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Most of us by the age of 15 have at least suffered from Pink Eye once in our lives although we know it more commonly by the medical name than the common name.
Pink eye in simple terms is the swelling, inflammation or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids which is known or in medical terms referred as conjunctiva.
Pink Eye is a disease that affects the eyes and is an irritation and inflammation of the membrane that covers the eye. Pink eye can be caused due to either bacterial, viral infection or even due to allergic reactions. Bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye is due to a common pus producing bacteria that causes a lot of irritation and a yellowish discharge that usually causes the lids to stick together especially during sleep.
Viral conjunctivitis or viral pink eye is commonly associated with viral attacks on the human body that generally result in common cold, infection in the upper respiratory tract and sore throat. This type of conjunctivitis is rather uncommon and occurs only to people who suffer from a certain kind of allergy. The treatment of pink eye depends on the variation of the pink eye that the person in suffering from. For example, the use of anti – biotic ointment, eye drops etc can be used to get rid of bacteria form of pink eye but they are of no use to someone who is suffering from a viral pink eye. In the case of viral conjunctivitis or viral pink eye usually the doctors do not prescribe any form of medication since it is expected to clear off itself in a matter of two to three days without any external help.
In the case of allergic infection or pink eye caused due to allergic reactions, the best method to cure is to use tearing drops. In similar cases even antihistamine allergy pills and eye drops may be used to control pink eye.
However to get instant relief from all kinds of pink eye it is best to use warm compresses. Viral and bacterial forms of pink eye or conjunctivitis are both spread majorly due to air. The most basic way of spreading this diseases in the use of towels, soaps and other personal belongings of people who are already affected by this diseases. It is advised never to use such articles that are kept for public consumption and also not to share them with others. Always make sure you wash your personal clothes and items like hand cloth, hand kerchief, towels, pillow covers etc with an antiseptic to remove all traces of infection. Wash your hands every time with a good sanitizer before and after you touch your eye or its corners. Also, if you touch your affected pink eye with one hand make sure you do not use the same hand to touch the other eye without washing your hands or else you will contaminate the other eye too. In the case if allergic pink eye that contaminates your eyes due to specific allergic reactions make sure you stay away from dust particles. Try keeping the doors and windows of your home or office close if you live in highly polluted areas. On the other hand in case you work in factories or chemical effluents keep your rooms properly ventilated to avoid clogging of impure air and make space for fresh air. If you are a regular swimmer it is very important to use swimming goggles as the water gear in order to protect your eyes from getting infected due to dirty pool water that has many harmful pollutants and also from chlorine. Lenses are used for improving the vision and are used as a substitute for eye wear glasses. Follow step by step cleaning and handling of your lenses as instructed by your doctor or lens manufacturer.
This is done to avoid any bacterial contamination to your lens that can later become the cause of pink eye infection. If you are already infected by the pink eye it is better not to use your lenses during the entire period. It is better to replace your contact lenses even if it is not the time yet for their disposal because of the fear of contamination from the use of infected lens.
Also, replace the solution in which you use your contaminated lens after every use to avoid further damage to your eyes.
It is generally not advisable to use contact lenses during your bath for the fear that the contaminated water may get trapped between your eyes and the lens.
Although pink eye is a minor infection, it is better to avoid contact lenses at all for the entire infection period to avoid damage to your eyes. Since children are most prone to any kind of contamination of the pink eye and mostly viral, it is better is special care and attention is to be taken to protect young children from this painful problem. Children mostly spend their time in day care and classrooms so it is important to maintain the cleanliness and the hygiene of such places. The teachers and workers in such places should look out for such conjunctivitis outbreak and should accordingly take necessary steps to control conjunctivitis for spreading pink eye infection. It is a good practice to teach children at school and day care never to share personal items and belongings even with their friends. Advise children to cover their nose and mouth when the cough, sneeze etc to stop spreading virus to other people which might result in an infection. Always use antiseptic solutions to clean surfaces and commodities that the students directly come in touch with. If your child or ward is already suffering from conjunctivitis then it is better if you do not expose your child to other children for the fear that they too may get the infection. Most doctors have a handful of precautions that they want the patient to take while suffering from pink eye.
