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The L-shape of dog’s ear canal is designed to protect their highly developed sense of hearing. If your dog swims in natural waters, such as lakes or ponds, bacteria may be introduced along with the water.
The longer the water lingers in your dog’s ear, the greater the risk of fungal, yeast or bacterial growth. Long, floppy ears increase the possibility of moisture remaining in the dog’s ear after swimming or bathing.
Since dogs won’t tolerate ear plugs, you may have to avoid swimming if your dog is prone to ear infections.
Keep ear hair clipped if your dog has a lot of fur in their ear to improve air circulation. Dietary support that includes natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, prebiotics and probiotics will help your dog fight off infection.
If you suspect an ear infection of any kind, we refer you to Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats – Natural Treatment and Prevention.  If the infection is severe or the dog is in pain, please see your veterinarian. DISCLAIMER: Statements on this website may not have been evaluated by the FDA, Health Canada nor any other government regulator. Our lab used to get ear infections when he was alive but our shepherd hasn’t had one yet. My dog had swimmer’s ear before and it turned into full blown otitis infection so I really like these tips. I didn’t consider chlorine to be a cause of ear infections but my dogs do get them a couple of times in the Summer. A very useful post and the ear infection article you linked to is even better — thank you! Copyright © All Natural Pet Care Blog - The Difference Between Surviving & Thriving!
Fluids can improve the blood circulation and boost the immune system of the body to fight against infections caused by bacteria. Consumption of cranberry or blueberry juice (2 to 3 glasses) on a daily basis can prevent the bacterial growth in the gall bladder. Vitamin B6 may promote the growth of white blood cells that fight against bacterial infection.

You can make a natural antibiotic by mixing a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey. Unfortunately, this design may also cause water to be trapped in the ears when bathing or swimming, resulting in inflammation and infection of the outer ear canal’s lining.
Dogs usually remove water by shaking their head but swelling, wax, or existing infections may trap the water.
Be sure to use blunt-tipped scissors, an electric trimmer, or see a professional dog groomer. Then give the ears a good cleaning with a drying agent, such as a 1:1 blend of organic apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with sterile water. Harmful bacteria resulting in an infection or a disease are referred to as “Pathogenic Bacteria’’. Intake of adequate amount of water on a daily basis can help in flushing out bacteria from the body. The oil extracted from burdock root can be used to massage the scalp to cure tinea capitis infection.
Consumption of garlic cloves (2 or 3) on a daily basis can help in preventing bacterial infections. A mixture can be created by adding crushed garlic cloves in olive oil and applied on the affected area to treat skin bacterial infections. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. When we suffer from bacterial infections, we need antibiotic medications to cure the infection. Long-term use, as well as wrong use of antibiotic medicines, is responsible for giving rise to resistant strains of bacteria. To prevent the side effects of antibiotics, we can consume antibiotics that nature has given us. Eating at least one clove of raw garlic everyday can prevent you from a host of infections. This antibiotic can prevent and cure cold, coughs, sinusitis, bladder infections and skin infections. Tea prepared with eucalyptus leaves can cure coughs, colds and respiratory tract infections. Vinegar also serves as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, and balances the ear’s pH to prevent yeast.

Bacterial infections are contagious and may result in food poisoning, diarrhea, fever, gonorrhea, infection in the ear, urinary or digestive tract and so on. A glass of banana shake or buttermilk can be consumed to cure the bacterial infection which may lead to diarrhea. Some sources of these vitamins include egg, milk, cereals, chicken, tomato, sweet potato, kiwi, almonds, green leafy vegetables and so on. Earache (another type of bacterial infection) can be treated with the use of warm garlic oil.
Allicin, a compound similar to penicillin, found is garlic is believed to be the source of the antibacterial property of the herb.
You can make an antiseptic solution by adding two tablespoons of tea tree oil in a cup of water. Some holistic veterinarians also suggest making a pure, green tea that can be cooled and dropped into the ear.
Olive leaf extract can be consumed in powder or liquid form on a regular basis to obtain relief from the infection. A combination of lavender and jojoba oil can also be applied on the scalp to reduce the infection.
They can be consumed to treat bacterial infection and long-term consumption of these herbs can even prevent bacterial infections. Garlic is beneficial for treating infections, which do not react to traditional antibiotics.
External skin infections can be cured by applying olive leaf extracts on the site of the infection. You can use this solution for washing wounds, treating acne, ringworm and fungal and yeast skin infections. Vitamin B can prevent the growth of many types of bacterial infections in the digestive tract. Oregano oil may also be used to cure respiratory and urinary tract infections caused by bacteria.

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