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Before we begin, study the diagram on the right to learn what structures are being described.
The viral pharyngitis is benign processes that resolve spontaneously, unlike bacterial pharyngitis or tonsillitis that can lead to complications such as abscesses and rheumatic fever.
Bacterial and viral tonsillitis The more correct way is by collecting material from throat swabs or swab with a cotton stick on the tip to collect material from the inflamed area for further laboratory evaluation.
Despite help from the swab, there is a practical problem: the identification of the infectious agent takes at least 48-72h. We explain below how to distinguish a viral sore throat from a bacterial pharyngitis by only clinical elements. Having tonsillitis caused by bacteria not present with respiratory symptoms described above, usually causes spots of pus on the tonsils and swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck.
The presence of pus and swollen glands in the neck speaks strongly in favor of a bacterial pharyngitis. Mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and usually goes with fever, purulent tonsillitis and swollen lymph nodes in the back of the neck (unlike bacterial tonsillitis that has swollen lymph nodes in the anterior neck).
As can be seen, the distinction between viral and bacterial pharyngitis is important, since the treatment is different.
Streptococcus pharyngitis Among the complications of bacterial pharyngitis, the main is rheumatic fever, which occurs mainly in children and young people.
The post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis is a kidney injury also caused by the same bacterium Streptococcus. There is a type of psoriasis, called guttate psoriasis, which is related to the Streptococcus pharyngitis. Antibiotics for angina To avoid the complications of bacterial tonsillitis described above, treatment should always be done with antibiotics.
Treatment with antibiotics derived from penicillin and amoxicillin (Amoxil) should be done for 10 days. If the symptoms of a bacterial pharyngitis are very strong, while waiting for the effect of antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve the inflammation of the throat. There are no studies that prove the effectiveness of homeopathy or herbal medicine in the treatment of pharyngitis. Who wants symptomatic relief without taking many drugs, the ideal is to perform various daily gargling with warm water and a pinch of salt.
The removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) is an option in children who present more than six episodes of strep throat every year. I'm 22 n has a chronic tonsillitis which has been I hv taken drugs but am still not recovered upon finishing my medications.
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In case of Bacterial Tonsillitis: Inflamed Tonsils with Fever and Swollen Tonsils but without Cold and Cough. Tonsillitis along with Severe Fever and Swollen Lymph nodes without any Cold or Cough is commonly seen in Bacterial Tonsillitis and the Doctor will suggest you a Strep Test. In Case of Viral Tonsillitis the Tonsils infection will be relieved on its own without any medication. Gargle with Warm water mixed with Salt in as many times as possible because of the isotonic nature of Salt the Bacterial infection is decreased and also helps in decreasing the Pain and discomfort. Is a Dental Practioner from India trying his bit to spread Oral Care Tips and doing his bit to spread knowledge and make Dental Education simplified for Dental Students. This disease is simply referred to as a sore throat and itchy throat caused just because of soreness of the Adam’s apple (pharynx), that is the part of the throat that lies just outside the back of the roof of the mouth and extend to the Adam’s apple (pharynx). It usually caused when viruses or sometimes bacteria which throat absorb from a cold, flu, or infection. In most cases pharyngitis remove on their own after three to ten days and it requires no therapy other than pain killer to relieve the discomfort. In addition, the reason of strep throat is streptococcal bacteria and this requires antibiotics to avert complications that include rheumatic fever. Throat infections are usually caused by the virus, although few are due to bacterial infections. Throat infection usually appearing after treatment with antibiotics, chemotherapy, or other immune compromising medications may be due to thrush. A sore throat which lasting for more than two weeks can be a sign of a serious illness, such as throat cancer or AIDS.