Pink eye has no effect on your eye sight and vision however if the problem is severe and you have been careless with precautions and treatment, you might suffer from certain eye diseases which are difficult to cure and might affect your eye sight or vision.
In such extreme cases if you do not take any medical consultation, your eyes might also be scarred because of a bacterial infection.
As a practitioner I often counsel my patients about inappropriate cleaning or inappropriate cleaning schedules and all I get is this look of confusion.  How can something as benign as a contact lens cause blindness? Studies show that the risk of developing blinding eye infections is higher during the first six months of use. Bacterial eye infection is one main concern for people wearing lenses and the germ that commonly causes this infection is the pseudomonas aeruginosa. In a study where participants were asked to wear different types of lenses, results show that the bacteria in the cornea of people wearing hyperoxygen rigid gas permeable lenses did not increase during the trial. When you wear contact lenses, your corneas are covered and they might not be able to maintain the normal production of new cells. This simple single cell microorganism is one of the most common types of protozoan thriving in fresh water and soil. A Cataract is an eye disease that is characterized by the clouding of the lens of the eye that affects one’s vision.
Macular degeneration is an eye disease that destroys your sharp and central vision, which is necessary to see objects clearly and to perform daily tasks like driving, sewing, using the computer .. Pre-owned equipment, practices for sale, open positions, helpful practice management resources and more! Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) ocular disease is, unfortunately, on the rise.
One recent study revealed that CA-MRSA has become the most frequent cause of skin and soft tissue infections presenting to U.S. Further, a study that evaluated the presence of MRSA between 2000 and 2004 in a hospital revealed that of the 3,640 patients culture positive for the pathogen, 70% had CA-MRSA.2 No evidence exists that exposure to contaminated water sources (river, seawater or pool water) produced an increased risk of CA-MRSA vs. Hospital-based infections are more commonly associated with prior antibiotic usage, health problems, such as chronic conditions (i.e.

Researchers have estimated that 30% to 50% of individuals colonize this organism, and up to 20% are chronic carriers.6 Colonization becomes an issue in two circumstances.
We, as clinicians, commonly treat ocular and periocular infections empirically (without culture).
Also, a study known as Ocular TRUST (Tracking Resistance in United States Today) revealed that the only effective treatment against MRSA was trimethoprim.7 Ocular TRUST annually evaluates in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of S. When a patient presents with any type of ocular infection, you must protect yourself and your other patients from possible spread of infection. Finally, several strategies exist that may have value in the prevention of postoperative MRSA. Since MRSA ocular disease is on the rise, we, as eyecare practitioners, must be more vigilant than ever in identifying it, effectively treating it and limiting its spread. Optometric Management is dedicated to helping optometrists improve their practice through relevant, actionable and practical columns and features that enhance patient outcomes and bolster the bottom line. Some of the common symptoms of eye infection are blurry vision, red eyes, watery discharge, constant irritation, pain in the eye and inflammation of the eye lids. As the name suggests, this infection affects the conjunctiva or the outer layer of the eye ball.
Conjunctivitis is a contagious disease and can spread from one person to another or from one eye to another.  The symptom of this infection lasts for 7 to 10 days.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Researchers used genetic testing to find out exactly what was present, and said the discovery could explain why contact lens wearers are far more susceptible to eye infections.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This result in itching, tearing and redness of eyes with similar effects noticed in other sensory organs like nose etc. The methods to treat viral pink eye are different than those used for the treatment of bacterial pink eye.
Sometimes it may take a few weeks to clear up depending upon the intensity or degree of infection.
