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For the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon, instead of cussing up a blue streak, I should tell you more on how I met Paul Doom, the Corexit-poisoned aspiring Marine in the wheelchair who was speaking at the Truth Out for the Gulf Forum and had a seizure onstage. This is what he found hope for: That detoxing naturally, under medical supervision, might make him well. As a result of their profound ability to degrade and live predominately on alkanes, as well as to become the dominant microbes in oil-contaminated areas, Alcanivorax plays a huge role in the biological cleanup of oil-contaminated environments. So Burners Without Borders kicked off a fundraiser for Paul Doom to get to the Gerson Clinic, and other Gulf Coast activists lamented that why should all the money go to one person when everybody down there is suffering.
I think chemical poisoning is only half of the multi-symptomatic mystery illness we’re dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico.
I find it odd that Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics company also partnered with Novartis to create a vaccine company.
What if that synthetic bacteria had spent this past year being sprayed by our military’s planes in ungodly amounts over the Gulf, sucked up into the clouds, rained down with the Alcanivorax borkumensis onto American grasses and GMO corn-feed fields, eaten by our feed animals, and absorbed through the wounds in their skin, while they are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and stuffed into crowded pens and eventually packaged in petroleum-based products for us to purchase in big-box stores across this fair and balanced land? And to all those hurt by the continued rejection of American media and the helplessness you feel at being ignored: So many people are working on it, in so many different ways. We can hack away at branches all we like, but the 28th Amendment for the Separation of Corporation and State will pull up corruption by the root. In my world … hemp is legalized, to make enough paper, clothing, seed, feed, oil, and biofuel to seriously kick Big Oil in the shins. Clinics paid for by the offending corporate parties spring up all along the coast, and Halliburton is revealed by WikiLeaks to be at the center of it all, with all the other slimeball spillionaires who have run this planet’s finances for so long their ego needs to be shot down like the Corexit planes they tried to fly again this summer when the water heated up and the oil rose to the surface.
In the magic world which could be real if you demanded, sand is sifted with your oil-eating micro-critter (NON-synthetic) of choice. According to SGI, synthetic genomics permits the construction of any specified DNA sequence, enabling the synthesis of genes (units of an organism’s hereditary information) or entire genomes (the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information), a process involving synthesis of ‘a 1.08 million base pair Mycoplasma mycoides genome, constructed from four bottles of chemicals that make up DNA.
Alcanivorax Borkumensis genome was first sequenced in 2003 at the German Research Center for Biotechnology. Oil eating microbes secrete biofilms which studies have shown to be rapidly colonized by other gram negative bacteria and can indeed cause human infection.
The result is NOT pretty: Oil+ Dispersants+Genetically modified bacteria + Some of the most dangerous bacteria known to man = Unprecedented disaster in the gulf.
There are countless casualties of the Deepwater Horizon explosion that sent oil spewing into the Gulf in late April, but how it is affecting Cajuns here is particularly profound: It threatens not just to take away their livelihoods, but also to grind down an identity of independence and self-reliance that was established when their ancestors were forced to find ways to survive in an environment that many considered uninhabitable.
Cajuns interviewed for this story all expressed loyalty to the land of their ancestors and said that those who traveled outside the state always find a reason to return. Say No To Corporate America: War Unlimited Incorporated — Every American should know this stuff! Local community advocates tell me that their phones are ringing off the hook with calls from people who are sick and looking for help. Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP – also known as lung plague), is a contagious bacterial disease that afflicts the lungs of cattle, buffalo, zebu, and yaks.
Impetigo is caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria which sometimes live on the skin. Wash your child’s sores four times a day with an antibiotic soap and pat the sores dry. Since Paul Doom is one of the worst-off of the Gulf Blue Plague sufferers who are speaking to the media, and since he’s a service-to-humanity-oriented individual, he decided to make himself the lab rat, and try Gerson therapy, under strict medical supervision at the Gerson home clinic in Hawaii. Which is the only place he’s found so far where he could detox with the kind of medical supervision he needs. These oil-contaminated environments in the ocean are largely due to anthropogenic sources such as oil spills caused by tankers accidents (Figure 2), and cause serious ecological damage to plants and animals on the coast as well as other inhabitants of the ocean. University of Georgia scientist Samantha Joye notes that scientists have no idea how the large quanties of dispersant will effect the Gulf’s microbial communities (for more information, watch part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 of Dr. After all, the reason our oceans are not black and sludgy is that many microbes eat hydrocarbons.