Diagnosis of pharyngitis is simply done by the examination of throat, lungs, and ears, monitoring of its appearance, and checking the neck for swollen lymph nodes. One should not need to go to doctor if he or she suffers from these types of symptoms like sore throat, itchy throat, throat infection or fever these can be treated simply by taking pain killers such as aspirin. You can also take a glass of warm water and mix half teaspoon of garlic paste and salt in it or take antiseptic lozenges or sprays may give you temporary relief. You have to continue antibiotics for at least 10 to 14 days when strep throat is diagnosed, yet if sore throat or throat infection and other symptoms collapse, to declare that all the bacteria are removed. Pharyngitis which is occurred due to viruses goes away its own; against the viral infection no antibiotics are successful, so treatment is aimed at easing symptoms. Exposure in to toxic fumes, air pollution, or industrial chemicals caused determined pharyngitis and it is treated by reducing or removing exposure to the noxious agents.
It is recommended by the doctors that Children under 18 should not take aspirin as a pain killer, because the risk is rare but serious illness which is called Reye’s syndrome can occur. Do not kissing or sharing your cups and eating utensils with anyone who has a throat infection, a cold, flu, mononucleosis, or bacterial infection. Most throat infection is caused by viruses or bacteria such as mouth breathing and it can be treated successfully at home. La difteria es una enfermedad infecciosa producida por una bacteria que puede afectar a las vias respiratorias, a la piel o puede no producir ningun sintoma (en este caso se trata de portadores sanos de la enfermedad). En los paises desarrollados la difteria esta practicamente erradicada debido a la vacunacion.

Por contagio directo, a partir de las gotitas respiratorias que eliminan al toser o al estornudar las personas infectadas o los portadores sin sintomas. Las lesiones cutaneas tambien son una fuente de infeccion, sobre todo en los climas tropicales. La difteria puede producirse en cualquier epoca del ano con un aumento de la incidencia en los meses mas frios.
El tiempo que transcurre desde que se tiene el contacto con la bacteria hasta que aparece la difteria (periodo de incubacion) es de 2 a 5 dias.
Aumento de la extension de las falsas membranas, lo que produce una obstruccion de las vias aereas. Inflamacion del corazon (miocarditis), es la complicacion mas frecuente y es proporcional a la gravedad de la enfermedad local. El diagnostico de la difteria se basa en la sintomatologia y requiere el cultivo de la bacteria en muestras tomadas de la faringe o de la nariz por medio de un bastoncillo de algodon. Que el tiempo transcurrido entre el comienzo de la enfermedad y la administracion de la antitoxina sea demasiado largo. La difteria cutanea tiene una tasa pequena de mortalidad y es raro que se asocie a complicaciones como la miocarditis o la afectacion nerviosa.
Los pacientes con difteria respiratoria deben ser hospitalizados para controlar la respuesta al tratamiento y vigilar las posibles complicaciones. La vacunacion ha reducido de forma muy importante la incidencia de difteria en los paises desarrollados. La vacuna ayuda a que el organismo produzca defensas contra la toxina difterica Se administra combinada con la del tetanos y la de la tos ferina.
Tdpa: Difteria, tetanos y tos ferina presentadas con menor dosis para difteria y tos ferina. La proteccion que se adquiere con la vacuna de la difteria no dura toda la vida, solo 10 anos. Todos los contactos proximos de un paciente con difteria (incluso aquellos con resultados de laboratorio negativos) deben comenzar con tratamiento antibiotico en cuanto se les tomen las muestras para el analisis del laboratorio.
Los contactos que desconozcan si estan o no vacunados deben recibir una dosis vacunal de recuerdo (Tdap). Los portadores de Corynebacterium diphteriae deben recibir tratamiento antibiotico y ser vacunados.
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The analysis of the collected material by the swab can identify the infectious agent is a bacterium or a virus. Respiratory viral infections do not usually cause symptoms restricted to the pharynx or tonsils. The bacterial pharyngitis can also cause swelling of the uvula and petechiae (bleeding points) on the palate.
However, some viral infections such as infectious mononucleosis may also be present with these findings.
Other signs and symptoms are the possible increase in spleen weight loss, and extreme fatigue signals hepatitis.
They are skin lesions that arise whenever there is a throat infection, which disappears after the cure. But you should remember that the anti-inflammatory drugs are only symptomatic, they do not treat the bacterial infection. As the incidence of complications is much lower in adults in this group the indication for tonsillectomy is more controversial, as there is a possibility of no improvement, just making sure the patient had bouts of tonsillitis and possibility to have bouts of pharyngitis, which ultimately is the same. They accumulate caseous (or caseum), a yellowish substance, like pus, which is actually debris of old inflammatory cells. Before we understand what tonsillitis is we need to know what Tonsils are and their functions. In simple terms it is Tonsils + Itis (Inflammation) – Inflammation of the Tonsils, which is caused due to Bacterial or Viral infection.