They are air borne diseases hence the best form or prevention would be to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Since it is a contagious disease hence extra precaution must be taken to make sure that normal people do not come in contact with such infected articles or they too can get easily affected and attacked by either the virus or the bacteria. Not even with your closest relatives for the fear of catching up or spreading the disease to others. Since these articles get directly in touch with the areas surrounding the eye, you can catch infection quickly. It is important to follow even the most basic form of precaution and hygiene in order to stop the virus or bacteria from spreading. Since they are handled on a regular daily routine basis they are a major cause for infection. One of the most common precaution taken in order to avoid spreading disease is to wear glasses that avoid or prohibit any kind of direct eye contact with other people. However if you find that the problem has persisted too long then it is better to consult your doctor. In fact what is worse is that in rare cases you might even need a surgery to remove your infected eye to stop the infection right there and then.
After all, how can something like contact lenses that are supposed to help improve your vision make you blind? The hardness or softness of the contact lenses and the frequency of use were found immaterial with regard to determining the risk of bacterial eye infection. This type of bacteria tends to breed in the eyes due to the decreased flow of oxygen to underlying tissues when the cornea is covered with a lens. However, considering that hundreds of millions of people wear contact lenses worldwide, infected people would most likely be numerous. However, after three months, the bacteria level in the cornea of persons wearing other lenses started to drop. In more severe cases, it can result to corneal ulcer which is a serious complication that can lead to blindness. It may be found in your tap water such that if you rinse your lenses with water from the sink, the amoeba may be transferred to your lenses and eventually, your eyes. When it reaches your eyes, it can result to amoebic keratitis, a painful infection that can cause blindness.
In fact, a study that evaluated the nationwide prevalence of MRSA ocular infections from January 2000 through December 2005 (the most recent ocular data) revealed that MRSA eye infections increased from 30% in 2000 to 42% in 2005.1 Further, these isolates were multi-drug resistant, and most importantly, resistant to all fluoroquinolones.
For instance, one study revealed that from 1999 through 2005 (the most recent), estimated MRSA-related hospital stays more than doubled from 127,036 to 278,203.11 Further, the largest increase in MRSA-related hospital stays involved infections outside the lungs or blood.
When the carrier comes in contact with an individual who's had a skin trauma, particularly someone who has reduced immunity. That being said, lack of clinical response to broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy within the expected time frame should always lead you to collect cultures for the identification of the pathogen and, therefore, the determination of the antibiotic sensitivity. One study, which compared the clinical features and antibiotic susceptibility of ocular MRSA and methicillin-sensitive S.
Always cover any traumas to the skin with a clean, dry bandage, until the trauma has fully healed. Our involvement not only means the difference between sight and blindness for many of these patients, but life and death as well. Onofrey practices at Lovelace Medical Center and has served as the Chief of Optometry and Vice-chair of Eye Services since 2002.
Optometric Management is the leading how-to guide for optometrists interested in growing their practice, improving their standard of care, and achieving financial and professional success.
The treatment for infections of the eye depends on the cause and the severity of the infections. It results in the inflammation of the eye lids and the release of dandruff like particles from the infected eye. Wash your hands regularly and make sure that there is no dirt or work related residues in your hand before touching the eye.

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Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. If you still did not get the clear picture, it is the outermost layer of the eye or in other words the inner most surface of the eyelids. Each variation of pink eye has different symptoms which help the doctors in diagnosing and providing accurate cure for them.
Also, another symptom of a bacterial infection in the eye is the crusting of the skin around the eye. However they are curable with a simple medication from your local doctor and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. This is because they have a greater chance of suffering from respiratory tract infection, cough and cold which accelerates the Pink Eye.
This removes or dilutes the allergens that irritate your eyes and thus help you get rid of your pink eye. If you are already infected by the infection either viral or bacterial the best thing to do would be to replace these items with fresh pieces so that you don’t get re infected by pink eye. If you are in acute pain try using recommended eye drops or use warm compresses for instant relief. Wearing lenses during the pink eye contamination will worsen the situation to a great extent. Generally no special medication is prescribed especially in the case of viral pink eye however if the doctor prescribes you some medicine then do not hesitate since it can be the origin of a highly infectious disease. Hygiene and sanitation are the key words to control any kind of infection but if you do not take proper care, you might end up suffering for the rest of your life.
