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If the fish is in a bad way then personally i wouldn't as it is very stressful for you fish and he might not make it.
That was fast- less than 48 hours from first signs to death, the latter 24 of them under treatment.
The filter is periodically spewing out these bunches of what I can only describe as spores.
When a whitish margin begins to appear at the edge of a torn or injured fin, a bacterial infection has probably taken hold. The good news involving goldfish is that destroyed fin tissue can grow back if the damage does not reach the fin base. Antibiotic that can be used to treat fin and tail rot, Popeye, secondary infections and gill disease. Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Strong goldfish that are in a healthy environment can sustain injuries and never show signs of fin rot.
The treatment is to do a major water change, adding aquarium salt , and making sure that you are providing a healthy balanced diet with plenty of vitamins. I have a fantail goldfish and his fins look roughed up and he lays on his side at the bottom of the tank part of his fin is missing could this be fin rot?
I have a little two-inch girl goldfish named Spotty whose tail fins are fraying near the edges, now they're split about halfway in.
Oh, and I'm keeping my one and a half inch tutle in there with my three to four inch gold fish, is this okay? I have 2 goldfish and one has been laying at the bottom of the tank for a couple days, he was always to most active so I did a partial water change and noticed the fin is torn away from his pectoral fin bone.
2~What are your tank parameters I had the water tested at the pet store 3 weeks ago (before I moved them to the current tank from a smaller one) and I was told the water was fine.
When I know what treatment to give him, should I be worried about treating him in the same tank with his mate in it? Goldfish tend not to be fin nippers, so ragged fins are more likely an infection then injury.
As long as the rays (the bony lines that runs down the tail) are intact, fin rot will grow back once you get the infection controlled.
I did some research and stopped the anti internal bacteria treatment and did a 50% water change an currently running the carbon filter for 24 hours before starting him on Interpet No 8 (Anti Fungus and Finrot) treatment. One last question: should i do normal weekly water changes whilst treating tank with medication or should i do daily water changed, if i need to do the second then should I replace the amount of medication lost in with the water change even if the treatment dose is once every 7 days? Thank you very much for all your help Jsoong, I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Will see where we are in 24 hrs, if not looking measurably better in 48 will add carbon, strip out the meds and start again with antibacterial.
Sometimes problems do arise quite quickly that there is nothing you can do fast enough to save them. Not the time you want to suck start an Eheim but if you reduce the water level without switching it off then that's what happens. The bacterial infection results in a more ragged rotting while the fungal infection will rot the tail evenly and create a white edge.
As the disease progresses, the fins rot away, eventually reaching the fin base and then into the body tissue itself. If , however the rot reaches the fin base, the goldfish will not be able to regenerate the damaged tissue. Symptoms of clamped fins, general listlessness, not eating or other unusual behavior can be caused by internal infections and treatment with Tetracycline would be indicated. It is never wrong, however, to assume that an injured fish will become a victim of fin rot. There's maybe seven or eight separate frays, but no fungus except in a little hole higher up the tail.

I have a goldfish that got fins torn on a decoration (which was pretty smooth but she somehow found the only way to get wedged into it, knocked it over, and tore her fins up:( ) Now, the smaller goldfish I have in the tank are biting at the "scabby" bits and making it worse.
It doesnt appear to be rotted but I added a container with salt to slowly despence into the tank. It only looks like my fish is tired and less active but I to have noticed the same as you, that his tail is torn or part is missing.
It has been a looooong time since my fish have fallen I'll so when one did, I found myself a bit panicy and forgetful of what to do.
I've had the fish for about 19 months and they were in a 30l tank until I read a bit about goldfish and realised that the tank was too small so I transfered them to the new 120l tank 3 weeks ago hoping that it will help his buoyancy problems and stop him form being lethargic. I normally feed them goldfish flake food that I soak in tank water for a minute first to make them sink and stop them from comming to the surface and swallowing air, but i recently bought a container of granules that I fed them once (about 1 week ago) I don't think they're a very good quality so I only gave it to them once as they floated all the time even after soaking them for a while.
I have this bottle of PROTOZIN white spot and fungus treatment that I bought a couple of months ago because I thought the common goldfish has ich, but it turned out he was just going white (he's never had probems and seems very happY) so I never opened the bottle. I've never had any problems with the fish before so I might be panicking a bit, but I just want to see him swimming around like he used to instead of just sitting around or floating like that and his gut can't be well if he's got poop like that.
I have also fed them with new frozen food which they seem to like, but now I'm really worried about his tail. OTOH, being bullied can really stress out as fish, so if you see a lot of bullying, a divider may be useful. I have also read that Melafix is good after a treatment to help the fish recover, but not good to kill the bacteria that causes finrot. It might grow back a bit but I doubt it will get back to that lyre tail look in the before pic. She's bleeding from her dorsal fin which is completely ragged, and coughing up white spores in big chunks. When the disease reaches the fin base , it may start to attack the goldfish body directly so the problem must be stopped before this happens. Tetracycline is recommended for treating Popeye, gill disease, fin and tail rot and other secondary infections. Therefore it is not wrong to treat an injured fish for fin rot before the rot actually occurs. Antibiotics such as tetracycline, chloramphenicol, or furance can be used if after a few days of salt treatment there are no signs of recovery. There is fraying on her left pectoral fin as well, and blackening on her tail and the fins near her anus (I forget what they're called). Then I started noticing her fins were torn and some was missing, I checked everywhere to see what it was and fin rot was the only explination. I've tried breaking their food regimen into smaller feedings more ofter and put more deco in to try and distract discourage this, but it doesn't work, and I suppose I'd better start cycling a recovery tank:( ! He has been floating near the surface of the water or sitting at the bottom of the tank for almost 3 months now. I was set up 6 weeks ago, cycled for 3 weeks until levels were right and the fish has been there for 3 weeks now. The other fish is a common goldfish which seems to be perfectly fine with no problems at all and hopefully he'll continue that way.
The other option would be to set up the small tank again and use it as a hospital tank, but it would take weeks to cycle and I want to treat whatever he's got asap. I originally thought that the other fish had been eating his tail as he's a bit agressive, but I read a few articles about finrot and it seems to be that. I wish there was more options in the UK as in the US so I could give him some proper antibiotics. I do daily water changes if there is any hint of ammonia or nitrites; otherwise, I do my usual weekly. It is all around her gill line, extending out into the middle of her sides, running under and along her pectoral fins. When that happens the white margin becomes inmistakable and may appear as a fuzzy, white, cottonlike edging.

