natural ingredients, this night-time serum hydrates, reduces fine lines and helps protect skin from bacterial infections. The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial OilThis daily facial oil is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, and its lightweight formula combines seven essential oilsa€”lavender, rosemary, geranium, orange peel, lavandin, marjoram and roman chamomile to revive your skina€™s radiance.
Purearth Rosehip Seed Face Treatment OilPacked with vitamins A and E, this ayurvedic concoction of wild harvested, natural rose hip pulp extracts, restores elasticity and repairs blemishes.

Clinique Smart Treatment Oil This lightweight formula has potent antioxidants and can be used for all skin types.
Garlic as we all know, is very useful for curing many diseases because of its high anti- bacterial and anti-virus properties.
This is a kind of disease, where the internal parts of your body become dry and dehydrated especially your tongue and its adjoining areas.
Catnip is a kind of herb, having mint like flavor; it can be consumed specially during fever.
Another very important herb that is used for the treatment of meningitis is American Ginseng. You must keep in mind, that it is better to eat less food during the initial serious stage as it will restrict the elimination of toxins from the body.
Another very important herb that falls under the category of herbal medicine, suitable for meningitis is Astralgus. Meningitis can become a vital disease causing permanent damage to both brain and spinal cord. My skin has been feeling a little neglected this last month and so I decided to treat myself to a home made edible face mask. Apply, then lie back and relax for ten to fifteen minutes before washing gently off (the porridge will have hardened into a soft crust) with room temperature water, before patting gently dry then adding your moisturiser of choice. Afterwards my skin felt super-clean,  enlivened, refreshed and grateful for some beautiful healthy organic nourishment. It also helps to balance Pitta and kapha dosha which are the main doshas involved in this disease. Facial oils are like elixirs for the skina€”massage a few drops, wait a few seconds, and continue with the rest of your skincare regimen.
Face oils help in replenishing the skin, as their texture allows them to pass through the lipid layer faster (as opposed to water-based creams), in turn hydrating and plumping the skin. Perfect for parched, dry skin, the oil is infused with patchouli and blue orchid extracts to moisturise and hazelnut oil to seal in the moisture. But, like with every natural product, you need to test it on your skin for a day first, to see if the ayurvedic blends suit you. Adults affected by meningitis, suffer from various problems like serious headache, rashes, high fever, dizziness, sore throat, photosensitivity, etc.
Therefore, it is very essential to drink a lot of liquid to compensate with the requirement. It repairs the damaged organs and tissues, supplies the body with the required nutrition and also prevents from further attacks of similar diseases. Another important plant extract is olive leaf extract, which can be given to the patient during initial stage.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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Children are mostly infected by viral meningitis and they also suffer from problems like vomiting and bulging of the forehead skin triggered by soft fluid accumulation. You should consume a lot of juices that are extracted from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, etc.
Another important drink that can be used up during this time is a mixture of soybean milk and honey.
You should consume this herb three times a day, for 15-20 days to kill the bacteria or virus completely. All these herbs are very effective for improving the immune system and for killing the germs. Thus, you should never take the symptoms lightly and start the treatment as soon as possible.
She holds a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education from IGNOU, is certified in Yoga therapy from SVYASA and Panchakarma from NRIP, Kerala.
Review the properties listed for each type of soap to reveal the benefits which match the needs of your skin.
Here, we have tried to discuss some of the important natural remedies, used for the treatment of meningitis.
For this, you can add one cup of soybean milk to one teaspoon of honey and drink this mixture daily before going to bed. This will not only enhance the immune system of your body, but also provide energy to fight against the germs. You should avoid certain foods like meat, milk products, salt, alcoholic beverages, sugar, white starch and junk food, etc. You must take one potion of this medicine thrice daily, from the beginning of the disease until it is completely cured. Make sure you continue this process for few more days after getting cured, so that any remaining toxins can be removed. Because of its high chlorophyll content, it automatically contains an abundant amount of oxygen. This oxygen is supplied to the blood, which not only purifies it, but also increases the amount of red blood cells.
It also has as many as twenty important vitamins and minerals, which are easily digested by the body.

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