After six months, the bacteria levels in the cornea of persons wearing different types of lenses were all the same. Because the drugs could no longer bind to transpeptidase, the bacteria became resistant to the aforementioned B-lactamase-resistant drugs. Hand washing is the single-most important factor in the prevention of MRSA spread, as it removes transient microorganisms from the hands.2 Chlorhexidine gluconate offers low toxicity and broad antimicrobial spectrum. Use an appropriate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved disinfectant after every exam. Increasing prevalence in serious ocular infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus in the United States: 2000 to 2005. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections of the eye and orbit (An American Ophthalmological Society Thesis). Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: colonization and infection in a long-term care facility. Survival of epidemic strains of healthcare (HA-MRSA) and community-associated (CA-MRSA) methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in river-, sea- and swimming pool water. Hospitalizations and deaths caused by methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, United States, 1999-2005.
Risk factors for community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections in an outbreak of disease among military trainees in San Diego, California, in 2002. Faculty appointments include adjunct status at the University of California-Berkeley-College of Optometry, Pacific University and the University of Houston.
Sometimes allergies, environmental factors and excess straining of the eyes can cause eye infections. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Similar to the bacterial infection, the viral infection or the viral pink eye also begins with one eye but can spread to the other eye if proper care and medication is not taken in time. In fact new born babies are also prone to bacterial pink eye during contact with its mother during pregnancy.
They need to keep in mind the following tips in order to stay away from conjunctivitis or pink eye. Use instant relief measures for avoiding the pain and irritation and make sure you follow your doctor’s advice thoroughly.
Thus, it would appear that as the eye adapted to the lens, the bacteria were also eliminated.
As a result of this circumstance, you should identify and treat any carrier who's about to undergo ophthalmic surgery. 2 Not only should you wash your hands in between patient encounters, but also immediately after contact with different anatomic sites on the same patient.
Contact lens usage increases the chances of eye infection as it reduces the oxygen supply to the cornea or due to fungal or bacterial build up due to poor disinfection of the lens. Lubricating ointments, antibiotics, warm compress and eye massage to drain the obstruction are some of the solutions for eye lid inflammation. Since the person who suffers from Conjunctivitis has a pink tone in the eyes, the problem is generally referred to as Pink Eyes. This usually happens due to either an infection that can may be viral or bacterial or sometimes due to an allergic reaction.
It is highly painful, uncomfortable and though is caused in one eye but without proper care, precaution and hygiene it can easily spread out to the other eye.
The detection of viral infection or viral conjunctivitis can be confusing and misleading since there are few other diseases of the eye that show similar symptom hence it is always advised to take a medical advice before going ahead with the wiki. Also if you are already affected by it, it is your moral responsibility to take all possible measures to avoid its spreading to other people. Once the colony reveals itself, you can test it to determine whether it's coagulase positive.
An example would be after touching the pre-auricular area for evidence of lymphadenopathy and continuing with the rest of the exam.
Finally, make sure you and your staff properly dispose of any contaminated waste to prevent the infection spread to cleaning and maintenance personnel. Although the symptoms are the same, however there are many reasons why this problem occurs in the first place. It is to be noted that in this case of bacterial infection the upper eyelid droops because it is swollen. In cases where mothers are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, she too can pass on the infection which results in a pink eye for the newborn.
Also, wash after contact with inanimate objects within the immediate vicinity of patients.2 Finally, wash prior to eating and before leaving work.
However before we delve deeper into them, let us first know more in detail about Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis and its symptoms.
It is not a highly dangerous disease but is extremely uncomfortable for the patient who suffers from it.  Pink eye is extremely common to occur in children however the adults are also prone to this disease since it can be caused with a mere infection too.
It is however to be noted that Pink eye does not affect your vision rather it makes it extremely difficult for you to use your eyes.

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