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Scabies has been added to WHO’s list of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), in recognition of the very large burden of disease caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei.
Integrating principles of adult education into public health strategies is a vital component to scabies control in many populations. I just spoke with two adolescent boys in an Aboriginal community whose language I do not understand. CAPTCHAThis is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. They were going home in the late afternoon after playing with a football on the community oval. It affects more than 130 million people worldwide at any one time, with the highest rates occuring in countries with hot, tropical climates, where infestation is endemic.Scabies disproportionately affects people with low incomes and those who are politically marginalised, whether they live in urban areas, such as in the favelas of Brazil, or in rural areas, such as in many remote islands in the Pacific. The treatments most available in resource-poor settings (when they are available) are messy creams that are often irritating to the skin. One principle of adult education is scaffolding- finding out what is known and building on that foundation. Unlike many other NTDs, scabies can also occur in temperate regions where it similarly has a predilection for vulnerable communities in which overcrowding and poverty coexist.People with scabies infestation are easily recognised, particularly since infestation often occurs on exposed areas of the body, especially the hands.
Application of these creams is required over the whole body on two separate occasions separated by at least 7 days.

For those people without knowledge of the microscopic world, poster drawings of scabies on clinic walls may inoculate them to hearing facts about the mite. In my experience working with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory there was much mental relief among scabies sufferers when they were able to hear scientific information about scabies in their language while seeing the mites taken in their own skin scrapings placed under a microscope attached to a large screen monitor. The boy looked amused at the statement of the obvious from a complete stranger about the presence of the sores as he held out his hand and examined it.
In resource-poor tropical settings, the sheer burden of scabies infestation, as well as its complications, imposes a major cost on health-care systems. Adherence to these creams and uptake of treatment by family members is poor, leading to frequent reinfestation and chronic disease.Population control of scabies and its complications has been identified by some countries as a public health priority and an International Alliance for the Control of Scabies (IACS) is now working as a global network committed to this goal. Because of the significant issue of reinfestation outlined above, there is increasing interest in evaluating the role of mass drug administration (MDA) strategies for population-based control of scabies. By itself, scabies infestation causes intense and severe itching that leads to often underappreciated interruption to activities of daily living and disordered sleep. This is a key area where it is hoped that listing of scabies as a WHO NTD will lead to synergies with the broader NTD community because agents such as ivermectin, used in large NTD control programmes for lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis, are also effective against the scabies mite. The size of the problem of the “downstream” complications mediated by infection with the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus is only beginning to be understood.
MDA alone, without an accompanying process that enables this adolescent boy and his family to understand what we are dealing with, will not be long lasting.

Infection by these bacteria can lead to very extensive skin infection (photo), further complicated by abscess formation and sometimes very extensive skin and soft tissue infection. If these studies provide encouraging, data to move forward with implementation on a larger scale, and integration into existing clinical and public health NTD programmes and systems will be crucial to success.Scabies has been a truly neglected NTD.
These bacteria can move into the bloodstream, causing severe sepsis which frequently causes death.
However, the addition of scabies to the WHO NTD list is an important early step towards greater recognition of this pathogen as a cause of considerable global morbidity and mortality. In addition, skin infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes can develop into serious autoimmune conditions including kidney disease (post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis) and possibly rheumatic heart disease. This recognition, and alignment of public health efforts with existing NTD programmes, will hasten the aspirations of achieving public health control in countries where the disease is endemic. Listing of scabies as a WHO NTD could not have happened without the continued advocacy of members of IACS and the encouragement of the WHO NTD department.

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