New activated carbon or charcoal and partial water changes after treatment will remove any remaining color as a result of the treatment.
Doing such preventive treatment can help to head off the bacterial invasion that often will occur at the site of the injury.
This is either China Disease or Fin Rot, but my parents won't let me buy treatment for the goldfish. I haven't needed to use this sort of med in awhile and wanted to see if there were any new or improved formulations out there?
He doesn't swim around and he's also having buoyancy problems as his head is always down and tail up as if the tail end was full of air.
The smaller tank still hasn't been cleaned and still has the old filter media and old water in it. Was recomended Myxezin for bacterial infections, but now I'm not sure if I should get Kanamycin instead. Because they think it's only because she's in a six-gallon tank, but she's by herself and has three gallons per inch, as the two inches includes her not-so-pretty-anymore fantail.
Sadly when I got back I found my other fish had died through a fungal infection and my mum had bought me 3 others. Sometimes he seems to be almos vertically trying to swim and the rest of the time he just sits there in a corner very lethargic not swiming around or floating near the surface. About 2 months ago I tried not feeding him for a couple of days and then feeding him peas, but it didn't help so I went back to feeding him flake food. The water tempreture has been betwen 72 and 80 recently as the weather has been hot, but now it seems to be between 74 and 78.
My guess is that the (abnormally) long tail has poor blood supply so is the first to get into problems when the fish's immunity goes down. I'm about to try feeding him some peas and zucchini before fasting him for 3 days then try peas for a couple of days as adviced in another forum.
I'm sorry I can not give you exact values as it was tested at the store and my own test kit hasn't arrived in the post yet.
His poop is also very thin white and long and it's got air bubbles in it and I've heard this is due to bacterial infections as it will also affect the fish's buoyancy and make him switch from floating at the top of the tank to sitting at the bottom suddenly like mine is doing. The tank was cycled for 3 weeks with some ornaments, gravel and media from the smaller matured tank to help it along and I made sure the water was right for them before transfering them to their new home. I have started him on Interpet Antibacterial Treatment as I can't seem to get antibiotic food in the UK, I ordered the Myzaxin, but it hasn't arrived. The poo problem has been going on for about 2 weeks now (not 3 months like the floating problem) Yesterday a big white fluffy spot apeard on his body near his hear (see pic) it looked like a big dimple but with fluffy cotton.
Can anyone assist with diagnosis please, and moreover recommend a good solid treatment (UK)? Is it time to administer the medicine before the disease progresses and she wont get better? Could this be parasite or could it be due to the bacterial infection that I'm assuming he has? I will also get an aquarium divider because I think the other one is bullying him and that might be the reason why his tail is like that. The spot had completely disapeared this morning leaving only a very tiny white mark that is barely visible (I wouldn't know the spot was there if I hadn't seen it) but I noticed a bit of fuzzy fluff aroun his gills (only a little bit and on one side only) but when I had a look an hours later that had disapear too.
I'm thinking from what I have read that he might have a bacterial infection because of his poo and buoyancy problems but then the spot and the white fungus like fluff that was there this morning seem to be parasites from what I have read so far even though the spot and fluff around his gills have gone as quickly as they apeared.

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