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Mould are living organisms that belong to the fungi family, they are microscopic in size and is characterized by its cotton-like features that may appear in colors such as gray, white, black, or green. SoSafe Spray Away rapidly cleans internal surfaces affected by water, mould, fungus, moss, grime and other discoloration causing agents, returning the surface to original condition. Spray Away is an ideal  bleach replacement, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, nonhazardous and biodegradable.
Ideal for removing dirt, mould, fungus and grime from; interior hard surfaces including dry walls, tiles, ceramics, grout, concrete, timber, walls and ceilings. SoSafe ESR – pH Boosted is a powerful cleaner ideal for outdoor surfaces affected by weather deterioration, water, general build-up, grime, grease, oil, mould, fungus, moss and discolouration.
SoSafe ESR - pH Boosted is a chlorine free, single part chemical with disinfecting characteristics.
External Surface Revival (ESR)  - pH Boosted, with mould control is the only proven solution to remove mould, moss, mildew, pollution, dirt, oil stains and other discoloration on hard surfaces including concrete, pavers, wood and tiles without the hassle of bleach or chlorine.
SoSafe Spray Away – with mould control has been specifically designed to kill mould and mildew in all indoor applications including tiles, wood, grout, fabrics, gyprock (plaster), silicone, enamels, metals, plastics, fiberglass, concrete and many other surfaces. From mild allergic reactions such as wheezing, irritated nose, eyes, throat or lungs through to triggering asthmatic attacks.
Considering the well reported dangers of mould indoors, it’s time for safer air, with Safe Air!
SoSafe Safe Air will neutralise mould where it occurs and is suitable for mouldy basements. Australian tea tree oil is volatile and its vapors kill germs and moulds in the indoor air.
The tea tree oil is penetrating – the oil and its vapors penetrate into porous materials, where they provide a lasting protection. What type of substrate has the graffiti been applied to?What type of graffiti has been applied? The SoSafe manual indicates the correct graffiti removal products to use on particular substrates. SoSafe’s philosophy is to use the product that will cause minimal impact to the substrate below, from time to time the product may require more time on the surface to remove the graffiti however this softer approach will minimize the risk of damaging the substrate below. NOTE: Always test on a non-critical area for adverse effects, before commencing graffiti removal. X → Product suitable to be used with substrate, and should be rinsed with water after desired affect is achieved.! SoSafe has a range of seven graffiti removers to fill different client needs around the world, most councils & professional graffiti removal contractors require only three types of graffiti removers to be able to remove graffiti from ALL SURFACE TYPES.
SoSafe manufactures a range of surface cleaning products, often these products have a variety of applications in a broad range of industries. Mold and mildew removal from building exteriors, driveways, asphalt, astroturf, bowling greens, bricks, concrete, cladding, grouting, limestone, marble, outdoor furniture, pots, paintwork, paths, patios, pool surrounds, sandstone, shade sails, teak decks, tiles, timber decks, tombstones, umbrellas(outdoor), vinyl cladding, weatherboards and more. If not using a pressure washer, scrub surface with a scourer, nylon hard bristle or wire brush, to break the seal.
Repeat steps 2 to 5, keep area wet with graffiti removal product, until all graffiti is loose.
Apply SoSafe Green Label Graffiti Remover to surface, ensure graffiti remover has come into contact with graffiti. NOTE: While rubbing the graffiti remover on the graffiti it will take some time for the graffiti to react, the graffiti will seem to suddenly release. SoSafe along with a graffiti removal team set out to improve the performance of the current graffiti removal solutions in transport sector. SoSafe performed a quick clean on baked on egg white that had appeared to be on the train for a minimum of one week.
This is a common situation among many passenger rail networks whereby many of the train doors have been damaged through a combination of frequent graffiti attacks and use of unsuitable graffiti remover for the surfaces.
SoSafe Yellow for painted surfaces is an Ideal graffiti remover for the more sensitive surfaces such as: Perspex, plastics, traffic signage and painted surfaces.
SoSafe Yellow is widely accepted as the most effective sensitive surface graffiti removal product in Australia and is approved for use on a range of surfaces including 3M reflective traffic signs, CSR Alutri panels and Telstra phone boxes. One of the graffiti removal technicians advised SoSafe that there are a several issues removing marker tags on the carpet walls below the windows inside the cabins. We have introduced SoSafe ESR an non hazardous all-purpose surface cleaner (AQIS Approved & TGA Hospital Grade Disinfectant) that has proven successful to remove marker marks, blood and other stains without damaging fabrics. Due to human and environmental factors, outdoor surfaces frequently need cleaning to remove dirt, greases, tannins and mould. Fortunately SoSafe has developed a product which not only provides a solution to each of the common stains listed above, it does not cause corrosion of metals.
The majority of surface cleaners and mould removers on the market are typically chlorine or bleach based.
