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A neti pot is an over-the-counter (OTC) treatment for sinus drainage in the throat that comes with saline wash to empty the nasal passages. Preventative measures and medication are among the best ways to handle sinus drainage in the throat. Chlorpheniramine is one OTC antihistamine that works to dry up sinus drainage at the back of the throat. OTC nasal sprays may be employed when drainage is at its worst, but they should not be used regularly. Prescription antihistamine nasal spray, such as azelastine, is designed to address allergic reactions that lead to mucus in the throat. Another self-care measure that may get rid of sinus drainage in the throat is assessing the environment and removing potential triggers. A person with sinus drainage in the throat may find that a combination of medications and nasal washes gives the best results. I've been searching for a way to stop sinus drainage in my throat, but nothing I've done has worked. It can be difficult to point out just a single method as the best way to get rid of stretch marks because there are many effective ones that those who are worried of ugly marks can try. Before trying to figure out the best way to get rid of stretch marks, let’s first try to understand what they are.
When talking about the ways to get rid of stretch marks, there are people who say that they tried non-invasive remedies and were able to find impressive results. When it comes to old silvery or whitish marks, the best way to get rid of stretch marks is microdermabrasion. Whatever is the best way to get rid of stretch marks that you use, know that you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to get the best results. Granting that you’ve already found the best way to get rid of stretch marks, do you think there is that one method that can help you completely eradicate them?
It may be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications and self-care measures. OTC decongestants such as pseudoephedrine thin mucus, making it easier to cough up or blow out of the nose. Ipratropium bromide is another prescription antihistamine that may help clear the nasal passages and sinuses. Some allergists recommend that patients with postnasal drip use the nasal wash each night before using a steroid nasal spray. In this article, you will learn about the most effective methods of getting rid of stretch marks so keep reading.
Basically, they are scarring in the skin that manifest on the middle layer called the dermis. The best way to get rid of stretch marks effectively is by attacking them from the inside so if you have them, make sure that you start drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Your daily meal should have healthy food and you should be eating more of carrots, grapefruits, oranges, nuts, eggs and fish. The best way to get rid of stretch marks doesn’t always mean the most expensive one because castor oil can actually work wonders on your skin. There are many different lotions available in the market today that aim to improve the texture of the skin and lessen the visibility of scars. Enhancing the blood circulation in the body is what cocoa butter best known for and it also has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkling properties.
There are people who find the natural remedies as the best options while others find the medical procedures as the answer to their problems with stretch marks. This treatment works by getting rid of the skin’s outermost layer and promoting the growth of new elastic tissue. Honestly, you can always try to reduce the visibility of stretch marks with the abovementioned ways but nothing will actually completely eradicate them. Unfortunately, the best way to get rid of prescription drugs is not that clear.To make matters more complicated, government officials, the FDA, and environmentalists don’t always agree on what proper disposal is. OTC antihistamines can dry up the drainage and decongestants thin the mucus and reduce swelling in the nasal membranes; these are available in pill and spray formulations. Combination antihistamine and decongestant medications are generally available without a prescription for people who need both types of drugs but want to take as few pills as possible. This effect actually causes the body to produce more mucus, which may make sinus drainage in the throat worse. With the stretching of the connective layer beyond its capability, the ugly marks are formed weakening the collagen production in the skin hence the appearance of delicate scars on the topmost layer of the skin. This will reduce the sharpness of the discoloration in the skin and you’ll notice the results in a few weeks’ time only.
As much as possible, avoid eating greasy and junk food like soda and chips because stretch marks will more likley to occur if you have nutritional deficiency.
Just rub oil into the unsightly marks several times a day and you’ll find that they would lighten and fade within a few weeks of rubbing castor oil on them.
Use your preferred lotion, apply it on your stretch marks twice a day, once in the morning and another at night.
Just rub lemon juice over the stretch marks following a circular motion while gently massaging the skin at the same time.
Just massage cocoa butter on the stretch marks everyday for 2-5 minutes and you can expect the results within a few weeks.
What a laser therapy does is promote the growth of elastin and collagen that helps a lot in treating the ugly marks showing in the topmost layer of the skin. According to experts, one session of this treatment with a dermalogist costs around $75 to $200 and may require multiple sessions to get the best results.
It can take time for the stretch marks to fade away and once you feel like they aren’t that obvious anymore, do not be shy.

The closest that you can get is lessen their visibility that other people won’t know you have stretch marks unless they examine your skin thoroughly.
Prescription antihistamine or steroid nasal sprays lessen the production of mucus and decrease swelling. Medical professionals may recommend a nasal wash once or twice per day depending upon the severity of symptoms. Whatever food is available with vitamins C and E should help make the existing stretch marks fade away. If you cannot afford the expensive creams or medical procedures, this method should work alright.
It doesn’t negatively affect the skin but damages the chromophores that is found in the dermis or the middle layer of the skin.
Self-care measures such as daily nasal washes and removing environmental triggers may also help fight sinus drainage in the back of the throat. It can take weeks or months of consistent application before the desired effects are noticeable.
In most cases, with the exception of the following list, medications should not be flushed down the sink or toilet.
The FDA has created this list of medications that they recommend flushing if the drugs are expired, unwanted, or unused.
Holding onto the following medications can cause risk if accidentally taken or given to children or pets who are not prescribed to take them. Most government organizations now recommend that you dispose of old medications in the trash rather than the toilet. It is suggested that you remove the medication from its original container, mix it with an undesirable substance (such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds), put the mixture into a Ziploc baggie or a container with a lid, then throw the package in the trash.Be aware that there are some concerns that if you remove the medication from the container, and the drugs are ingested, there will be no way of knowing what drug has been taken. For that reason some experts recommend blacking out the name and personal information from the prescription bottle, and then covering the bottle in a container with an undesirable substance.3. Take Back programs have been created to offer a safe way to dispose of old or unwanted medication.
These must be facilitated utilizing proper guidelines and in most cases a law enforcement officer must supervise or be present because of the potential of controlled substances being brought for disposal. To find a Take Back program happening near you, or if you are interested in starting a local Take Back program in your area learn more at the Take Back program website.4. Continue your research.  Lastly, keep in mind that the information in this article is subject to change.
The FDA and our government are continually evaluating safety risks and looking for the best solutions.

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