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The long strands are the tubular filaments (hyphae) that have developed from the fungal spores. Waste products (undigested food, urine and faeces) and dead organisms which contain nitrogen compounds are added to the soil.
Nitrogen is required by all living organisms for the synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids and other nitrogen containing compounds.

The nitrogen cycle is a series of processes that convert nitrogen gas to organic substances and back to nitrogen in nature.
Candida albicans causes the infection known as candidiasis which affects the moist mucous membranes of the body, such as skin folds, mouth, respiratory tract and vagina. The nitrogen compounds are passed through the food chain as other organisms feed on the plants and each other.
It cannot be used in this form by most living organisms until it has been fixed, that is reduced (combined with hydrogen), to ammonia.

The nitrogen cycle can be broken down into four types of reaction and micro-organisms play roles in all of these.

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