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A lip piercing may rub against the lingual side (the side facing the tongue) of the bottom teeth.
A lip ring may interfere with the way the mouth forms words, especially the words containing alphabets like ‘d’ , ‘j’ , ‘l’ , ‘n’, and ‘t’. The lip ring may also interfere with eating as we need our tongue to roll the food after they after being chewed.
If there is any inflammation or infection occurring at the site of piercing, due to swelling or edema which is caused by excess of interstitial fluid in this area, talking and eating will be even more difficult.
There is an increased risk of bacterial infection after a piercing, according to the American Dental Association.
Oral piercings stimulate the salivary gland, not unlike food, because it is a foreign body in the mouth. Some individuals report to have scars at the place where the piercing is done, no matter how much vitamin E or aloe vera is taken. Jewelry in the mouth can block the transmission of X-rays so abnormalities like cysts, abscesses or tumors may not be revealed.
From the time you have seen that really cool lip piercing adorned by a model in the magazine, you have been wanting to get something similar done. Lip piercing is one among the different types of body piercings that has gained popularity in the recent years.
On the other hand, by doing your own piercing, you are actually taking the responsibility of whatever happens after the piercing is done. Once you have cleaned the equipment of lip piercing, the next thing would be to continue with the piercing. Once you have done this, it is important to put in the jewelry as soon as you take out the needle because the hole may get closed very soon; sometimes, even in ten minutes after the piercing.
However, all said and done, I would like to say that lip piercing at home is a risky business and can give rise to dangerous complications if proper care is not taken. While the trend is popular, lip piercing does present some problems for the mouth and gums. The gums may recede after a piercing, and this can result in permanent damage to the mouth.
If the individual bites on something hard accidentally, the tooth may become completely fractured and the individual will experience pain.
This can lead to a speech impediment caused by the lip jewelry as the tongue needs to touch the teeth, the lips, or the palate to pronounce those alphabets.
The mouth is full of bacteria and most of them are harmful (in fact, the mouth has the collection of most bacteria compared to any other parts of the body) , and a piercing provides an entry into the body that may result in infection. The swelling of the mouth may indicate an infection that should be evaluated by a dentist if it does not diminish within a few days after the piercing. X rays are valuable diagnostic kits in dentistry as many parts of the tooth cannot be seen with the naked eye.

If this is true in your case, here are some instructions that will help you in piercing your own lip. Most people, especially teenagers and youngsters, consider that a stud on their lips gives a cool and sexy look to their face. Avoid doing any type of body piercings by yourself or without the guidance of a professional as there are high risks that you might affect a nerve unknowingly. So, if you are determined about piercing your lips on your own, here are some steps that you have to follow very strictly.
However, before you actually pass the needle through your lips, cleaning that area thoroughly with an antibacterial soap is important. If you wish to get a piercing, always visit a professional who follows proper sanitary practices.
A recent study showed that 50% of people who had worn a long barbell stem piercing (longer than 1.59 cm) for more than two years had their gum tissue pull away from the inside of their lower front teeth. Therefore, those who pierce the center part of the lip will experience rubbing against the lower front teeth. This is known as the cracked tooth syndrome and a dentist has to be seen as soon as possible to prevent infection and other complications. Good hygiene is important after a piercing of any kind, but a lip or tongue piercing is especially vulnerable to bacterial infection, so extra care should be taken.
This side effect of mouth piercing can be a particularly embarrassing condition if not well managed. This is because a dentist deals with very minute objects and many parts of the tooth are embedded below the gums. Though the best way to get lip piercings done is to go to a professional body piercer, there are many who are looking for ways to do it on their own. This is because you have a better judgment of what would be right for you, and you will also be able to control the pain to a certain extent. Though people make use of sewing needles, they may not be effective because holes created with the help of these needles are not very big. Rather, there is a very important procedure that has to be undertaken before doing the piercing―cleaning the equipment. The average healing time for lip piercing is two months, though some may take more or less time than that.
If you are a teenager, talking to your parents or other caregivers about this is extremely crucial to prevent ugly consequences. Make sure the piercing and the mouth is cleaned with mouthwash regularly to avoid infection. There is a substantial increase in risk for patients with a tongue, lip or cheek piercing to experience gingival recession, according to the University of Hawaii. For individuals who have teeth which are more susceptible to dental caries, it is not advisable to get lip piercings as worn down teeth are even weaker against dental caries than usual.

This is extremely crucial, especially if you are using sewing needles that have been lying around the house for some time. Hold the area that you want to pierce with one hand, hold your breath, and pierce the needle where you left a mark.
However, you may need to try a number of times, before you are able to fit the jewelry on your lip perfectly.
Good and effective tooth brushing methods must also be establish as it is the fundamental requirement for good oral hygiene. This can lead to periodontal disease of the tooth, as the root may become exposed when the gums recede. Another reason is that getting a lip piercing done can be quite expensive which not many people can afford.
The best way to clean the needles is by boiling and sterilizing the needle in water for more than ten minutes. Though the discharge during the first few days is greenish or yellow in color, it will not last for a long time.
On the roots there is a layer of cementum, which anchors the tooth to the surrounding bone. Along with the needle, it is also important to clean the jewelry that you are going to wear after the piercing is done to prevent any kind of bacterial infection. Therefore, if you observe such discharge during the following weeks, it can be a sign of a lip piercing infection. Once exposed, this layer of cementum can be worn away easily and rapidly, causing the dentinal tubules to be exposed.
Though many people have done lip piercings on their own, the risk of complications is higher as compared to piercing done by a professional. If you find any such thing during your healing time, rush to the health practitioner as soon as possible. These dentinal tubules acts as a pathway for the bacteria to go to the bone surrounding the tooth, and induce inflammation.
However, if you are still keen on doing the piercing on your own, this article offers instructions to do it. Other things that one has to take care of during the healing period is avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, eating spicy foods, swimming, etc., as these activities can irritate the piercing and cause infection. It is also extremely crucial to clean the lip piercing twice every day by using a saline solution.

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