The different types of tonsillitis often is caused by different types of Bacteria or Virus.
If the infected person sneezes or Coughs the water droplets (Saliva) containing Bacteria or Virus are carried into the air and when these come  in contact with another person cause Tonsillitis. The Doctor usually asks you to open your mouth wide and put your tongue out as much as possible and with the help of a torch sees for the signs and symptoms of Tonsillitis.
The only medication required is for relieving you of the symptoms of pain and Discomfort which will be listed out later in this post. In case of Streptococcal Tonsillitis or Pharyngitis Pencillins, Cephalosporins (Cefalexin, Cefadroxil) are prescribed but in case of Patients allergic to Pencillins and Cephalosporins are given Erythromycin. Although, tissues may swell considerably and that will cause frustrate breathing due to itchy throat. Vincent’s angina because of fusobacteria and poor oral cleanliness may also cause ulcerative pharyngitis that is the main reason of malaise and low-grade fever. You can breathe in the air where bacteria or a virus are spread when someone sneezes or coughs, or you can easily transmit the organisms to your mouth or nose by touching a surface with germs on them. The appearance of both viral and bacterial pharyngitis is same, a throat examination is done to see either bacteria are present or not.
Any itchy throat that has a quick inception and fever is main reason of it so you have to take it serious and go to your doctor for proper check up. Su caracteristica principal es la formacion de falsas membranas (pseudomembranas) en la garganta (faringe), como consecuencia de una sustancia toxica (toxina) producida por la bacteria.

Sin embargo, la enfermedad persiste en los paises en vias de desarrollo en donde los sistemas de vacunacion son deficientes. El grado de afectacion depende del estado de inmunidad, es decir de las defensas de la persona contagiada.
La mayor parte de los pacientes con difteria respiratoria comienzan con dolor de garganta, fiebre menor de 38 °C, malestar general, dificultad al tragar, perdida de apetito y ronquera si se afecta la laringe.
Generalmente se debe a una infeccion de una lesion previa de la piel (herida,  eczema, o psoriasis) por Corynebacterum diphteriae. Los antibioticos se utilizan para disminuir el contagio, para eliminar al Corynebacterum diphteriae y para evitar la formacion continuada de toxina difterica.
El Calendario Vacunal Espanol recomienda vacunar a los 2, 4, 6 y 15-18 meses, con dosis de recuerdo a los 4-6 anos y a los 11-14 anos (6 dosis en total). Por eso algunos organismos internacionales recomiendan administrar una dosis de recuerdo cada 10 anos tras completar la vacunacion habitual. INFIRMUS incluye numerosos enlaces externos a lugares de contenidos originales, los cuales ofrecen una amplia oferta informativa de confianza, fidedigna y fiable, a nuestros visitantes. Esto permite que el tipo de enfermedades incluidas, las estadisticas aportadas y, en general, toda la informacion administrada, sea una informacion especialmente relevante para los pacientes de nuestro pais.
En medicina no existe el absoluto y cualquier decision diagnostica o terapeutica debe ser individualizada para cada paciente y debe ser siempre tomada por un medico o profesional de la salud. Un tratamiento puede ser eficaz para una determinada persona y estar contraindicado para otra persona con la misma enfermedad. La informacion no puede ser reproducida ni redistribuida sin el expreso permiso de INFIRMUS.
As laboratory tests are now faster to identify bacteria, but it's not always easy to collect and send the material for analysis. Another tip is that the viral pharyngitis, although the throat becomes very inflamed, pus is unusual. The fever of bacterial infection is usually higher than in viral, but this is not a rule, since there are cases of influenza and high fever.
