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Following antibiotic treatment with probiotics, such as those found in yogurt, can help women avoid yeast infections.
Yeast infections may be treated with over-the-counter medication taken in the form of vaginal suppositories over 1, 3 or 7 days.
Dietary and lifestyle changes in combination with medication is the best cure for yeast infections. While antifungal medications offer a fast cure for yeast infection symptoms, the best cure combines medication and working to rebalance yeast levels while endeavoring to prevent a recurring yeast infection, all at the same time.
When speaking of a cure for yeast infection, vaginal infections are the types that immediately come to most people’s minds. While the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection primarily include itching and a foul smelling odor accompanied by a moderate to severe discharge, the symptoms of an infection in other parts of the body may produce itching skin, weight loss or gain, congestion, skin rash and a lowered immunity to other infections. It’s unlikely that any of your dogs will have a nail disease that isn’t related to trauma of some kind.
However, if your dog’s nails become crusty with irritated-looking tissue around the nail, you’re going to want someone like Klaus in your corner. This dog has systemic lupoid onychodystrophy, a rare nail disease that typically affects every nail on all four paws. Conditions like onychomycosis (pronounced uh-neek-oh-my-KOH’-sis) and systemic lupoid onychodystrophy (uh-neek-oh-DIS’-truh-fee) are hard to diagnose, require long-term treatment and often reoccur.
Systemic lupoid onychodystrophy, or SLO, is particularly troublesome, and fortunately quite rare.
So, when it does happen, Loft often biopsies affected tissue to see if something else is going on, such as cancer, or an autoimmune disease or infection.
He treats dogs diagnosed with SLO with combinations of doxycycline or tetracycline and niacinamide, plus supplementation with biotin (a B vitamin, also identified as “H”) and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Unfortunately, about 50 percent of dogs he sees with the condition have a relapse within six months. Because of this, Loft says, the whole experience can be as frustrating for the owner as the acute stage is painful for the dog.
Onychomycosis, on the other hand, has many known sources – several types of fungus, any one of which can enter the dog’s nail or adjacent skin when it’s had a previous trauma or a cut in the nail bed. For those that don’t resolve, treatment is, again, long-term; three to six months can be needed. A common fungus found in canine claws is often referred to as “ringworm,” but has nothing to do with worms of any kind, but rather, dermatophytes.
Loft prefers to pull the nail off or even have it amputated to determine what kind of fungus is causing the problem.
The harder part is that any animal that’s been in contact with the dog must also be treated, and the dog’s entire home or the complete kennel must be decontaminated, Loft says.

Less common fungal infections, from cryptosporidiosis to sporotrichosis, will also “gladly invade the nail area or anywhere else for that matter.” Some are much more dangerous than ringworm. Paronychia (pronounced pair-uh-NEEK’-ee-uh) is a term used to describe any infection that causes inflammation around the nail. Such infections can happen, for example, if your dog gets a cut in its nail bed, toe or paw on the beach, then licks or chews the paw, transferring bacteria from his mouth into the cut. Some things you don’t need to worry about too much in regard to your dogs’ nails are allergies, nutritional diseases and parasitic infections. To prevent something minor from becoming serious or to catch something serious early on, watch your dogs’ nails for any swelling or redness in the tissue right around the nail, a change in nail color or tissue that doesn’t look normal in any way. Because nail disease is rare, you’re more likely to seek out a specialist because of a mishap, and those are much harder to miss. Susan Chaney has been on the editorial side of publishing since 1990, starting her career as a newspaper features writer and editor. The fastest and most common short-term cure for this type of infection is an antifungal medication. Besides the genitals, some of the most common places yeast infections are found are in the stomach, skin, esophagus, and nasal passages. Depending on where the infection is, a cure for yeast infection often requires a combination of treatments. I don't care how healthy your diet is; everyone is going to catch a bug occasionally and will need antibiotics.
Typically there’s a secondary infection associated with it, so he treats that and also provides pain management for the acute stage while the nails are falling off. While steroids or cyclosporine can be used as well, Loft doesn’t use them because he doesn’t believe the potential side effects will be justified – over the treatment period – for a dog whose life is not in jeopardy.
Loft puts those dogs back on the regimen for six months – two to three times the length of the first round. The other bad news is that if it’s in the nails, it’s likely in the dog’s hair and also in your own skin as some of these fungal infections have an affinity for hair and skin, as well as nail tissue, and can be zoonotic.
The surgeon would decide how much to amputate, from part of a claw to as much as part of a toe to remove needed tissue for biopsy.
Over the course of treatment, the nail must be cultured regularly to see if there’s still evidence of infection. However, it is important for the veterinarian to determine the cause so the right medicine can be prescribed. Nail problems due to poor nutrition were not that uncommon in the ‘70s and ‘80s, he says, when people were feeding homemade raw diets to their dogs and didn’t supplement properly. A lifelong lover of dogs, Susan has lived with German Shepherds, Labs, Yorkies, an Irish Setter, a Great Dane-Bloodhound mix, a Sheltie and currently a Chihuahua mix of unknown pedigree.

Learning about the different types of yeast infections also helps when seeking a cure for yeast infection, particularly in cases of recurring infections. Even if chemical medications are used, the absolute best cure for yeast infection includes getting proper amounts of rest, eliminating sugar and processed foods from the diet, avoiding fermented foods, and increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
If I'm on antibiotics, I always eat yogurt, and this helps me keep from getting diarrhea from their effects, but it doesn't stop the yeast infection. A veterinary dermatologist, Loft says that more than 90 percent of canine nail issues are related to these kinds of trauma.
Loft has been seeing cases since 2001, but the 15 or so he sees each year make up less than 1 percent of his caseload.
Using replaceable filters on heating vents and a dehumidifier will also help prevent the fungus from surviving and spreading. But an infection in the nail fold can also be bacterial, from yeast or as a result of trauma. In order to completely eliminate possible causes of infection and rebalance yeast levels, however, health experts recommend discontinuing the use of feminine hygiene sprays and powders, as well as avoiding douching. Also, some develop a systemic yeast infection in the blood, which can cause death if not professionally treated in a timely, effective manner. A cure for yeast infection may also likely include treating an underlying illness, such as diabetes, which is known to cause a recurring yeast infection in some people. As a result, my doctor just gives me a prescription for Diflucan when I get the antibiotics filled.
When a dog does contract it, “one of the symptoms we can see dermatologically is that the nails develop an excessively absurd curvature.” It’s much more prevalent in Europe, he adds. Susan lives in Long Beach, Calif., with her artist husband, Tim, that Chi mix and two big cats. Often, infections are caused by antibiotic use, which can be avoided by building a healthy immune system through diet and exercise, as well as following an antibiotic treatment with probiotics, such as those found in plain, unsweetened yogurt.
For most types, antifungal medications, as well as natural remedies such as eating a healthy diet, cleansing the body of toxins and avoiding alcohol, especially beer, are all best for the long-term cure for yeast infection. And although there’s no scientific evidence that it’s related to a hyper-reactive or inappropriate immune response, it is suspected that might be the case. As an editor and writer for Best In Show Daily, she is reveling in the amalgam of three loves: writing, editing and dogs.

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