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Bacterial Vaginosis is common infection in mutliple sexula partners, so the presence of STDs must always be considered. We do know that you do not get BV from bedding, toilet seats, swimming pools, or from touching objects. Use all of the medicine prescribed for treatment of BV, although the signs and symptoms may have gone away. Trichomonas is parasitic infection and not a bacteria so in the topic of BV might create confusion but many times patient with bacterial vaginosis have Trichomonas ,so clinician must always keep Trichomonas in mind when evaluating patient with vaginitis.
After being declared HIV positive by one of the world’s most renowned medical institutions, I came to your lab for a second opinion.

We commonly see patients in our clinic who complain of vaginal discomfort and have been using intra vaginal cream and medicine without effect. Testing for this infection might be challenging because of missing and false negative study. Many bacterias and viruses could get transmitted by oral fluid exchange or direct mucosal contact (deep french kiss) such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia , Syphilis, etc. Yourself and your staff were very professional, friendly, and answered all my questions and concerns completely which made my travel from New York to California 100% perfect. Within 30 minutes, you were able to administer and return the results of an FDA approved test that showed that the original lab had made a mistake.

A virgin girl usually does not get BV but BV is common in multiple sexual partners or with women who date men whom have multiple partners.
After a week, the original lab called to tell me that I was in fact HIV negative and that they had made a mistake. The piece of mind your facility provided was crucial in helping me get through one of the most difficult weeks of my life.

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