If the frame suggests bacterial pharyngitis, we should start antibiotics in order not only to accelerate the healing process, but also to prevent complications and transmission to other family members, especially those with intimate and prolonged contact. In those patients with marked edema of the pharynx, who can not swallow tablets, or those who do not want to take medication for several days, an option is intramuscular injection of benzathinepenicillin, the famous one-time Benzetacil. If the symptoms are very uncomfortable, anti-inflammatory can be used by two or three days. In addition, Our in house RTB ensures optimum performance on your website in terms of both relevance and fill rates. Tonsils are Simple Lumps or Balls of Lymphatic Tissue in the Back of the Oral Cavity on either side of the back of the tongue. Hence Tonsillitis is affected more in children because of the close contact they have with other children at Schools. Only a proper dental Checkup by a professional in person can help diagnose the problem you are suffering from and help give you the required treatment. The groups C and G of streptococci also related with exudative pharyngitis and tonsillitis.
The throat is wash with cotton and takes a sample from throat sent it to a laboratory for investigation and analysis. Strep infection is very serious because it leads to rheumatic fever and damage your heart valves. Any throat infection in which you feel difficulty in swallowing or breathing, t is serious and you have to see doctor. Puede producir paralisis de alguna zona de la garganta (del paladar blando o de la faringe), paralisis de los nervios craneales (afectando a la movilidad de los ojos, de la cara o paralisis de la laringe) o paralisis de otros nervios del cuerpo. Su administracion temprana es prioritaria en el manejo de la enfermedad respiratoria; disminuye tanto su extension como el riesgo de desarrollar complicaciones y la mortalidad. La difteria cutanea requiere tratamiento antibiotico, si bien es tambien primordial tratar la enfermedad cutanea inicial. Sin embargo, esta informacion pudiera no ser adecuada para otros paises de nuestra misma lengua donde la disponibilidad de determinados tratamientos o tecnicas diagnosticas fuera mas limitada.
Es responsabilidad de cada visitante informarse sobre la politica de privacidad de las paginas enlazadas.
As they are anatomically close, it is very common for the pharynx and tonsils to ignite simultaneously, a framework called tonsillitis.
The prescription of antibiotics such as amoxicillin in patients with mononucleosis may lead to the development of allergy with red spots appearing all over the body. You should always understand that a Patient to Doctor interaction is the only way to properly diagnose the problem and decide its cure. Any throat itchy that lasts for more than a week should be evaluated by a health care professional. El paciente suele acudir al medico por presentar ulceras con una base grisacea que no terminan de cicatrizar, sobre todo en las extremidades. Debe ser administrada en cuanto se obtengan muestras para cultivar, sin esperar a los resultados del laboratorio.
Los portadores de Corynebacterum diphteriae deben recibir tratamiento antibiotico ya que la vacunacion no previene el estado de portador. La coleccion de enlaces incluye imagenes, videos, conexiones con otras paginas web de salud, informacion sobre Sociedades Cientificas, asociaciones de pacientes, estadisticas, blogs, aplicaciones para dispositivos moviles, etc. Although they ignite together, some people have predominantly tonsillitis, while others, pharyngitis.
But if these Tonsils get infected by Bacteria or Virus it leads to inflammation of the Tonsils. The test of strep is usually performed and analyzed in the office of physician and one can get results in 15 minutes. La afectacion de la nariz puede ser leve o moderada y puede producir sangrado con las secreciones nasales.
Throughout the text I will differentiate the terms pharyngitis and tonsillitis, but what goes for one, also serves to the other. A diferencia de las “placas” que se forman en las amigdalas o en la faringe como consecuencia de otras infecciones, las falsas membranas de la difteria estan fuertemente adheridas a estas zonas y al intentar quitarlas se puede producir sangrado.
Somos conscientes de que la ausencia de informacion sobre algunos temas, ha motivado la seleccion de algunos enlaces cuya calidad se encuentra en el limite de lo exigible, si bien han sido mantenidos al aportar un valor anadido al conocimiento de una determinada enfermedad.
En los casos graves se observan ganglios (adenopatias) e inflamacion de la parte delantera del cuello, lo que puede producir el aspecto de “cuello de toro”.
Es posible que algunos de los enlaces de la pagina dejen de estar temporal o definitivamente operativos.

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