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An eye infection or an eye ailment refers to a bacterial or viral infection of the eye or the immediate tissue adjacent to the eye, such as conjunctivitis (or pink eye) that affects the membrane lining the internal side of the eyelids and covering the whites of the eyes, and blepharitis that affects the margin of the eyelids. A corneal infection is an infection of the cornea, the clear section in front of the eyeball that allows light into the eye (find out more about how the eye works). Corneal infections usually occur because of exposure to bacterial, viral or microbiological agents that cause the eyes to become red and swollen. Apart from contact lens related infections, infections can also occur due to existing abnormalities or disturbances of the eye surface or cornea or in cases of eye injury. Corneal infections after eye trauma can also be prevented in work site-related injuries with the appropriate use of safety googles.
Surgery for corneal infections may be indicated in very severe infections or when the infection is not responding to medical treatment i.e. Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is internationally recognized as a premier credential for hospitals and other medical institutions.
The Excellence for Singapore Award was set up by the Singapore Totalisator Board in 1996 to recognise and honour individuals, groups of individuals or organisations that bring credit to Singapore by being among the best in their areas of activity in Asia or in the world. ISO 9001 is the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships. The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award managed by SPRING Singapore and nine industry lead associations. Servi-CertTM is a service certification adapted from France and introduced into Singapore by the SGS International Certification Services Singapore Pte Ltd.
The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) Award is presented by the Health Promotion Board to give national recognition to organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programmes.
As Singapore’s largest integrated healthcare provider and leading international medical group, SingHealth’s hospitals and Specialty Centres are recognised as tertiary centres. The Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ACP (EYE-ACP), launched jointly by SingHealth and Duke-NUS, is a cluster-wide framework for all ophthalmologists to advance in Academic Medicine with resources and funding support. If you believe that any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please let us know. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. What Is Pinkeye?Pinkeye -- also called conjunctivitis -- is redness and inflammation of the clear membranes covering the whites of the eyes and the membranes on the inner part of the eyelids. February 16, 2013 by Adrianne Leave a Comment Print PDFWe haven’t had much of a winter here in Texas this year. I freaked out and immediately did the web check in for urgent care so that I was first in line when they opened. She gave me  two quite painful shots, one in each hip, to load me up with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
Though the infections of the cornea are not very common, they can have a serious effect on the vision. The yearly incidence of infections related to contact lens wear varies between 1 in 10,000 hard contact lens users, 4 in 10,000 soft contact lens users to 22 in 10,000 extended wear contact lens wearers.
In severe cases, it can cause changes to the corneal shape leading to astigmatism, opacification of the cornea from scarring or a combination of both.
Avoiding contact lens wear completely in patients who have predisposing diseases of the cornea or surface of the eye may be necessary. It is an international mark and endorsement for quality patient care and safety, and organisation management.

It is an important way of honouring organisations that strive to help their employees lead healthy and vibrant lives.
SingHealth institutions are equipped with highly advanced medical technology and offers pioneering treatments in a wide range of medical procedures, with outcomes comparable with the best institutions worldwide. Key appointment holders appointed include chair, and vice chairs for education and research. Pinkeye is most often caused by a virus or by a bacterial infection, although allergies, chemical agents, and underlying diseases can also play a role. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
Combine that with hideous allergies and suddenly you have a recipe for disaster for those of us who suffer from pollen issues.
She put on her magnifying goggles, dropped in some yellow drops, and cleared me of any infection.
I wash my hands a lot but had I known the potential issue, I would have been even more careful. Further, use of contact lenses for prolonged period can also lead to eye infections, and also if not cleaned properly. The yearly incidence of vision loss from contact lens related infections has been estimated to be approximately 0.6 in 10,000 users in studies carried out in Australia and India.
In most cases, patients with severe corneal infections are admitted into hospital and samples from the infection are taken to identify the likely organism before the start of the treatment. Surgery may also be indicated later on if vision is reduced due to corneal scarring from the infection. The JCI accreditation program initiated in 1999 was designed to evaluate all the functions of acute care hospitals and medical centres.
SNEC has progressed from the Bronze Award in 2002 to Silver then to the Gold Award in 2005, 2006, 2008,2010 and 2012. To ensure the healthcare outcomes are world-class, the Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ACP will be focusing on developing a comprehensive framework of existing well-established research capabilities in SERI and the training capabilities in SNEC. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. For the past couple weeks, my left eye has been slightly itchy and had a little tiny red spot in it. Within a couple hours, the swelling went way down and I’m left with a slight redness but nothing near the disaster of an eye I started with.
I'm on a mission to prove that being healthy doesn't taste boring or take up a lot of time. Treatment with intensive eye drops is administered and adjusted until the infection improves. Surgery carried out in these situations aims to remove the diseased cornea (where scarring or severe infections is present) and replace the removed cornea with a corneal graft or transplant. It's easily spread through poor hand washing or by sharing an object (like a towel) with someone who has it.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. It turns out that steroids have a tendency to lower your immune system if they are used when not needed. Within two days of experiencing these symptoms, a physician should be contacted for immediate treatment.

A friend at work mentioned earlier in the week that he’d picked up a strep infection in his eye of all places, so I decided to have my issue looked at by a professional just in case.
She suspects that I actually did have allergies to start with but the steroids left me susceptible to bacteria that I wouldn’t otherwise be and I picked up a bad one.
Now I just need to warn my co-workers that they get the joy of seeing me without make up for the next week or so. Kids diagnosed with infectious pinkeye should stay out of school or day care for a short period of time. She announced that NOW I had an infection so I needed different drops that would fix me right up.
Allergic pinkeye (caused by seasonal pollens, animal dander, cosmetics, and perfumes) and chemical pinkeye (from chemicals or liquids, including bleach and furniture polish) are not contagious. Pinkeye is a common condition that is rarely serious and unlikely to cause long-term eye or vision damage if promptly detected and treated. Symptom: Swollen, Red EyelidsThe symptoms of infectious pinkeye typically begin in one eye and involve the other eye within a few days. Symptom: Lots of TearingViral and allergic pinkeye are known for causing more tear production than usual. Symptom: Itchy or Burning EyesYou would know it if you felt it -- that overwhelming itchy, burning feeling in the eyes, which is typical of pinkeye. Symptom: Drainage from the EyesA clear, watery drainage is common with viral and allergic pinkeye. When the drainage is more greenish-yellow (and there's a lot of it), this is likely bacterial pinkeye.
Symptom: Crusty EyelidsIf you wake up with your eyes "stuck shut," this may be caused by the discharge that accumulates during sleep from pinkeye. A person who has severe symptoms, such as changes in eyesight, severe light sensitivity, or severe pain may have an infection that has spread beyond the conjunctiva and should be examined by a doctor. Symptom: 'Something in the Eye'You may notice a bothersome feeling like something is stuck in your eye. Or, a child may describe the feeling as sand in the eye.  Pinkeye DiagnosisA doctor can often diagnose pinkeye just by its distinguishing signs and symptoms. In some cases, a swab of the discharge from the eye is sent to a lab to determine the cause.
When Pinkeye Means Something MorePersistent pinkeye could be from a severe allergy or infection that needs treatment. Treating PinkeyeBacterial pinkeye is treated with antibiotic eyedrops, ointment, or pills to clear the infection.
Most viral pinkeye cases have no specific treatment -- you just have to let the virus run its course, which is usually four to seven days.
Allergic pinkeye symptoms should improve once the allergen source is removed and the allergy itself is treated. Chemical pinkeye requires prompt washing of the affected eye(s) for five minutes and an immediate call to the doctor.

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