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However, the amount of discharge depends on the stress that you may be under, the hormonal changes in your body and any medication or illness that you may be suffering from.Sometimes the discharge is due to the onset of your menstrual cycle. Wear dark clothes on days of heavy discharge as light clothes will show stains if the flow is extremely heavy.Keep a track of the days when the discharge is heavy. Avoid stressors and avoid foods that you list as those that cause a heavy discharge.Wipe the area well after every hour to keep it dry.

The colored paper is normally made with artificial dyes and can cause irritation to the vagina and cause itching or fine boils.Avoid using vaginal deodorants or perfumes. Note if there are any changes in your food patterns or in your stress levels that cause the flow to fluctuate. Always use unscented versions as your skin may have an allergic reaction to the fragrances that are added to products as they are artificial. This may be signs of an infection and must be shown to a doctor immediately to avoid complications at a later stage.

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