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TweetWhat starts as a minor break in the skin can progress to a potentially deadly infection known as cellulitis. Bacteria are abundant everywhere in our environment and even live on and in the human body. In this article we focus more on the prevention of leg cellulitis but many of these tips can apply to cellulitis anywhere on the body. People with these risk factors need to be extra cautious as they are prone to cellulitis, possibly even repeatedly. The initial injury that may develop into cellulitis is not always large, open and easily visible. Most of us do not give the skin and nail care regimen for the legs and feet much thought beyond the aesthetic aspect. Regular exercise can be very helpful for any number of conditions affecting the leg that may increase the risk of cellulitis. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Reiki is an extremely soft, graceful and non invasive method that restores balance in the subtle energy field of any living beings promoting healing, wellness and growth. In this view health care is much more then curing just a body single part but it becomes a lifestyle with great attention to nutrition, emotional, mental attitudes and spiritual growth in order to re-gain, maintain or increase health and wellness recognizing that physical illnesses can result from mental or emotional unbalances. Alternative studies, within the subtle energy system (chakras) where the vital energy flows, have shown for example that bacterial infections are indicators of the need to change emotionally how we feel, while viral infections are the expression of the need to change state of consciousness how we think. Among the variety of methods effective in operating a positive shift in the subtle energy biofield related to the whole body, mind and spirit for healing and wellness is found Reiki with its unique simplicity as a soft, gentle and extremely comfortable non invasive method available to anyone without any contraindications. Reiki, an holistic method of healing, is listed in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as a putative energy-therapy. In the holistic system where body, mind and spirit are interconnected every organ has a physiological function linked to a symbolic one. These correlations are also found in the ancient indian chakra system which describes 7 major wheels (in sanskrit chakras) as points of vortex, located from the perineum area of human beings up the spine to the crown of the head, of the subtle energy currents of the vital force (the indian prana, chinese chi, japanese ki, hawaiian mana, the spirit) also called the biofield existing around all living things. Although it is becoming acceptable by the most recent science developments with the quantum theory discovering that at the subatomic level the entire universe, including us, is but interconnected energy or more precisely waves like patterns of probabilities of interconnections, thus solid matter and empty space are ultimately dismissed concepts, taking science to the same conclusions of mysticism, to Oneness.
On another end the contemporary aura photography and videos are clearly showing the biofield in a visible, unequivocal, acceptable and fascinating way. The Reiki training is about tuning to the Reiki energy frequency and, functioning like an antenna, channelling it to a recipient during a Reiki treatment. Receiving Reiki energy during a treatment is a very subtle but amazingly harmonizing experience improving the state of the biofield or consciousness as visibly shown by the aura photography examples.
The biofield can also be easily detected, around all living things, with a suspended frame or pendulum, as a clockwise spin rotational force around the body.
Interestingly during new or full moon days the biofield spin changes to a counterclockwise direction (accordingly in the yogis tradition it has been intuitively suggested not to practice yoga during new and full moon days), thus showing again how deeply we are connected to the invisible planetary forces. The ancient hidden powers of yogis and shamanis are becoming an acceptable everyday open reality available to us all in the fast developing contemporary world of internet, ethernet and energy medicine. A fascinating experiment showing how to grasp the Oneness concept (7th chakra) without denying one another beliefs and opinions (3rd chakra) has been done by putting one fish in a big rectangular water tank with 4 video cameras positioned on each corner zooming that particular area of the tank. Ultimately the energy healerE»s goal is transformation at the cellular level restoring a correct, balanced, harmonious, healthy vibration.