To match the crop failures we might expect this year, since the Oilpocalypse cut off the Loop Current and messed up the world’s weather?
Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) have announced the results of work on genome transplantation methods allowing them to transform one type of bacteria into another type dictated by the transplanted chromosome.
Synthetic or not, bacterial infections play a huge role in the Gulf mystery-illnesses we’re seeing.
Although all options are being considered at this point, and suggestions for medical detoxes other than Gerson Therapy are welcome. Craig Venter Institute filed patents for the Mycoplasma laboratorium genome (the *minimal bacterial genome*) in the U.S.
We’re watching revolutions happen all over the world and collectively getting up the courage. Out-of-work Cajun, Indian, and Vietnamese fishermen make their money by holding the marsh line in place with hemp crops, which remediate the oily Corexit-soil before they are chopped down to make paper. In the dream world, the Cajuns peacefully stopped the planes from taking off, and Gulf Coast communities banded together to pass legislation to extract money from their violators. Exxon is investing $300 million in Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics with plans to produce fuel from algae. In other words gram negative bacteria causes Alcanivorax Borkumensis to grow and multiply at a very quick rate. We also know it has been found in the air, which means it will be evaporated and all that you see here will come raining down on us.
Ecosystem restoration meetings on the Gulf coast have been overwhelmed by people testifying about health symptoms because it’s the only place they can be heard. It is caused by the bacterium Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides, and the symptoms are pneumonia and inflammation of the lung membranes. Because impetigo primarily affects school-aged children, it’s often called school sores. When a child has a cut or sore, the bacteria can get down into the deeper layers of skin and cause an infection. If your child has impetigo, you can help prevent the spread to other children by keeping her away from others until she is no longer contagious – about a day or two after she begins antibiotic treatment. Because of her reduced immunity, infections may be difficult to control and may need to be treated. So then all these other people in the Gulf Coast activism scene jumped to the conclusion that Paul Doom was asking for money to go on vacation in Hawaii with his family of scam artists. The fundraising is ongoing, and Paul and his family still live in coastal Florida — wearing respirators every time they leave the house, supercharged with activism, and preaching on the beaches when they can. For example, many underground gasoline storage tanks are leaking and contaminating groundwater supplies with benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX). An apocalyptic amount, they say, a shocking amount – all the way up and down the coast, from San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border. Microbes such as Alcanivorax provide a major route for the breakdown of these pollutants, and demonstrate how marine bacteria keep the environment in check. The Doom Squad got tested with donations, and funds are being raised for more, because sometimes people will leave if they see the results on paper. The Gulf of Mexico has a particularly active suite of native oil-eaters, which chew through the equivalent of about two Exxon Valdez spills a year — petroleum that seeps naturally into the Gulf from hundreds of rifts in its rocky basin.
With the coldest winters on record from Scandinavia to Egypt in 2010-2011, and tornadoes kicking off that giant whooshing sound in the middle of the country? Call the mayor, go to the City Council meeting, get the resolution passed, alert the media, and when you’re done, sweep the neighboring towns with emails and press releases too.
Other Cajun Navymen spend their days scrapping the metal from disused oil platforms, and re-plugging old shaky wells just in case of earthquake.
Matter of Trust hair boom soaks up the oil this summer when it heats up and washes ashore, and hay bales and non-toxic oil-eating diatoms and whatever else that’s natural, because there are a lot of us who would be down to go volunteer to try to make it work, non-toxically.
Mexico’s BioFields is investing $850 million in an Algenol Biofuels plant for ethanol from microalgae; Dow is adding $50 million to the venture.

In 2006, using isoelectrophoresis the gene was stripped and an artificial gene was inserted into the genome. Clean-up workers and community members are worried about an increase in unexplained symptoms such as rashes, chronic respiratory problems, fatigue, and headaches. You should also call the doctor if your child does not appear to be getting better or if her impetigo spreads or is getting worse even with antibiotic treatment. 11 x 17, fantastic-looking print, $20 including shipping and all proceeds benefit LEAN and Project Gulf Impact, who just walked with Cherri Foytlin and Drew Landry to Washington to testify and rally the troops.
Dad digs down into the sand to show the layers of Corexit-crude while Mom sets up and hosts the display, and Paul talks to vacationers who ate Gulf seafood the night before and whose kids are swimming in the water. Of all the Alcanivorax species and other oil-degrading microbes, Alcanivorax borkumensis is one of the most important worldwide due to the fact it produces a wide variety of very efficient oil-degrading enzymes. Moreover, as MSNBC notes, oil-eating bacteria are less active in deepwater, where much of the oil sinks after treatment with dispersants.
So, a capsule’s worth of turmeric in water with raw apple cider vinegar every day should allow me to eat bacon and brie for at least a while longer.
Could we be in for a new Dustbowl, as this article suggests, but now with added Franken-staph? In fact, Greenpeace just hit the jackpot with 30,000 pages of leaked internal BP documents they’ve just started to sift through. Big Oil pays for this, of course, and the scrapped metal can be used for newer, stronger buildings along the Gulf Coast to store hemp crops in. Greg Horowitt, T2 Venture Capital, reports that hundreds of millions are being invested in algal fuel companies such as Sapphire Energy, Aurora BioFuels, BARD, Solix, GreenFuel, and Solazyme.
It was particularly widespread in the United States in 1879, affecting herds from several states. Your child can get impetigo from other children or from sharing toys with infected children.
The microbial feeding frenzy that inevitably follows an oil spill upsets the equilibrium of the ocean: blooms of bacteria, for example, deplete oxygen levels. We’re all aware we need to start figuring this out on our own, because nobody is going to help us. Bad politicians from the bottom up are kicked out of office so that we can start over with a citizen-run, volunteer-civics-type democracy or Republic or whatever. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, which collected reports of health problems during the height of the spill, stopped publishing reports at the end of September.
The outbreak was so severe that it resulted in a trade embargo by the British government, blocking U.S. Paul wants to detox with Gerson Therapy and make a complete turnaround to show others that it can be done.
And should heavy hydrocarbons settle onto the cold seafloor, blanketing one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, the resulting tar field would persist indefinitely, like some sort of deep-sea parking lot.
I eat like a hippie and do lots of anti-bacterial things to myself, but I also spent a good part of the past 15 years choking on diesel fumes and flamethrower exhaust. This prompted the United States to establish the Bureau of Animal Industry, set up in 1884 to eradicate the disease, which it succeeded in doing.
We may even be talking about more than one Franken-microbe wreaking havoc, courtesy of the secretive unholy alliance between biotech and Big Oil. It is an airborne species, and can travel up to several kilometres in the right conditions. Two self-obsessed, ego-driven, greedy, racketeering, God-playing industries making out with each other and stepping on people and shitting all over our planet.
A Venter spokesperson has declined to confirm any breakthrough at the time of this writing, likely because similar genetic introduction techniques such as transfection, transformation, transduction and protofection have been a standard research practice for many years.

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