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Recovery from laparoscopic surgery requires rest, but less time than recovery from traditional surgery. Laparoscopy is a technique used to perform surgical procedures or remove tissue from the pelvic or abdominal region for diagnosis. When a patient is released after having this procedure, he will usually be given information regarding laparoscopy recovery.
Mild to moderate pain or discomfort is one of the most common complaints of patients undergoing a laparoscopy recovery. Patients are usually advised to call their doctors if they experience certain dangerous side effects during laparoscopy recovery. As a physician recovering from her third gynecologic laparoscopy, I can tell you that you glossed over a major source of discomfort during laparoscopic recovery. In order to see and operate on organs tucked within the normally dark and airless abdomen, a large amount of CO2 is insufflated at the start of surgery.
Gas up under the diaphragm is terribly uncomfortable, can inhibit breathing, coughing, and clearing of lungs (thus pneumonia could result), and can even make things like burping uncomfortably painful.
But while the gas is free in the abdomen and trapped by its confines, you may require narcotic pain relief. Before having a hysterectomy, it is important to discuss other possible treatments with your health care provider. A hysterectomy is medically necessary for many women in the treatment of uterine fibroids, cancer, abnormal bleeding and endometriosis. A 1999 study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked the sexual function of more than 1,000 women between the ages of 35 and 49 who had had a hysterectomy.
The number of women having sexual relations at least five times a month increased by 10 percent.
After surgery, 72 percent said they were experiencing orgasms, compared to 63 percent before the surgery.

The number of women who said they had strong orgasms increased from 45 percent before the hysterectomy to 57 percent after surgery. The proportion of women experiencing pain during sex dropped dramatically, from 40 percent before hysterectomy to 15 percent two years later.
The lead researcher of the study was quick to point out that some of the subjects experienced a negative impact on their sexual health, but the vast majority saw improvements. In some cases, women can avoid a hysterectomy through hormone therapy or banish the negative side effects if the surgery is not optional. A 2012 study uncovered evidence that a combination of bioidentical progesterone with bioidentical estrogen therapy provides the greatest improvements in sexual function for women experiencing symptoms of menopause, including increased lubrication, desire, arousal, orgasm and decreased pain during intercourse. Recovery from this varies depending on the type of procedure performed, as well as the person on which it was performed.
This information will usually outline things such as what to expect in the following days, when to seek medical attention, what types of medications are being prescribed, and any limit on activities. This usually occurs on and around the incision site, but abdominal cramps may also be experienced. This usually occurs after a laparoscopy that is done for a procedure involving the female reproductive organs. These can include sharp or severe abdominal pains, fever or chills, expansion of the abdominal wall, or vomiting. Most doctors recommend, however, that patients recovering from a laparoscopy procedure refrain from any heavy lifting for at least a month afterward.
This gas is chosen because it is supposed to absorb quickly, but it sometimes takes a day or two. Ninety percent of the subjects had not yet entered menopause during the course of the study. In fact, women should only consider a hysterectomy when all other options have been exhausted.

An imbalance of estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone can lead to sexual impairment and other symptoms similar to those reported by menopausal women.
During this time, doctors and nurses are close in case the patient has an allergic reaction to the anesthesia or if he received any internal injuries. Most patients are also strongly advised not to drive the same day as the procedure, as the effects of the anesthesia may still be lingering.
For example, during recovery from laparoscopic hysterectomy, a woman can experience vaginal bleeding for a few days to a week. Any discharge at the incision sites should also be checked out by a doctor, as this can indicate a serious infection. It has long been associated with negative side effects, including hormonal imbalances and deterioration of sex drive, leading many women to refuse the procedure and live with excruciating pain.
Each year, 600,000 women undergo a hysterectomy and at least 10 to 15 percent of the procedures are unnecessary. These symptoms may be remedied safely and effectively through a comprehensive hormone therapy treatment plan for a specially trained physician. After they are discharged, some pain and bleeding may occur, and most patients will be given prescriptions for pain relievers and antibiotics. Hysterectomies are very common - one in three women in the United States has had one by age 60. But, studies have shown that women do not have to fear a hysterectomy; in fact, many experience an improvement in their sex lives.
There is speculation that vaginal orgasms may be hampered, while orgasms from clitoral stimulation are not likely to be affected.

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