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Below I list some of the potential home remedies that offer relief from bacterial infection. The natural healing properties of yoghurt work wonders for several complications including potential bacterial infection. Foods that have a rich content of vitamin C offer much relief from bacterial infection, particularly if you are suffering from complications in throat. Tea water is another great home remedy for bacterial infection, particularly if you are suffering from the same in your genital area. Though a range of allopathic medicines are available that offer relief from bacterial infection, going for home remedies is a better option as these offer permanent cure from the problem. Take yoghurt on a regular basis and your bacterial infection related complications will diminish.

Few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar added to the bathing bucket in the morning will offer much needed relief. You need to take plenty of water and juices in case you are suffering from bacterial infection. Bacterial infection in urinary tract region gets cured,  if you take blueberry juice on a regular basis.
Include lemon, broccoli, papaya and tomatoes in your diet and you will get relief from complications related to bacterial infection. Place a tea bag in warm water and apply the same to the genital portion on a regular basis.
Alternatively,  you can apply yoghurt to the affected region and imminent relief will occur.

Diarrhea is also caused by a bacteria and in case you suffer from same, increase your fluid intake. Take blueberry juice at least thrice a day and you will have visible improvement in your condition in case you are suffering from bacterial infection in the urinary tract region. Vitamin C enriched food helps you develop a strong immune system, thus helping you get over any complication related to bacterial infection. Try this remedy for a week in case you are suffering from bacterial infection in any region next to your ear.

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