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I have been constantly amazed this year by how often the topic of the human microbiome has been in the media. The microbiome is basically the sum total of micro-organisms that live in and on our body, including on the skin and in the mouth. The microbiome is known by several names including microbiota, microflora, gut flora and GIT ecosystem. Modulates the immune system by up-regulating the immune response and also by protecting against the development of allergies.
I have learnt a lot about the human microbiome this year, so I hope to share more in the coming months, including what you can do to take care of it, and what foods are the most beneficial to cultivate a healthy ecosystem.
This is a less well known bacteria which causes severe stomach cramps and a mild form of diarrhoea that lasts only about 24 hours and therefore tends to go unreported. All media, including print, TV, social, radio and podcasts have been interested in talking about it. It weighs 1 -1.5 kg and rivals the liver in the number of biochemical reactions it participates in. However, it is probably fairly common and can be fatal in the frail elderly or people who are already ill.

Large numbers of the bacteria have to be eaten before you get sick, but because the bacteria can grow very fast (the number can double every 18 minutes) it doesn’t take long for large numbers to build up. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance.
Five or ten years ago, I don’t think many people would have even heard the term microbiome, let alone heard it being discussed in mainstream media.
Not only is this a figure we find difficult to comprehend, it is 10 times the number of cells in the human body! Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t just a few different types of microbes, there are over 1000 different species!
The cause of the illness is a toxin that is produced when the bacteria forms spores in the gut. During cooking, which will kill most types of bacteria, Clostridium perfringens turns into another form called a spore. A spore is like a seed, it stays dormant in the food until conditions are favourable, then like a plant seed it will germinate and grow.
It is an important topic, which health professionals need to learn about and teach their patients.

These Gram-negative bacilli (rod-shaped) bacteria are normal inhabitants of the human intestine, and are usually harmless.
Taking care of your microbiota is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health, regardless of your condition.
This is important when buying probiotics, as it is important to get the appropriate species for the condition you're treating. However, under certain conditions their numbers may increase to such an extent that they cause infection. They cause 80% of all urinary tract infections, travellers' diarrhoea, particularly in tropical countries & gastroenteritis in children.

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