Reiki is an Energy Therapy that enhances spirituality but that does not have any belief system and it can therefore be applied to anyone in complete freedom and respect of oneE»s own belief or religion.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Receive exclusive offers and discounts directly to your inbox when you sign-up to our newsletter! It is an infection caused by bacteria that involves the skin and underlying tissue but the fact that it is so superficial should not be taken lightly. But our body has many defense mechanisms to prevent these bacteria from penetrating our skin. This is more of a problem for diabetics who develop a nerve condition known as diabetic neuropathy. But it is very important in cellulitis prevention particularly if you have diabetes or circulatory problems of the leg.
Every step you take helps to push blood back to you heart which is useful if you have impaired blood circulation of the legs. Any physical minor and major illness is the last visible stage of unbalanced energy originating in the subtle non visible vital, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Each treatment is an extremely subtle, gentle, pleasant experience with positive lasting repercussions on body, mind and spirit.
Although its energy has yet to be measured, statistic studies on its efficacy has shown positive results and Reiki treatments are often offered by volunteer practitioners in Clinics and Hospitals as a Complementary Therapy for minor and major illnesses. It is related to a positive light emotion while its negative shadow emotion causes malfunction.
After all, the visible light is only an extremely small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum : power and telephone, radio waves (AM-TV-FM), radar, light waves (infra-red -visible light -ultraviolet), X rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, existing constantly yet invisible to our physical eyes. From the videos the aura or biofield is shown to be constantly changing with our thoughts and emotions. As humanity opens up to higher states of consciousness towards bliss, union, the whole, the One spirit in respect of every polarities and all truthful beliefs. Each video was simultaneously showing totally different truths of what was happening as its zoomed area was limited. These bacteria are almost always present in the pond, but healthy, unstressed fish with high immunity levels will not usually become infected. Cellulitis can rapidly spread, destroying tissue and even leading to the bacteria spreading through your bloodstream to all parts of the body.
It usally does not pose a problem unless the skin is damaged, unable to heal properly and the immune system cannot confine the bacteria.
Remember that even an insect bite could be responsible for introducing bacteria under the skin.
Sensation in the feet (pain, touch and temperature) is significantly impaired and a similar problem can arise when you have poor circulation in your legs for a long time.
It is also correlated to other organs, elements, senses, colors, notes, mantras, sounds, nutrients, herbs, scents, essential oils, gems, planets, stars and states of consciousness. Accessible to sensitives since ancient times but invisible to most of us, it is still considered a mystery.
It is of particular concern in the these days when multi-drug resistance bacteria makes just about any infection difficult to treat. Antibiotics are very effective in treating bacterial infection but with the rise in multi-drug resistant strains like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), cellulitis can quickly spiral out of control.

Blood takes long to return from the legs and when there is circulatory problems, blood can pool in the legs for long periods of time. Diabetics in particular do not have the same ability to perceive pain, heat and pressure which can mean that injuries arise and it is not even felt.
Therefore you may not even realize that you injured your foot especially when it is minor injuries.
Moisturize your skin daily especially after bath and using a more oily application if you skin is very dry.
If one fish has been infected it may be that the fish had a physical injury which has become infected.
Often you will need a longer course of antibiotics and regular checkups to monitor the progress. Let it air dry for a short period or use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to ensure that there is no residual water. Keep your nails short but be careful when clipping as the skin underneath and on the sides of the nail can be easily injured. If more than one fish is suffering, the indication is that the pond’s maintenance may need improving. Secondly, the legs are often more prone to injuries because it is in direct contact with the ground where hazards (sharp objects and insects) may lay without being spotted.
Do not walk barefoot when outside or in any environment you are unfamiliar with where an injury may be possible.
It may be better to consult with a podiatrist about proper nail care on a regular basis if you are a diabetic or have circulation problems of the leg. However, you should not overdo the exercise and you should always wear the correct footwear. A partial water change should be carried out to dilute any possible pathogens, and the whole pond should be treated with an anti bacterial remedy.Fin Rot and Mouth Rot – Fin rot can affect any of the fish’s fins or tail. For people with conditions like diabetic neuropathy, the hazards and injuries may not even be felt by the legs and feet.
Take note of symptoms like swelling, redness of the skin and tenderness even before you develop symptoms like severe pain and fever. Try to avoid exercising if you suspect that you have cellulitis as you could further worsen your condition. There is only One simple truth but there are many truthful visions of it depending on oneE»s perspective or state of consciousness, that is energy waves, colors : the biofield, which is expressed in the physical body through its good function or malfunction. It is visible as a reddening, and sometimes rotting away of the thin membrane between the bony rays.Mouth rot can affect the fish’s upper or lower mouth and, like fin rot, tissue around the mouth looks red and angry and begins to erode. Ulcers present on the tougher body tissue of the fish, rather than the more delicate mouth and fins, usually indicate a more advanced bacterial infection.Fish with multiple or large ulcerations may need to be separated from the pond and treated in a quarantine tank. Ulcers are sometimes present if the fish has an internal bacterial infection which has spread to the fish’s extremities.

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