The degradation on the nail & screw treated with a typical bleach based cleaner is severe, illustrating the damage caused by using the wrong product in application. Microbiological testing was undertaken at Monash University to establish if SoSafe Safe Air inhibited and killed various microbes at given concentrations. Serratia marcescens *causes UTI, hospital epidemics, septicemia, peritonitis, arthritis, and respiratory infections. Enterococcus faecalis *grows in the intestinal tract and causes hospital acquired infections and UTI. Bacillus cereus *can cause food poisoning and diarrhea through contaminated food via the mouth. Trichophyton rubrum *can cause skin diseases such Athlete’s Foot, Tinea and ring worm of the nails, beard and groin.
Aspergillus niger *can cause Pneumonia in immunocompromised patients, skin infections in burn victims, corneal and external ear infections.
To conclude, it is apparent that the growth of all bacteria and fungal strains tested were inhibited by SoSafe Safe Air. Overall the study shows significant effectiveness of SoSafe Safe Air to kill and inhibit selected airborne bacteria and fungal strains.

Eczema is a common skin problem in individuals with brown skin including those of Asian, Latino and African descent. In cases in which eczema is inherited along with the conditions, asthma and hay fever, it is termed, atopic dermatitis. Once eczema flares in brown skin, treating it promptly is key to not only eliminating the itch, but also avoiding hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.
Avoiding skin irritants, including chemicals and clothing, is an important preventative measure for individuals with eczema.
All individuals with eczema will need to modify bathing habits, skin care products and other chemicals that come into contact with the skin. For severe eczema, oral steroids (Prednisone) or injected steroids (Kenalog, Aristocort) may be necessary. TIMS or Topical Immunomodulators are topical agents (calcineurin inhibitors) that are used for the treatment of eczema.
Non-TIMS are non-steroid, non-tims topical creams that have been recently developed for the treatment of eczema. A: The hormone levels that increase during pregnancy are responsible for many of the changes in the skin. The mission of Society Hill Dermatology is to provide excellent dermatologic care for both the adult and pediatric patient.
All indoor mould growth is potentially harmful and should be removed promptly, no matter what types of mould are present or whether they can produce toxins.
The most common types of indoor moulds are Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Penicillium. This product can be used on almost any hard surface and is made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable with naturally occurring ingredients. A non-corrosive formulation that will clean almost any surface and has a residual effect that continues to protect the surface for up to 12 months from mould spore and fungus, after just one application.
ESR PHB is safe for use on almost any surface and includes an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and naturally occurring ingredient.
If mould affected materials are not properly cleaned, high levels of airborne mould spores may cause health risks for mould-sensitive people and pets caused by mycotoxins. Once opened, natural evaporation occurs and Safe Air starts working immediately to neutralize and sterilise mould.
Heating and air conditioning professionals, cleaning companies, professional duct cleaners, property owners and managers, real estate agents, use SoSafe Safe Air. This natural oil is an effective antiseptic, fungicide and bacteriacide, and has many safe and effective uses. It is used as a disinfectant to purify indoor air in homes, offices, cruise ships, and hotels. Tea tree oil is inhaled using diffusers or vaporizers to clear up sinuses or bronchial congestion, and to help with colds and influenza, asthma, coughs, whooping cough, and viral infections. The vapors saturate the air, spread by diffusion and chase biological pathogens into low-ventilated corners and even into sheetrock, ceilings, upholstery, and carpeting.
The more sensitive the surface the shorter the time the graffiti product is on the surface. Particular care must be taken to reduce the risk of damaging the substrate below the graffiti. It is best to clean and then brush the surface with a nylon brush before applying SoSafe Green to the surface. So Safe Yellow graffiti remover has been specific designed to work slowly to reduce chance of incidental damage of the under lying substrate. If you are looking for a specific graffiti removal product such as LVP-VOC graffiti remover, graffiti remover with no prop65 listed chemicals, water neutralized graffiti remover or another specific graffiti remover, then contact a SoSafe consultant today. Alternatively use SoSafe Professional, wait a couple of minutes and apply shadow chaser, wait a couple of minutes, pressure clean or rinse with bucket water. It is possible to use graffiti remover however the substrate may be affected adversely & takes longer. Some types graffiti ink bite into Plasglass and damage the substrate, therefore perfect job may not be possible. Alternatively use SoSafe Professional, wait 10 minutes and apply shadow chaser, wait a couple of minutes and then rinse (if pressure cleaning do not wash higher than 1000psi). We have identified some substitute chemicals (see below) that will increase the speed and efficacy over the current solutions used. By substituting Citra-Force with SoSafe Rapid-Off we found the egg released from the surface almost instantly allowing the surface to be wiped clean with a rag in seconds. Significantly reduces the risk of surface damage as illustrated in the picture on the previous page. The first issue is that carpet can be difficult to clean and secondly the graffiti remover if left, can cause fading. The ghosting can be reduced by getting to the graffiti as soon as practical and by allowing more contact time between the graffiti and the fibreglass. Most of the outdoor cleaning products available today use to clean outdoor areas are chlorine or bleach based. Have a look below to see our laboratory corrosion test between SoSafe External Surface Revival and a competitors cleaner.
