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Along with the companionship cats give their owners, they sometimes leave a more unwelcome notice of their presence by urinating where they shouldn't. Step 1Place paper towels on a fresh cat urine spot and stand on it to absorb the urine, as the Cats of Australia website recommends. Don't use a steam cleaner, as this will set the stain permanently, according to the Humane Society. This can be used diluted 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water for mild urine smell problems.

An average size dog will urinate approx half of a cup each time, to combat this you need to use approx the same amount to ensure the enzymes and bacteria within the product are sufficient to be able to kill off the bacteria and bad odour in the urine. The website Cat World recommends mixing one part vinegar with two parts warm water and spraying the area. The Humane Society suggests using a wet vac to push fresh water into the carpet and extract dirty water. Otherwise, cats will smell traces of remaining urine and return to the spot to urinate again. If owners do not catch urine spots early, the smell can spread throughout the house as the stain sets.

Apply to the area and work it into the carpet with a brush, paper towels or your hands while wearing rubber gloves. Simply blotting and rinsing with water does not always eliminate the odor, and many store-bought cleaning products replace the urine smell with the unwanted product odor.

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