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Foot infections can have serious consequences especially if they are not recognized and treated in a timely manner.
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A foot infection by and large involves extreme biomechanical complexities causing it, and tissue loss contaminated by foreign substances like bacteria, fungus, virus, yeast, or mold.

A break in the skin of the foot may not get infected, but the longer it goes without healing, the greater the chance of an infection. Infection can cause serious injury to the affected part and thus needs to be treated as early as possible.
These infections can be a challenge to treat since the infected site may be contaminated with foreign materials or populated by bacteria. You’ll receive the highest quality medical care coupled with the personal attention you expect and deserve. Th ere are three basic categories of foot infections: soft tissue, bone, and those linked with diabetics.

There have been several changes in the treatment strategies for a foot infection of late in the wake of pharmacologic and technological advancements; for instance, the introduction of plastic and reconstructive techniques for functional restoration of foot infections, and a subsequent reduction in amputation rates thereon.
Taking a culture of the infection by swabbing the area can identify the specific germs and help when selecting an antibiotic.

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