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Bacteria may be present in urine in the form of cocci (spherical) or bacilli (rods) but the rod-shaped is the most common because the enteric organisms are the causative agent in the majority of the urinary tract infections (UTIs). They may be motile which is a good feature for differentiating bcateria from amorphous urates and phosphates and RBCs. The contaminant bacteria can multiply rapidly in the samples at room temperature for extended periods.
They may produce a positive nitrite test result and also frequently result in a pH above 8, indicating an unacceptable sample.

The most common bacteria that cause UTI are the Enterobacteriaceae (gram-negative rods) and the less common is the cocci-shaped Staphylococcus and Enterococcus.
Presence of bacteria in urine can be considered as UTI when it is accompanied by WBCS (some labs report bacteria only when observed in fresh urine samples in conjunction with WBCs). Oil droplets may result from contamination by immersion oil or lotions and creams (Fig.
Like many artifacts, their large size may cause them to be out of focus with true sediment constituents.

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