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This post is all about best natural way to get rid of sore throat. Sore throat is a condition that accompanies discomfort and pain in throat and may lead to fever. Drink plenty of water, to keep your throat well moist, this will save you from dehydration and your body can get rid of toxins this way. Often wash your hands, after meeting sick persons or when you go to the public places to stop contiguous viruses and bacteria.
Avoid dairy products such milk, ice cream as these products increase the amount of phlegm in throat.

Ginger tea has proven health benefits as ginger improves digestion, improves immunity,deals with upper respiratory track infections, alleviate throat pain and coughs and etc. Try herbal or green tea and add some lemon juice in it as it will clear your throat from mucus and will help you get rid of sore throat.
Different types of soups especially the chicken soup will help you feel better by re-leaving pain and providing nourishment. The purpose of this post is to share preventive measures to reduce the risk of sore throat even though there is no certain way to get rid of strep throat but you can get relief from pain that make you sick.

For preparing salty water, take one glass luke warm water and add one table spoon salt in it and mix.
Remove the pan from heat add lemon juice and honey to taste and enjoy the tea to get relief from throat pain.

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