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Janet Golden, a Rutgers University history professor, specializes in the histories of medicine, childhood and women.
Blues music, a soulful and powerful American art form, includes a number of songs about disease in history and about diseases still with us today.
Tuberculosis was the greatest killer of the 19th century and while it can be treated with antibiotics, multi-drug resistant strains have arisen and it remains a global threat. Health departments around the world observe World TB Day each March  24 to make residents aware of this continuing threat, prevention, and, if need be, cure. First recorded in 1940, this song is part of legendary American songwriter Woody Guthrie’s musical chronicle of the depression-era dust storms that swept through the prairies following devastating droughts.
People who suffered with dust pneumonia experienced chest pains and fever; some died as the dust prevented their lungs from being cleared. The great influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed an estimated 50 million people around the world. We know about the rich musical history of Jake Leg thanks to John Morgan and Thomas Tulloss who published a fascinating article in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 1976 describing the musical legacy of this tragic epidemic.

For us, public health songs don’t provide the same thrill as the true blues, with its rich heritage and emotional power.
It is odd, but it makes clear the risks posed by raw chicken — and reminds us all to wash our hands! NOTE: If you print straight from Netscape (or whatever web browser you're using) the file may not totally come out right!
Alternatively, there's the ready-prepared handout-style version that's in Word for Windows 6.0 format. Jeffrey Anderson has been researching blues lyrics relating to disease, and has written about the 1918 flu pandemic's impact on Philadelphia.
This one-time railroad worker became a southern country music star, famous for his yodeling. We now have the means to slow the spread of flu pandemics and to protect ourselves from "normal" seasonal epidemics like this year's, which has arrived at the earliest point in nearly a decade.
Once you've saved the files (they're in GIF format), you can load them into a graphics package or insert them into a word processor document, fiddle about with the size etc.

By the time public health officials reacted, the flu was already well on its way to becoming the deadliest pandemic in modern history. Flu shots for city residents are now available free at Philadelphia Department of Public Health clinics around Philadelphia.
To uncompress it you'll need to use PKUNZIP or WinZIP (or any program that can extract files from ZIP format). At times, the city morgue had ten times the number of bodies as coffins, and five supplementary morgues were eventually opened. There are plenty of flu vaccine clinics organized by county health departments in the suburbs and at pharmacies and supermarkets as well. In the end, approximately 13,000 Philadelphians died from the flu and its complications over an eight-week period.

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