Testing was done using the standard broth dilution method for bacterial and fungal strains.
These bacterium killed include *Legionella pneumophila*, the bacterium responsible for Legionnaires disease. Eczema usually appears in childhood or adolescence and frequently continues throughout adulthood. An individual with eczema may have only one stage or the stages may progress from one to another. While there is no cure for eczema, the condition can be kept under control by modifying certain daily routines and receiving prompt treatment. Understanding the causes of eczema, trigger factors and proper skin care techniques are the first step to treating eczema.

They are prescribed for a limited period of time only and are reserved for the most severe cases.
They do not contain steroids and therefore do not carry the risks associated with that medications.
Whether your ethnicity and skin care needs are related to your Asian skin care, Latina skin care, African American skin care, Black skin care, or Indian skin care, this site is meant for you.
The site contains skin care tips and advice designed to help individuals with skin of color understand their skin type. SoSafe has developed a mould management system to assist service companies in the removal and prevention of mould in commercial and residential applications. SoSafe Spray Away contains no quaternary ammonium, chlorine or bleach compounds and delivers a hospital grade disinfectant clean. SoSafe Safe Air the complete treatment systems developed by SoSafe partners for improved indoor air quality.
Safe Air is not a perfume that conceals mould, Safe Air attacks the mould spores neutralizing the adverse effects leaving a cleaner, fresher, healthier place.
Low quality environmentally affected paints are more likely to be effected by graffiti removal products.
Depending on the graffiti, the substrate maybe damaged and a perfect job may not be achievable without painting out. Some inks will be taken in by plastic and therefore a perfect job in some situations cannot be achieved. Below are a series of images illustrating the damage a typical cleaner causes to nails & screws in 72 hours in comparison to the SoSafe cleaning variant. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the minimum bactericidal (killing) concentrations (MBC) and minimal fungicidal concentrations (MFC) were established against various airborne bacteria and fungi.
The disease causes, boils, would infections, lung infections, toxic shock, scaled skin infections, and food poisonings from food handling of infected food.
Although it is unknown if the incidence of eczema is increased in Latinos, one study found a significantly higher percent of Mexican American adolescents with eczema than white and African American adolescents.
However, melanin in brown skin makes it more reactive to itching, irritation and inflammation. For mild to moderate eczema, topical corticosteroids, formulated as creams, ointments, lotions, foams or oils are commonly prescribed. It is not only a good emollient, but treats eczema and can be used for chronic cases or eczema.
University tests show SoSafe Safe Air inhibits the 20 most common bacteria, yeast and moulds that circulate through air conditioning systems.
Safe Air mould neutralizer is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and produced with natural Tea Tree Oil (the world’s most powerful natural antiseptic). Australian tea tree oil is a totally natural product produced by steam distillation of the leaves.
Should the marker graffiti be stubborn, leave graffiti remover on for a longer period of time. SoSafe Blue Gel has all the same solvency characteristics of SoSafe Blue Liquid in a slightly higher viscosity, similar to Erase-It though the key benefit of advanced solvency will shorten the contact time required.
Furthermore the SoSafe  cleaner also provides up to a years protection against future mould growth. Below is an explanation of the organisms tested, the diseases or ailments that they can cause and the level at which the SoSafe Safe Air kills it. A study of Chinese, Vietnamese and white infants found a higher incidence in the Chinese and Vietnamese infants. In addition, in black skin, eczema may appear as rough, brown papules (bumps) near follicles which is termed, follicular papules. When scratched or rubbed, the inflamed skin can become hyperpigmented, thickened and crusted. These agents, which come in many different strengths from class 1 (superpotent) to class 7 (low potency), are usually prescribed twice daily for a two to three week period. These bugs can cause flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, food poisoning, skin rashes, bleeding noses, conjunctivitis, scaled skin, infections, golden staph, ear infections and more. For very difficult graffiti removal it maybe necessary to hire a professional with a high pressure hot water system to hit the surface at 70+ degrees at 2800 psi. Eczema can be a difficult and embarrassing challenge for anyone, but for a person of color with eczema, there are multiple concerns including disfiguring discoloration of the skin (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation). Low potentcy corticosteroids are commonly used to treat the face, body folds (groin, axillary) and in the diaper area.
During the flue season, it can be used to prevent the spread of germs in homes and offices. Also, in brown skin, eczema may appear differently than in white skin thus making the correct diagnosis more difficult. There has been concern raised regarding cancers in laboratory animals fed immunomodulators orally. Long-term side effects, which are more likely with white skin, are possible skin cancers and enhanced aging.
Type H2 and H3 antihistamines are generally non-sedating and are also helpful in treating eczema. For lichenified plaques and regions such as the palms and soles superpotent steroids are often prescribed.
Further long-term human studies are needed to completely understand the side effects with topical immunomodulator therapy.
Although topical steroids treat the inflammation that is characteristic of eczema, serious complications can develop from overuse or prolonged use, especially those that are superpotent.

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